Making Me Happy

Today’s Making Me Happy is delivered in the form of a “catch up” video where I fill you in on what’s been happening in my world (and head) of late, along with a little exercise for you to take part in (never fear, it’s super simple).

A couple of other little things rocking my world…

A Day at the Beach


After a massive week, Ramai and I jumped in the car and took off down to Byron for the day on Sunday, where we read, lazed around, swam in the ocean countless times and took photos of ourselves looking slightly awkward/ strange, as evidenced above.

Fun times all round! Summer, I adore the pants off you.

This Affirmation


In the infinity of life where I am,
all is perfect, whole, and complete. My life is ever new.
Each moment of my life is new and fresh and vital.
I use my affirmative thinking to create exactly what I want.
This is a new day. I am a new me.
I think differently. I speak differently. I act differently.
Others treat me differently.
My new world is a reflection of my new thinking.
It is a joy and a delight to plant new seeds,
for I know these seeds will become my new experiences.
All is well in my world.

I’ve got these inspiring words from Louise Hay Blu-tacked to the wall behind my computer. Doesn’t that just make you feel gooooood inside? All is perfect, whole and complete. 

I also saw this somewhere recently and can’t for the life of me remember where I found it, but I’m a huge fan: Meditate Daily. Rest weekly. Retreat Monthly. Vacation Yearly.


Short and sweet from me today lovers, but I’m hanging to hear from you. As I mentioned in the video, jump in the comments below to share the ways you plan on making your life easier in 2013!

Image: SG Nowhere Man

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  1. Rachel, I’ve just hired a beautiful virtual assistant who has come on board this year. Drop me a line and I can send you her details.
    A big lesson for me last year after having my first baby and working out how to still run The Little Sage, serve my clients and honour myself was:
    Helen x

  2. I feel ya!

    This year I’m blocking out an hour in the morning daily dedicated to for self-care – chakra cleansing, meditation, intention setting. More investments in myself & self-love. Also setting the intention early this year to form boundaries energetically, and allow only people who I resonate with to enter my life!

    Love your videos Rach. :)

    Sending you lots of love.


    P/S: Hope you find the perfect VA very soon!

  3. Love seeing your gorgeous face twice in one week honey! I am so excited to hear you chat about ease – I am all for it in 2013.

    I already order groceries and organic fruit and vege online (BEST decision ever), I cook most meals on the weekend and have leftovers throughout the week (which stops me going mental between clients trying to rush dinner prep) and the next step is to ask for a little more help in the online space.

    Adore your work as always.

    PS: You look amazing in your bikini hot stuff! xx

  4. This was such an amazing message to begin my day with… thank you! And I’m so jealous of your Australian summer ;) best of luck with your virtual assistant search.

    This year, I promised myself to encourage more TLC. I have trouble feeling guilty most of the time when I’m not being productive in some way, shape, or form and that’s just really unnecessary and silly. Like any other hard working, motivated woman, I could not possibly be on the go 24/7; that is, if I want to maintain any inkling of sanity :) and quality time with those I love most.

  5. Love it Rach. On par.

    I’m getting the same vibe over here too. All about the ease. (And muscle cars + soft top Jeeps)
    I’ve used a VA once or twice before, but I think just allowing myself to hire people to help me out is pretty much a no brainer.

    Last year I hired a money coach to help me get on track there, and its been SO good. I think its just been about accepting that there’s people out there that can help make my life easier! I’ve stopped trying to ‘do it all’. Its goooood.


  6. I love this Rach. I think you hit the nail on the head.
    I know 2013 is going to bring up some new stuff for me this year, and at times I wonder how I’m going to be able to make it all happen; like you I don’t want to feel burnt out. Such a great challenge this week – my mind is a buzz with ideas on how to create simplicity and ease.

    So lovely seeing your beautiful face! **girlcrush**

  7. Yay, a video blog, just as I requested when you asked for suggestions on your facebook page!!
    Amazing as always and I absolutely love that affirmation. It will definitely be printed out and stuck in various places around my home and office.

  8. Tara: YES YES YES! Saying no to say yes. And scheduled exercise (and catch ups) are definitely taken care of already ma lady… You + me + Burleigh.

    Helen: Thanks Helen, will do! The “then accept it” part is the clincher, isn’t it!

    Kylie: Sing it sista!

    Jia Ni: Ooh, that sounds so delicious babe. SO good. I love starting the day with an intention, do that one every day and it rocks. Love your thoughts on boundaries and resonance too sweets.

