Making Me Happy


I’ve decided I need to take my blog out on a date. 

Like a happily married couple after the birth of their darling first born, we need to reconnect. Late nights, time apart, a bulging schedule and a beautiful new object of my affection have left me filled up in a whole new way… and yet, my love has been neglected. And not because our passion has waned, but because this bumbling, ever-growing baby o’ mine needs i’s mama right now.

Of course, I’m talking about my coaching business, which as far as starting a new business and having a rocking business go, has been an absolute dream.

I couldn’t ask for more. I’m being supported – actually, carried would probably be more appropriate – every day, and the women I’m working with blow my mind. In Innerette Marketing Land we hear terms like your “Right People” and your “Ideal Client” bandied around constantly, and let’s just say, ALL my clients are my right peeps. I adore them.

So I’m living in state of perpetual gratitude. And yet I still want to do more.

To work with more – way more – incredible women.

To create.

To get out there.

And to carve out admin-free, distraction-less slices of time to show up on this blog with more regularity and let the words that have still been coming hard and fast in my mind (there’s at least 17 half-written blog posts up there) unfurl. I don’t have any problems coming up with ideas – in fact I give tonnes of them to my clients all day long – but it’s time to harness some of those in this space again.

Rarely does something happen in life by willing it to happen, so I’m taking action and will thumb my way forward with all this until I find just the right rhythm.

The Doing

1 // I’m hiring a special someone to wrangle my inbox. This one is thisclose to being finalised. I feel like I can finally exhale.

2 // Free-writing in my journal, and lots of it. Nuggets of goodness, come at me.

3 // Reading this affirmation and believing it right down in my bones: “Abundant creative energy flows through me at all times.”

4 // Reading in general. Missing this one at present.

5 // Sliding back into student mode. I’m going through B-School again this year and am also part of a few other online training programs that I’m yet to be an active participant in. All my energy has been very ‘outward’ this year but I’m feeling a strong pull to bring a chunk of it back in.

6 // Blocking out Monday as my Creative Day each week, which means no admin, no ‘errands’ or ‘quick catch ups’ or ‘appointments.’ Just writing. Mostly by hand.

7 // Using SelfControl on my computer (often) to block social media/ email sites.

Is there anything in your life you need to “take out on a date?” Let me know in the comments! 

For now though, let’s skip arm in arm into this week’s golden moments…


Facing Fears



The biggie this week? I’m off to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow for a three day public speaking course – Speakers Fast Trak with Carren Smith – which means stepping way out of my comfort zone for several days in a row… racy heart, sweaty palms and all.

I first heard about the lovely Carren Smith (her story is incredible) from Jess and Nikki and promptly put her on my vision board because, even last year, I knew that speaking would become a big part of what I do moving forward.

I actually missed the sign up and emailed Carren with a desperate plea to let me in (even though there was part of me that felt relieved at the time – the old ‘Upper Limit’ monster trying to keep me in the safe confines of my comfort zone). Thankfully, she opened up a couple of extra spots and I jumped in before giving it a second thought.

So how am I feeling?

Right now: slightly nervous, but really, really excited.

Ready to step up. Ready to learn. Ready to meet new people and share this transformative experience together.

Open to being stretched, challenged, and beautifully prepped to spread my message in a much bigger way, via a totally different platform.

Yep, seems like I’m raring to go. Will report back next week!

Sweet, Sweet Scents





It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of scented candles, but I also have stupidly high standards when it comes to the fragrance – a scented candle should have a scent, y’know? (that statement isn’t as silly as it sounds – I’ve bought many a dud before).

I think I’ve finally found a brand to rival my Glasshouse obsession.

Last week I was kindly gifted a selection from the Coco Daydream range and I’ve been in heaven lighting a new one daily (my favourites are Raw Sugar and Tahitian Lime & Coconut). Ridiculously good.

Funny side story: one of my husband’s colleagues gave him some Spanish Mackerel the other day and when I cooked it the whole house was smoked out with the most horrific fishy smell. These candles were the only thing that cut through the stench!

Cameras & Cutery (*new word)



You know how us women sometimes sneak a new purchase in the door and pull the “Oh, this old thing?” manoeuvre, hoping that no alarms will be raised and the items can slide without question into the wardrobe?

I took great pleasure watching my husband do something similar last week.

“Oh yeah, forgot to tell you I got us a new camera,” husband states casually.

“Is that so, Gadget Guy? Don’t we have a really awesome camera?”

“Yeah but this one will be perfect for my surf trip… and LOOK, it does this amazing thing! And this thing! And ISN’T IT COOL? OHMYGODNEWBOYTOYSYAAAAAY” (that last part may or may not be made up, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it).

In truth, I’m pretty ecstatic he bought this bad boy – a Fujifilm x100 – so I don’t have to lug our chunky SLR around in my already-ridiculously-heavy bag anymore. Did anyone say ‘shoulder problems?’





