Making Me Happy

I’ve just finished a group training exercise session by the beach, the sun radiating overhead on this incredibly special solar eclipse day, and driving home I suddenly felt tears well up in my eyes (and not because I’ve been doing sneaky peeks straight at the sun all morning).

Life, nature, this spectacular world we live in – it’s all astonishing. Mind-blowing, rich, breathtaking, laden with possibility and miracles and magic. Seriously guys, we are so, SO blessed.

Us just being here is a triumph, and with the sun burning up blue skies early this morning (I didn’t see the darkness,* just bright, bright, WOW), all I could think was don’t we owe it to the world to shine on like the crazy diamonds we are? 

The time is now, light beam. Blaze.

*Seriously I wish I had the amazing goggles or was in Far North Queensland – are you up there? Did you see it?

And now, ze list! This week I be lovin’…

Diego Pedro Alejandro Gonzales


Is this guy not the coolest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on?! My awesome friend Alana whipped up this gorgeous son of a gun for me as an early birthday present… and I’m totally smitten.

Look at him being all chilled with his colourful compadres. What a dude.



As I mentioned in my last post, I’m all about making stuff at the moment. I have a little “creation station” set up on the balcony – towel on the ground, paint and paintbrushes out – and I love that I can take five before or after work and just, you know, craft. In the zone. Ramai calls me “Construction Babe” (haha) when I get the drill or the saw out and put my hardhat on (kidding, I don’t have a hardhat. I do however enjoy power tools).

Anyway, over the weekend I made the above wall hanging for my besty’s daughter who is turning one and it was such a joy to immerse myself in the project and infuse my gift with love. Nothing says I love you like handmade.

Cheryl Strayed x Anne Lamott = YES!


Two of my favourite writers, shooting the shiz.

Awesome eBooks!


Gorgeous Julie Parker from Beautiful You has released an eBook that’s a stunning blend of encouragement and blog/ biz know-how and I hiiiiighly recommend you get your hands on a copy today if you’re looking to (lovingly) stick up rocket up your offering!

Jam-packed with insights from contributors like Jess Ainscough, Alexandra Franzen, Tara Gentile and Rachel Cole (and many more), this beauty is 95 pages of pure wisdom and the best part is, Julie’s offering it on a “Pay What You Want” basis.

Click here to grab your copy (you’ll also be able to read my official testimonial over there).

Bed Chats


How awesome are deep and meaningful chats in bed with your beloved, faces right up against each other, excited thoughts swirling like dust particles?

I adore my husband and his wise, thoughtful approach to life. Uh huh.

Shoulder Taps from the Universe


It never ceases to amaze me how many random occurrences happen each day and how many “signs” are sent our way when we’re open to them. It’s like a little “Hey girl, I’m here for you” from the Universe (said in a Ryan Gosling voice – of course).

On the miraculous spectrum, these can vary, but for me they can be things like seeing sequences of 1111’s (I see 11:11 and 1:11 every day, and at least once a day a 1 sequence will show up somewhere – on an invoice, on my speedometer, all over the place really) – which I take as a reminder I’m on the right track – to a series of very clear signs that make sense of something I’m pondering.

Do you tune in to these messages too?

Now over to you!

Sink into your gratitude today – let it rise up and wash over you. I’d LOVE to hear what’s making you happy in the comments below!

Images: Gretchen Jones

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  1. Making me happy this week: Your reference to Ryan Gosling. It makes me smile. Not that long ago I saw a retro bike and immediately announced I must have it! To which Ray replied with “This is not The Notebook, Monika” … ha!

    Also, hearing that a gorgeous colleague (who sits right next to me) is also pregnant – we are 2 weeks apart with our first babies! Yes, there could be something in the water and I couldn’t be more excited.

    Oh and a Victoria wedding mag featuring our lovely wedding, I’m excited to relive some of the hype of it again. I’ll be sure to announce on the blog when it is published.


  2. Making me Happy this week :
    + Creating! I’m getting things put together for an eCourse. Mega excited, hurrah!
    + Going home. Going back to Malaysia this weekend. That means unlimited supply of coconuts, mangoes, and papayas. Did I say pineapples too?
    + Coaching with Tara yesterday – massive insights, inspiration and just what I needed again. I love getting my Tara fix. Who needs Java fix when you’ve got Tara?