    Kim: Oh stop it! Cooking on weekends is SUPER smart, thank you for the reminder. I’ve been missing dinners and eating lunch at 3:30pm this week… not awesome. Ask + receive it in 2013 gorgeous.

    Danielle: Thank you! Oh I’m SO hearing you. Out of the head and into the heart… the heart wants peace, calm, rest, love. The head is a dirty little trickster sometimes.

    Sian: Outsourcing and investing in yourself is such a beautiful way of saying to the Universe “I’m worth it.” And you, my girl, so are.

    Jenn: Let me know how you go, and if you need someone to remind you to get back on the ease train, I can be your gal. Accountability emails ahoy! (ps: girl crushing right back babe).

    Saara: YAY! Ask and you shall receive – ties in nicely with today’s message, no?

    Maddy: Wowsers, that’s a huge compliment – I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little time with Zoe and she’s divine! Thank you so much, and back at you – this is definitely your year. I’m predicting big things.

  9. Loving the video Rach, you do it eloquently and elegantly which pretty much sums your vibes up!

    Thanks for your lovely posts and blog. I can see you’re going to do amazing things this year. How exciting!

    I might have to come innocently stalk you on the coast some time…I have a little place in Brisbane I’m occasionally found at :)

  10. Beautiful affirmation Rach. Love Louise Hay. She saw me out of my dark days and supports me in my enlightened ones.

    Allowing more ease… Such a simple concept and yet something that I have never thought to do. Who would have thought that life doesn’t have to be a struggle? I immensely dislike grocery shopping, so I think I might look at my order in options and getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier so my mornings are a little less manic.

  11. WOAH….

    First off, you are TOTALLY speakin’ my language, babe. Usher in ease…word. 2013 is ALL about that to me, especially after all my travels and adventures of the last 6 months. Feel connected, feel content, feel inspired…all at ease. Love it!

    Secondly, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for posting that affirmation – it was exactly what I needed to hear on this particular day. 2 years on, and I’ve come so far…but this date will always be a bittersweet one for me. So when I read this affirmation, it instantly lifted me up and gave me the validation I needed to hear…and so I had a wonderful day, basking in the joy and magic that is my life now – hurrah!

    Oh, and I must share with you this massive ‘ah-ha’ moment I had this morning during my meditation: I was asking the Universe, with tears flowing down my cheeks,”Why don’t I know him anymore? He’s so different to the man I fell in love with…how could we be so apart?” and the Universe replied, “Because you don’t need to know him anymore…you needed to know yourself instead”…and the tears stopped instantly and my heart sighed with relief.

    Talk about a major WOAH moment…

    All my love + gratitude + light to you always, sunshine x

  12. Hello Rachel- It’s so nice to see you!

    I totally resonate! I run around on adrenaline with little sleep and to do lists on every device/notepad I own, wondering how am I going to get through it! But yes, even God rested on the 7th day.

    Who do I think I am, Him? AND I used to order organic veggies to my door, what happened to that? Thanks for the reminder. I will reorder them now, adding Woolies delivery to the list!

    Bringing more ease into 2013, I’m going to pray each morning, outsource the groceries, hire a bookkeeper……and wouldn’t it be nice if I could find a salon to blow wave my hair, manicure my nails and give me a pedi at the same time?

    Actually erase the last one-that sounds like my monkey mind talking! ;)

    Ease, Marianne, ease. Xx

  13. Love this beautiful post! Especially the poem. I’ve recently come back to my love of poetry and hope to bring it into my writing too. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. No truer words have been spoken!

    Thank you SO much for this post. It really has helped remind me what I want for this year ahead. Usher in ease is such a great term – one I might steal if that’s ok!

    I decided this year to try and think of a word. Just one, that will sum up what I want to achieve this year. I so often write lists and lists of resolutions that very rarely happen. So this year I wanted to simplify things.

    So here it is:

    I really believe if I can apply this word to every day life, it will greatly improve! How many of us are now unable to sit and focus on one thing at a time? Constantly checking our phones for emails, facebook, instagram while watching a movie or TV Show. Not really engaging in proper conversations with others as we are too distracted by other things.

    This year I want to be better at doing ONE thing, at a time. AND DOING IT WELL.