(photos by Bayleigh Vedelago)

I love women. So bloody much. We’re powerful, strong as hell, delicate, vulnerable, hopeful, generous… I know you know all this beautiful, so I won’t go on. Let’s just say WE RUN THE WORLD… GIRLS! (thanks B).

Last Wednesday night it was all about the ladies at the Self-Love & Sisterhood event run by Earth Events and I went along to cheer on my girls Tara, Jess, Mel, Amanda and Yvette (the incredible organiser).

And you know what? I cried the whole way home. Seriously. I was listening to Crucify by Tori Amos (oldie but a goodie) and these lines hit me right in the heart:

“Why do we crucify ourselves… every day?

I crucify myself… nothing I do is good enough for you.”

BAM. Tears. I thought of all the times we – me, you, all of us – have let our inner mean girl paralyse us and keep us stuck. Every time we’ve let fear cripple us, every time we’ve given our power away. Every time we’ve told ourselves we’re not good enough, or let shame tear us apart on the inside.

I cried for all those times. I also cried because I’m so grateful to be part of a movement of women refusing to believe that this has to be the case. Self-love and supporting is everything.

* PS: I’m giving away a double pass to either the Melbourne or Sydney Self-Love & Sisterhood event. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and I’ll be randomly selecting a winner!

12 Steps to Wellness



I know this stunning offering from my gal Mel Ambrosini has been out for a few weeks now but I haven’t had a chance to share it here yet, and it would be remiss of me not to.

A little bit in awe of how beautiful this eBook is – the photos and design are to-die-for and every time I look at Mel’s beautiful, smiling face I feel like I’ve been given a massive injection o’ joy.

I’ll let you in on a secret: this is what Mel makes you feel like when you’re around her. Her energy is infectious and the words in this book will leave you feeling so good. Immerse yourself.

iMac Love



Would you get a look of my brand spankin’ new iMac?!

I’m still a bit blown away by this incredible piece of technology. Sleek. Hot as hell. Ginormous… and the best part? A”business expense” (gosh, it feels a bit fancy whipping that one out).

Next on the agenda: desk decorating. I’m going to have to re-aquaint myself with Pinterest for some styling inspo I think. Have you seen anything beautiful lately?

Fresh Flowers from A Gorgeous Soul



I’ve been having countless “I FREAKING ADORE MY CLIENTS!” moments and yesterday was just another of those occasions when one of my girls gave me these sunflowers after our session.

Sunflowers: the epitome of happiness, non?


Before we dive into the comments, I want to say a huge thank you for understanding while things have been a little slower around here. As I aim to get back into more regular posting and get my schedule under control, I’d love to know:

What would you like to see covered here? Any requests? Any struggles/ challenges/ areas of interest? Share away!

And always, hearing what’s making YOU happy rocks my world so leave a comment below, sweet pea. x

Images: Old Sweet Song | Designspiration 

36 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. LOVE this post :)

    Your energy and zest for life always leaves me feeling lively and full of ideas! You have such a way with words, and help to inspire us all of the time.

    Keep up the great work, and can’t wait to see what your “Creative Mondays” have in store!


  2. Rach, you are truly an inspiration. I was so glad to see a new post was being uploaded to your blog.

    It’s only day 2 of B-School and I’m already feeling so overwhelmed but reading this post, makes me feel… so calm and centred… I’m unbelievably grateful to be on this journey with you x

  3. Alice: Feels good to be back… phew, that was a beast of a post! And it’s a bit spesh isn’t it? Can’t wait to snap a million pics in Italy in May. x

    Snappystreet: Oh thank you gorgeous. x

    Naomi: Unbelievably stoked and grateful to have you on this journey babe. Just keep reminding yourself that you can take it all at your own pace and that sometimes waiting and tucking in when you’re ready means it will REALLY resonate and soak in. Here to chat to every step of the way, my love x

  4. Hi there, I’ve just recently come across your blog and I do have to say its gorgeous! and I love how you write so genuine and true. Thank you!

    I’ve just started B School this term and its great – so much good information, but I do have to say I’m still struggling to know where to put my focus – start the right business module made me not sure about my business. But hopefully things will clear up as I go along :)

  5. “Every time we’ve let fear cripple us, every time we’ve given our power away. Every time we’ve told ourselves we’re not good enough, or let shame tear us apart on the inside…”

    OMG…I’m freaking SOBBING right now…it’s like you just opened up something inside me that was begging to run loose…gah!

    Darling, as always, your beautiful and honest words have flooded my world with happiness + love + joy + inspiration…so thank you, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you x

    P.S: I’m also currently saving up for the same Fujifilm x100 camera, as a 30th birthday present to myself! Ramai has fantastic taste…

  6. Have just recently come across yourself Mel and Jessica – and the three of you have changed my world. Thanks for shining this light into my life! I look forward to following more of you all.

