Making Me Happy

Beautiful footage mixed with soulful thoughts on gratitude and treating each day as a gift = the perfect kick off for today’s Making Me Happy. Watch to the end, it’ll touch your heart.

As for my own gratitude list, I’m going to hurtle right in and share the things that have made the past week of my life that much sweeter. Read on lovers…

Louise Hay’s Heart Thoughts


I picked up Louise Hay’s stunning book, illustrated by this talented lady, a few days ago and I’ve already photocopied several pages and plastered them all over the divider walls at my work desk. The perfect pick-me-up when you need a hit of positivity (particularly after 207565 meetings, which pretty much sums up my work life right now!)

Rad Interviews


In case you missed it, I had a rollicking good time being interviewed over on Betty Means Business last Friday. Click through to hear about my journey towards entrepreneurship so far and my tips for adding more joy to your life (amongst other fun things!)

To add to the awesomeness of the whole interview process, I was also sent this divine package from the site’s creatrix and all-round rad woman, Kate Byrne. Would’ya look at that branding? HOT HOT HOT.

{also, you totally need to get your hands on Loving Earth’s Coconut Chocolate Butter. Wow. Just… wow.}

This Site


I’ve been riding a wave of emotions since stumbling across Artifact Uprising – the highest of highs when I thought I could make beautiful things with all my photos, to the bummer, dude! low when I discovered they don’t ship internationally.

Looks like I’ll be starting a petition investigating mail forwarding companies or speaking very nicely to a friend in the U.S.

UPDATE: I just saw this on their wonderful blog. Freaky!



As head of the Succulent Appreciation Society, there’s been a noticeable lack of succulent appreciation happening around here of late, which is simply not on.

Enter: the newest members of the team, sittin’ pretty above. I love how the spiky cactus has delicate little white flowers growing out of it for tricks. Oh nature, you crazy beast, you!



A lovely pink folder for dreams and schemes, neon Post It’s for my goal wall and stripey material for my Mexican fiesta/ colour-fest birthday celebrations coming up next month.

Colour me happy. Everyone needs a bit of bright in their life.

Ten Pin Bowling Shenanigans!


With the focus very much on ‘play’ and ‘fun’ over the weekend (the antidote to way too much computer time), Ramai and I decided to do something we’ve never done together and go ten pin bowling with my brother’s Andy (the extremely tall one above) and Kaidyn (who is actually not far off me in height and he’s only 10!)

The rules were simple and silly: if you got a strike you had to do an interpretative dance of some kind, which was… enlightening. Ha!

As you can see, I started strong (for both games actually) but totally got beaten by the boys in the end. Next time, gentlemen, next time.

That’s me! What about you sweet pea? What’s warmed the cockles of your heart of late? Share away below. x

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  1. Oh me oh my, bowling is just the greatest isn’t it?!

    Over the weekend I picked myself up a copy of the 50th issue of Frankie magazine as a bit of a reward for finishing my two final Uni assignments. The issue started with a list of 50 things that made the editors happy.
    This got me thinking and SO I decided to write my own list. I sat on the bus madly typing into my phone when NEXT THING I KNEW I had written a list of 150 things. From peanut butter on celery & waking before my alarm clock to my beautiful family and vibrant friends, the list went on and on and on.

    For me this week, what’s making me happy is the fact that I have SO MUCH to be happy about.

    Ps, in spaces between was definitely on my list :)

  2. Another lovely post that is just the perfect pick-me-up for a Wednesday full of study… locked away from the outside world.

    I am a huge fan of the ‘succulent appreciation club’ and seeing your little collection makes me think I need to add a few new members to my mini-indoor garden. That pink one is amazing!

    Making me happy this week:
    -Getting into the pool to exercise – how have I gone since high school without doing any laps or pool exercise but it is the perfect time of year to cool off while exercising at the same time. Such a good feeling (and good excuse to get out of the house).
    -Healthy study treats – I have been procrasta-baking up a storm, with dairy free, gluten free, sugar free banana bread and coconut oil cacao coconut roughs (from Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea) – giving us a way to treat ourselves without being too indulgent.
    -First mangoes of the season – need I say more?!
    -Going study mad and getting giggly with the boy, there is only so long you can stay locked up with the books before stupid things just seem hilarious
    -Discovering a local veggo cafe – new favourite I think!
    -Technology… Imagine if we had to go to the library to study!
    -TV shows – currently hooked on ‘Revenge’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ – the perfect way to wind down on the couch
    -Health – there is nothing like learning about sickness and disease to make you appreciate having good health