    And above all, feeling guided, trusting that inner voice – the one that says “You’ve got this.” It’s all good. :)

    Sending you oodles of love Rach! XXX

  3. The eclipse made me super happy today! We only had a partial eclipse in Melbourne but a colleague lent me some of those wonderful shades and off I went!

    It made me feel very alive and reminded me that there is something so much bigger going on with this universe than the daily goings on of human beings.


  4. Love your new little succulent dude and love, love, love your crafting pressie for your friend’s bub. Beautiful work and beautiful post as always, Rach ; )

  5. Oh wow sequences!! I see 7;s everywhere !! They are in every single address in my family! without fail – and in every address of each of my wedding vendors! Seriously! I completely believe in signs, i have this feeling i get whenever something is right, so i just follow it whenever it happens – trusting in the universe – and i never, ever regret it when i follow this!!!

    Music also has a weird way of sneaking up on me! Songs i feel like hearing, and that get me pumping, come on cue on the radio – so weird but it reminds me i must be in the right place at the right time!

    Making me happy this week is that I also randomly found my gorgeous wedding ring when visiting friends way out west, its just perfect, and strange because its really unique – I’d had a dream about it last week and thought – gee – thats a great idea – but not sure i’ll find that! – then, bam! there it was – and it fitted almost perfectly, so I bought it then and there with my sis-in-law/bridesmaid ! Haven’t stopped grinning ever since..

    Things just work out sometimes, and when you are open to it man – its astounding! Thanks life!!

  6. Hello sweet thing. What a gorgeous, gorgeous list.

    Right there with you with those happy tears, and I’m sure we’ll have a few of them together. No doubt.

    Last night before I drifted off, I wrote:

    I’m grateful for


    I’ve really been enjoying messy, all over the place word downloads :)

    Love you x

  7. Mon: Hahaha! I love that!

    Isn’t it funny how that happens? How exciting for you both. And yiipppppeeeee – it’s all happening for you my love! Can’t wait to see the feature. Xx

    Jia Ni: What a list! Like Mon, you’re on fiiiiiyah right now (not your retinas though, right?! Haha) Sounds like you’re in the middle of a “wham, bam, thank you m’am!” phase, full of electric energy — and that’s a beautiful thing. Ride the lightning! xx

    Indra: Got it. In one. Perfect description. Xx

    Celeste: Thanks gorgeous! Xx
    Erin: Trusting in the Universe is SO where it’s at, girlfriend! Hugest congrats on finding your wedding ring (yet another “guided by the Universe” moment). LIFE IS GOOD. xx

    Tara: Hey sweetie! I adore your mish mash of words and blessings. The perfect mix of technology, beautiful people and… washing up gloves?! ;) xx

  8. I see 11.11 and 1.11 each day too!! Either in the car, or I happen to look at my phone or one the computer. Crazy stuff.

    Making me happy this week were Radiohead – best concert of my freaking life – kind words & yoga slowed-down.


  9. This week I am grateful for:
    – my Selfish for 27 Days journey with Susana Frioni
    – cuddles with my gorgeous niece and nephew
    – time at my sewing machine
    – my new desk layout and location completely inspired by yours truly Rachel!
    – synchronicities and signs from above – still trying to figure out how that tiny white feather landed in the middle of my loungeroom but taking it as a sign that someone I love dearly is watching over me, guiding me and keeping me safe.
    – And so grateful for my wonderful life! The sun has been shining and the birdds are a’singing – what more of a reason do I need than that?

  10. Those moments are the best. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. What makes me happy this week? The fact that I’m well on my to moving to New York, a webinar on self-love I’m hosting tonight and the incredibly loving community online.

  11. That pot is fantastic! Your windowsill is looking very summery :)

    Making me happy (more like ecstatic) is having aced my dissertation, getting all the right people on board with my projects, having the support and enthusiasm of those people, and an impending trip to a lovely warn island.

    Life is too good.

  12. Shan: Oh my gosh, kitsch heaven! LOVE. Xx

    Jacinta: Ahh, Susana is such a beauty. I LOVE your story of the white feather – have you read any of Susannah Conway’s stuff? She has a beautiful feather story too. Keep shining gorgeous xx

    Anna-Sophie: Woo-to-the-HOO! Best of luck with the move xx

    Courtney: Super summery! You are such a superstar – good on you lady! Warm island lovin’ sounds like the best reward for all your hard work xx

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