  7. Love having your back on your blog. Will you be at the Melbourne Self-Love event?

    Oh and how amazing is the iMac? I had never loved a piece of technology until I bought my Mac! :)

    Beautiful words as always Rach. xx

  8. Lauren: Thank YOU. x

    Basia: It will honey, just sit with it all for a bit as it’s a lot to process (and Module 1 is the most full on out of the lot, it gets a lot clearer after that one). So exciting that you’re on the journey. X=x

    Shanny: LOVE YOU GORGEOUS! Sending you the biggest hugs. Sob it all out my sweet. And yipppeeee, the best. Loving this camera a lot. x

    Samantha: Welcome beautiful, so lovely to have you here! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, as this space is as much yours as it is mine. x

    Tara: YOU. ARE. x

    Amelia: I won’t be unfortunately as I have lots of travel coming up but will most certainly be there in spirit. Give my girls a big squeeze when you see ‘em. And yes, Mr Mac is a damn hot piece of… x

  9. Hi Rach,
    I’ve got a big big big making me happy thought bubble! So, in no particular order I’ll jump on in:
    1. Blogs. I’m so thankful to have access to beautiful, uplifting post on a daily basis. And isn’t it funny as you grow and evolve the things you could spend forever perusing (fashion, I’m looking at you) no longer spark off like it used to? Right now, it’s all about happiness, wellness, organisation and amazing women in my Google Reader. (BTW: I downloaded Mel’s 12 Steps to Wellness the minute it came out and ohmygosh I love! So practical and to the point. I’m slowly making ad-hoc changes and see a sparky future up ahead for me).
    2. My amazing friends. New friends, old friends, work friends. All off them. Love love love.
    3. Manifestations. Lots has been going on in my world at the moment but I know (I just do!) stuff is slotting in place. It might be slowly but it’s the right time and I can feel amazing things coming into my word. I need never to underestimate the importance of positive thinking. Ever
    4. Bootcamp. Can I get a hoo-yah please?! I just today recommitted to my fitness regime of choice and I already feel more capable and fit. Nothing like waking at 5am to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and the great energy. And it’s all done by 6am. Hell yeah! Also a new Lululemon jacket doesn’t hurt :)
    5. New jeans. Totes superficial but dude! They are awesome.
    Thank you for this stunning post and your words. Blessed, we are.
    Neharikaaa Xxx

  10. Hi Rach!

    Your blog never fails to inspire me! I freakin’ love love love your work and am so happy we will be seeing more of your shiny, sparkly, magical words again.

    I thank the Universe everyday that I stumbled upon your work, because without it I would never have found my passions and learnt about the fabulous B-School! You have really stepped up and are servicing from a place of love! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  11. Hi Rach! oh, I’ve been checking in every day to see if you had a new post, and even today when I saw your note on fbook, I looked a few times during the day. Didn’t get a real chance until now.. so when it loaded i just drank it all up! Every last drop! Now hubby is home, and i feel a tad guilty that i’m on the computer again, I’m distracted still with football talk and car problems..

    but how can i not comment, when this post is exactly what i needed to hear today.
    So often I’m soaring and confident and feelingsuper blessed, and then some tiny thing in my day will seem to knock me off my perch. I wonder if thats the world telling me, thats what you get, it all balances out It can’t seem perfect every day ( and thats ok of course).. but then I read something by either your lovely self, or Tara, or Connie Chapman, and wow, it just sings to me. I wish my inner self could heed it all times, but at least i have that sometimes.

    Facing fears is a topic that has been very relevant to me lately, within a work context, and in life. I’m fearful too often, of offending someone, or of, well a great many things. Thank you for approaching everything you do with grace, honesty and insight. There are a great many gals that couldn’t be who they really are without it. Keep up the great work@!

  12. Yay! I’ve been hanging out for a new post!

    I love the idea of a Creative Day… and there’s something about writing by hand that feels so organic, isn’t there? A great program I have found when writing on my laptop is Ommwriter ( – it’s free to download and creates a beautiful writing space on your computer!


  13. Oh Miss R, your words were exactly what I needed to read this fine morning. I had hoped that by going traveling, I would be able to leave behind all the stress and self-directed Mean Girl-ing that frequently occupies my brain. But there is distressing truth in the old adage that ‘wherever you go, you take yourself with you’… When you are in a place that is literally foreign to you, where you ‘don’t belong’, it can be easy to feel disconnected and to berate yourself for your many inadequacies (language, cultural, etiquette etc). I needed to read the above this morning, thank you!!! My affirmation for today is ‘I freely move outside my comfort zone and experience truth. I release my fears’.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on time management, organisational skills, and routines. These things fascinate me, and I am ever-interested in hearing about ways that I could be doing things better and more efficiently.