    Looking forward to a few weeks time when I have more exciting/adventurous things to be happy about ;)

  3. Emma: How beautiful is that?! I think I’ll take your lead and do the same. xx

    Jas: I’m LOVING the term procrasta-baking… too much awesome! I find baking really therapeutic actually, it’s like having a nice long shower or taking a walk (so all that “procrastinating” could actually be super helpful). xx

    Kate: Isn’t it just? Yum. xx

  4. great blog Rachael, you have inspired me to actually write down what i am grateful for rather than just thinking it, so here goes:

    – I am grateful for my recent completion of a triathlon, something i have always wanted to do but never backed myself enough to give it a go.

    – Grateful for my family & friends and for still having my grandparents around to watch me achieve some of my goals.

    – for the wonderful inspirational people both online and in person that help to motivate me and inspire me to be a better person

    – grateful for having access to fresh fruit and vegetables and water (the simple things that so many people don’t have that we all take for granted)

    wishing you all a super happy Wednesday night xx

  5. Oh thank you SO much for the Artifact Uprising link :) Perfect Christmas presents (yeah, I know I said the ‘C’ word already!)

    This week making me happy is –
    * Reminising on my ‘Staycation’ last week and the reflections/insights I had.
    * Autumn. The leaves, the colours, the chill. Magical.
    * Soup & homemade bread. Perfect for lunch and dinner & warming the cockles of my heart.
    * Having my car back. My third arm has returned! No more pesky mechanical problems.
    * Declaring dreams and REALLY allowing my inner wizard to do her work.
    * Adventure planning for 2013. Shazam!
    * Downton Abbey … Obsessed much?

    Happy Hump Day Love to you Rach x

  6. Honey I adore those photos of you and Ramai. You have a very handsome husband.

    Gosh- I’m feeling SO grateful right now. I can feel a lot of work going on inside me, things are about to go BOOM on sonic levels, and it feels GOOD! My patience and investments are about to pay off I think and it just feels divine.

    I think I’m most stoked at how REAL the Universal energy is. All it takes is a few days of checking in with my crystals and putting aside time to meditate and suddenly my perspectives alter and I’m infinitely more positive and humble. It’s just amazing. I feel good in my bones right now.

    Love you babe.

  7. Aw I miss quality brother time – how special and fun!

    Making me happy this week is the fact that I AM happy. I am not needing or wanting or unhappy with anything in my life, which I am grateful for as I dont remember truly feeling like this for a very long time. Enjoying life with a smile on my dial! x

  8. That is seriously awesome branding from Betty Means Business (and it was a great interview too! xo!)

    Making me happy this week:
    Slowly making my way through the problogger ‘virtual lectures’ (Sarah Wilson is awesome) + a spontaneous mid-week ‘beach date’ yesterday, where I finished work early, my boy picked me up, we drove down to Burleigh and by 3pm were sitting on the headland drinking lovely hot coffees (it was surprisingly chilly and breezy) and watching the amazing surf roll in + doing the Burleigh headland walk (one of my all time favourite walks) + listening to The Wellness Guys pod-casts (those guys should pay me commission – I go on about them ad nauseum to anyone who will listen!) + my best friend who lives in Austria arriving in Bris-Vegas on Saturday morning for 3 months of fun!!!

    Also, your gratitude lists make me happy… xo!

  9. Such a heart warming, soul filling and beautiful reminder of all there is to be grateful for and how amazingly precious ‘today’ is…
    You’ve created a really inspirational space that Im so grateful to have stumbled across… Thank YOU for providing me constant visual stimulation and endless words of motivation!x

  10. I am late to the game after my chargers went missing amongst the chaos of our move (a ‘lil permission from the universe to hang ten!) but just popping in to say I love this post and everything you have shared.

    Making me happy….

    + Sitting back and taking a moment to enjoy the new home we have just moved into which is bright and spacious and has my very own dedicated creation station – yippee!

    + My incredible Dad travelling to help us move; he may go home 5kg heavier after all the appreciation food I have been giving him!

    + Getting close to finishing uni for the second time around.

    + One incredibly lovely lady (ahem Rach!) replying with words of support & encouragement when I was having a little pre-wedding drama. All sorted now, one door closed and another opened right up!

    + My beautiful partner in all things wonderful making me so super excited to tie the knot in the not so distant future.

    Have a brilliant week ahead xx

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