Making Me Happy

I don’t really know where to start with recapping the last two weeks of my life. Revolutionary. Monumental. Heart-starting. Freaking wild (in the best way).

Mostly, I feel like in the last fortnight – since our trip away, turning 30, working with a kinesiologist and a beautiful coach, resigning from my job and starting a business (this all needs a separate post, I know) – I’ve circled back to me. I feel blazingly alive and more sure about All of It than I’ve been for a long time and let me tell you, it’s a heady, exhilarating, feeling. I could get seriously hooked on this gear – ’tis a potent mix!

Everything has been moving so quickly that I’m finding it hard to ground the hyper energy whipping up dust around me, but at my core sits this deep calm and I just know – with every inch of my being – that this is the right time

There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing the thing you know you’re meant to do. 

Once I anchor my energy I promise I’ll give you the full run down (we’ve got lots to catch up on!) but for now, check out the other bits and bobs that have put stars in my eyes of late and most importantly, tell me all about the wonders of your world in the comments. 

Gorgeous Gifts


I’m sharing these for two reasons:

1 // To publicly acknowledge the gifters because I’m insanely grateful for their thoughtfulness (not shown is a 5 hour Gaia Retreat & Spa package, a Harpers Bazaar subscription, frames containing our wedding photos and a kayaking tour. Just… wow, I seriously don’t need b’day presents for the next 50 years after all that spoiling!)

2 // Considering all these presents absolutely rule, I thought they might make handy Xmas gift inspiration. An unofficial gift guide, with added half-dying Baby’s Breath (I swear it looks better in real life).

Interweb Love


My best friend Megan wrote a recap of her child-free adventures at my birthday on The Cub Club, while Caz from Mojito Mother/ yTravel Blog was kind enough to interview me recently.

I also wrote a guest post about celebrating the person you’ve become over on The Wellness Warrior that you might not have seen as yet.

* Fun fact: I smiled the whole way through writing that post, imagining hordes of big-hearted souls just like you celebrating victories and wins and the special moments of 2012. Writing with a smile on your face makes the words dance. Do you ever do it?

iPhone 5


Oh hai Ramai! Whatcha doin’?

Alright, so I’m nerding out with this one but I have to confess that I’m totally enamoured with my new iPhone. My old iPhone had seen better days – the menu button was stuck, the camera was scratched (soft-focus lens, anyone?), Safari crashed constantly, the back was shattered – so in contrast, you could say this fancy new version is absolutely rocking my world.

Apple, I adore you.

The Beginning of Xmas Festivities


Last Friday – also known as The Day My Business Was Born – was my work Comms team ‘end of year’ celebration, organised by myself and my friend Alana (a job we undertook with glee).

For the styling, we went for a neon take on the traditional Christmas green and red theme. We were working in a space with really terrible views as you can see (ha!) and because I’m a massive fan of succulents as you know, everyone left with a little friend for their desk. Good times.

Must say though, the night was definitely bittersweet for me, as it’s the last team catch up I’ll be involved in after 4.5 years with the same company (on that note, I hope you guys will join me for a virtual end of year celebration next year!)

Love + Support

(a snapshot of support from my personal Facebook page)

If I thought my heart was full before, it’s now positively flooded.

Starting In Spaces Between has honestly changed my life and I’m wrapping up 2012 with the knowledge that alongside my husband, family and the friendships I’ve enjoyed for years, there’s a whole army of glorious women that have come into my life via the blogosphere that I am truly blessed to know. These are solid, beautiful friendships of the highest order – the type that make your heart sing on a daily basis.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Universe.


The most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the Internet in… ever. Don’t walk – run.

More glitterbombs:

Mini neon Post It’s + irrepressible joy (“Super Energiser Rach is back!”) + manifesting like a wild woman + Tara Bliss Julie Parker + Chantelle Ellem (get amongst these women ASAP if you haven’t already) + KINESIOLOGY (total life-changer) + Abundance flower essence + the kindest of words from work colleagues + fun chats with my Mum about Jane Fonda videos, obsessive house cleaning, the Scarsdale Diet (“I can still remember exactly what we had to eat”) in the crazy 80’s + air con on scorching hot Queensland days + sending out the prize to my birthday giveaway winner and knowing how much she is going to LOVE it + excitement to work with my new clients – seriously can’t wait to start + somebody stop me, I could go on for days!


Leave your comment below – what’s lighting up your life (like a fabulously over-decorated Xmas tree?)

Poster: Striking Truths

22 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Rach, honey, AMAZING! Can feel the joy emanating through the screen. So happy for you – and for us, as we get more of your love and wisdom, yay! Such an inspiration. Congrats xxoo

  2. Wow! Congratulations to YOU. Sounds like it’s most definitely the most wonderful time of the year :).

    What’s lighting up my life at the moment? The realization that I’m falling in love with real life in Paris. I’ve already experienced the “the wow, this city is magical” and “wow, this is hard, I miss ‘my city'” and now I finally feel somewhat at home away from home, and all the while appreciative of the experience. It’s nice to know that I can’t wait to go home for Christmas just as much as I can’t wait to come back here afterwards.

    Congratulations, again!

  3. Lucie: Thank you honey, I’m so thrilled I’ll have more time to devote to In Spaces Between, as well as growing my very own biz! It’s going to be an incredible year – I can feel that for us all. xx

    Danielle: Ahh, how wonderful. What a beautiful feeling – your roots finding a place in the French soil. Your pics are awesome (I’m salivating!) xx

  4. Holy cow! What a week for you! All of this just inspires the pants off me Rach :) I’m chuffed to pieces for you.

    This week making me happy is movement in my life. Like you, I feel like everything just makes amazing sense right now & the things that once scared me I’m now tackling with gusto.