    Though I have missed reading as many of your posts lately, I am a firm believer that the energy must flow where it is needed. When I started my blog, I promised myself that it would not be a source of stress – it was purely a creative outlet for me to put words out into the world. Of course, now I frequently feel like I have failed when I don’t post my self-imposed quota of new posts (which is all the freaking time!), but I am working on releasing this too. When energy is needed elsewhere, it is counter-productive to force it sideways or backwards or any-which-other-way. Your new business sounds freaking amazing, and when the time is right, I can’t wait to hear more!

    Sending seriously big virtual hugs!! xo

    I’m actually lost for appropriate words and all I can say is that there was not one word on that monstrosity of a blog post that I did not salivate over. Can I give you a great big squishy hug? X

  15. Inspiring, authentic, infectious = In spaces between. Can’t wait to hear how the presentation course goes- always been one of my own biggest fears. Keep up the amazing work Rach x

  16. Thank goodness for bloglovin and the fact I’ve created a wellness section to inspire me with positive words for the soul. Grateful for your positivity and reminders about what’s important. Pip :)

  17. I hang on to every word you write darling. I am right there with you when you express what is making you happy. And this makes me smile from ear to ear. Hearing what is lighting up your life truly lights up mine.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful mention.

    I love you to the moon and back times a billion.


  18. Hello dear Rach! I loved your affirmation: “Abundant creative energy flows through me at all times.” Is gorgeous and I am already repeating in mi mind and putting it on post it’s . thank you for sharing it i need it very bad… specially now when suddenly my life is going to get 180 degrees radical change – with a new full time job plus my new blog in the horizon :) and seriously I have no idea how to make it happen without loosing mi mind hahaha- hopefully that is not going to be necessary.

    Ps:Love the post and is really amazing to see the beautiful women standing next to you it is truly inspiring.Looking forward to see more of you over here! xoxo

  19. Ahh so good to have that hit of inspiration. Have been checking in every now and again and being disappointed when there are no new posts. Was so happy to login today and see this lovely long post.

    I would like to see a blog post on you decorating your workspace. Love love love the decoration post particularaly where you have got all creative and made stuff youself.

    The sisterhood event looks amazing. Would love to go to the Sydney one.


  20. There is this funny thing about giving, you always get back tenfold. It’s so easy to see from this post that even though you’re crazy busy, you are still exuding the In Spaces Between energy and even a post here and there is totally captivating. Rock on, girl.

    Would LOVE to go to Self Love and Sisterhood in Syd but eek, so many biz and bloggy expenses lately.

    All the same, how lucky we are to be alive in this wonderful movement for women!?!

  21. I think this might be my favorite post of yours. Thank you for sticking with blogging along with all you’re doing!

    My date is with reading other writers’ work. I too feel like the admin stuff can take over. I feel like I’m always scheduling something, following up, or tweaking the blog, when I started all of this to write! The way I get better at that is to read, which takes time. So I’ve blocked off Friday night as my reading time. I gather up all the beautiful magazines and books I want to get through and just do it for 4 hours or so, in my “mom cave” in my favorite chair. I love it.

  22. Hi Rach. It was so very lovely to read a new post! Keep on doing what you’re doing. I love the ‘Making me happy’ posts, as well as photos and insights into your everyday routine and adventures. They inspire me to live a better life.

  23. ‘Wow’ is the word that comes to mind when reading this post! I’ve just started b-school and to be honest am feeling a bit overwhelmed. This post has balanced me out – onward and upward. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re amazing at it! x

  24. Hi Rach! About a year ago I commented to say that I had culled a bunch of blogs and left three (yours amongst them). Now I’ve moved to melb and am working full time and yours is the only one I read on my way to work each day. Thanks for your inspiration!

  25. Well done you Rach for facing your fears! I hope the public speaking course went brilliantly. I have a feeling you’re a natural ;) I can’t wait to see where this takes you in the future xx

  26. This is beautiful Rach. I can totally relate, especially the part about being carried by the amazing group of women in B-School.

    Am glad to hear that Self Love & Sisterhood was so moving. I’m going to the Sydney on and I can’t wait!

    Good luck with the public speaking course. Let us know how it goes

    x x

  27. yay…i wondered if somehow the whole internet had <> when i hadn’t seen a post for a while, hehe (literally, the thought ran through my mind as i refreshed the page continuously for a few days). glad to see you back, and thank you mucho-muchly for all this awesome info that i shall marinate in my mind for a while :) sometimes we need to go with the flow of life, even if it pulls us away from what we want to be focusing on…it’s just when we realise where we want to be that we swim back against the current to get there. love all your “action” items to help you achieve your goals….very true, willpower will not make it happen, but steps forward will! :) xo

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