    I’m also chuffed to pieces with connections this week. Is it just me or can anyone else feel a shift in their relationships and friendships? I feel like everything is flourishing and blossoming right now. It kinda moves me to tears!

    Also making me happy this week is revelling in my last few days of being 26. I always love the week before my birthday when I get to self reflect and 2012 has been so gigantic it’s literally taking my breath away. I’d totally give this week 10/10!

  5. Tara: The joy is palpable, I tell ya. Love you right back xx

    Kirsty: Muchas gracias xx

    Jenn: Thank you so much! Absolutely BANG ON with all your observations – us Saggo’s are really in the groove right now after a month or two of sludgy energy. Enjoy the reflection time before the big 27 – 7 is a beautiful number and I know your year ahead is going to be even better than this one. 10/10’s all round xx

    Nikki: Thank you SO much lovely Nikki! Your support means the world xx

    Kylie: Big love to you lady, you’re a gem xx

  6. Congratulations Rachel, that is ridiculously exciting and truly inspiring!
    (And yes, the waters certainly are filled with communal sparkles at the moment!)
    You have a magical way of filling your words with wonder and excitement and loads of lovin’…
    I cannot wait to see you hit it out of the park in 2013!!!
    Muchos amore amigo! xoxo

  7. Rach – you are a constant source of inspiration and energy! I wish you the best of luck in the exciting adventures ahead and hope you continue to share the wonderful journey :)

  8. Jess: Likewise sista, likewise. I know you’ll rock it (Casbah-style). Xx

    Meegs: Of course, I’ll be sharing even more now that I’ll actually have some time. Imagine that! Time! (haha) xx

  9. You are such an inspiration and I absolutely cannot WAIT to work with you next year! :)

    Here are some things that are making me happy this week…

    – Having the support of my amazing best friend & boyfriend during a tricky life patch at the moment, I’m nearly at the other side of it and things are looking UP!

    – Signing on 4 new advertisers for my website in the past 2 days. I’m so thrilled to be working with these amazing health & wellness companies to improve my readers’ lives, as well as taking tiny steps towards making my blog a successful biz

    – 2 new awesome yoga DVD’s from Amazon – they both absolutely melt away stress

    – Calm, cloudy, lightly rainy days

    – An upcoming mindfulness and meditation event on the weekend

    – Delicious 45 minute massages at Endota spa

    – The fantastic new creative office space I’m working in now!


  10. Jia Ni: Thank you, thank you! Fist pumping over here too! Xx

    Annette: The feeling is mutual lady, it’s going to be all sorts of awesome. Hugest congrats on your new advertisers (and massages and yoga = YES!) xx

  11. What a beautiful, energy-filled, inspiring post! I am so incredibly excited for you lovely lady, your business will be brilliant and you, no doubt, will continue to shine and empower all those lucky enough to meet you along the way.

    Lighting up my life is having more time on my hands (seriously this is amazing!) and wedding bliss on the horizon xx

  12. Gotta say…what a thoughtful gift – the diary with ‘In Spaces Between’ etched on the front. That alone is enough to keep you inspired and on track with your new ventures for 2013. Congratulations on being brave and quitting your job to follow your heart

  13. Amazing vibes are beaming at me with this post (can someone pass me some sunnies!).

    It is so inspiring to watch someone leap into their 30’s with their dream job and so much positivity. Got get em!

    I love this week for the amazing opportunity we had on Tuesday to go to a listening party with Birds of Tokyo. I love this band because at any point they caught each other’s eyes the BIGGEST smile would fill their faces, they are so genuinely into what they do.

    Also, the start of summer / feeling definate movement from the baby / Watching the husband seriously LOAD up on cuteness in the form of toys and decor at IKEA for the baby / fluro blazers / ASOS & putting up some Christmas love in our home – hello massive tree!


  14. Hey hot stuff! Think you know that I am super stoked for you, this is truly FAB. Love your work.

    Making me happy this week – great news for my hubby (woot! here’s to good health!), fun times with an adorable kitten, sunny days and deep sleeps.


  15. Whoa!

    Goegeous honey! I’m sitting here in Sweden completely dazzled by YOU. Stunned by the beauty of your heart. mission. soul. site. words and. LOVE.

    Today I am grateful for finding you and today I am celebrating your courage.

    Happy times are before us. 2013 is approaching but I do think this last month of December has some more magic up it’s sleeve.

    Cannot wait to keep track of your gorgeousness, sistah!

  16. I wish you luck on your new career as a full-time coach! What an exciting transition! I have only been following your blog sporadically for a short time, but you’ll be amazing! I’ve gone to a couple of workshops with a coach recently and I am really appreciating how helpful coaches are in life and business.

    Your Making Me Happy posts have inspired me to start taking time each week to go over what I’ve done to make me feel happy. Life goes by so fast that you can forget all of the good things in life.

    Your quote really resonates with me today because I have just made a bunch of big decisions and made my business plan more solid and less of a future dream. I’ve stepped past my fear and gotten my courage back and I’m moving forward!

    Again, congratulations on your future!!

  17. Cara: Thank you! So happy for you having more time on your hands and the fact that your wedding is OH.SO.CLOSE. My gosh you’ll be a stunning bride! xx

    Claire: From my amazing husband – he’s a keeper ;) Thank you for your kind words too, so grateful for everyone’s support. xx

    Monika: Haha, love it! Wow, that would have been a joy to witness, nothing like a band actually having FUN with it. Movement from the baby = HOORAY! xx

    Emily: Thank you (always) for your support! I’m so happy for Karl (and you) – best news xx

    Elenore: Oh hello gorgeous Swede! So thrilled to have you here – I’m grateful for YOU. xx

    Savannah: Bravo beautiful, congrats on your big bold decision-making (and many thanks for your comment) xx

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