    This in turn I think will really help me achieve all I want to in the next 12 months, and I don’t need to write lists and lists of those things. I know that by focusing on one thing at any one time, I can slowly work my way through everything I hold so dear and passionately.

    Here’s to a fabulous stress free 2013!

  15. I was thinking about this the other day as well! I realised I needed some better organisation in my life. I lose FAR too much time online, discovering wonderful things nonetheless, but also on FB, etc.

    I was list crazy before, but I’ve amped it up to be more efficient and practical and I’m starting to see a change in my attitude towards my ‘to do’ list. It’s refreshing!

    That quote is amazing x

  16. 3 ways to usher in ease for 2013:

    1. Disconnect.
    Stepping away from constant email/social media checking. Removed mail and notifications from the phone this morning. I need some space and quiet to actually do things.

    2. Letting go
    …of perfect decisions and tight feelings. I get angsty in making the RIGHT decision. Analysis paralysis. I’m letting it go and adopting a Sarah Wilson approach.

    3. Self-Love Sessions.
    Time to make space to love myself everyday. Long runs. Meditations. Laughter.

    Thank you so much for setting this task. It has really helped me. More video please please please

  17. Love this post and watching your video was a great start to the day.

    Some ways in which I intend to usher in ease include: saying yes to saying no (more often). I tie myself up in knots trying to be all things to all people. Sometimes it’s okay to say no…right?

    Practising mindfulness and focusing my energy on one thing at a time are also small changes that will make the biggest difference.

    Love your work as always :)

    P.S. Yesterday via Facebook you asked us to finish a sentence. I stared at it for ages, read everyone else’s and just couldn’t think of one single thing that makes me feel this way. At first I felt quite sad, but in a good way if that makes ANY sense. An epiphany of sorts. No time like the present to make some changes :)

  18. I don’t think Im making my life easier this year but adding more to make it busier! For some reason the more I am doing the better I feel. Full time work, full time uni, family and now blogging! I love it!

    Sechy xox

  19. Stumbled across your site via Jess Ainscough blog and I am so so glad that I did.

    What a beautiful soul you are.

    I have had a pretty rough week and your site is such a beaming light of inspiration. Your energy and passion for what you are doing is so evident.

    I’m feeling blessed tonight xx

  20. ARRRHHHH blog guilt!!!!!

    Thanks for bringing it up baby. I think we all need to get off our own backs and cut ourselves some slack, yeah!

    I love this post some much and your energy. I could just jump through the screen and kiss you.

    Your so right honey it’s all about making like easier. That’s what 2013 is all about for me. All systems go, getting help, support and letting go of control.

    Here’s to an awesome flowing 2013.


  21. Love your blog Rachel, I’ve just put in my order with munch crunch organics for a veggie box next week! I also deactivated FB & Instagram a week ago & its such a weight off my mind & time. Asking for & accepting help is next on my list…! x

  22. Rachel…. This is the first video that I’ve watched of yours, and it feels so much different to hear your voice and see you speak! It just sort of fills a void that you don’t even realize is there, with just reading your words.
    Such positive energy. :)

    You made me think about how easy life can be… I too have always done the opposite and tried to complicate it. Make it more difficult. Work too hard. Then work harder. Now I’m scattered all over the map and being productive in zero areas.

    So this year I am going to focus on… focusing! Focusing my time and energy into where I really want to go. Photography and writing and research. Turning most opportunities into a work/learning opportunity. Investing my time and money in what will bring me forward, above and beyond!
    Reading more books. Posting pictures regularly. Drawing in traffic. Creating a following…

    And… maintaining my fitness schedule (pretty easily done), and getting back on paleo (my current challenge).

    Today I realized I have to detach myself emotionally from the people I care about, maintaining how much I love people and care for them – because I burn out when it’s too much, and then I lose myself in them. Not sure how I will change this, but I have been woken up to it today.

    I’m sure there are soooo many more things I could do to add some ease to life. I’ve begun the journal brainstorm session, thanks for the exercise! And good luck finding your VA if you haven’t already… :)

  23. Ah your beautiful on video Rachel!

    I’m hearing ya on the blog guilt and also don’t want a burn out so I’m also trying to take things a little slower and with ease.

    Great idea on the virtual assistant, I’m thinking I may also need one as hoping to launch my first ebook this year.

    Thanks for a lovely reminder! xxx

  24. Thank you for your beautiful video Rach, I’m all for simplifying this year too. Making things easier, being less stressed and doing more of what’s important to me. Saying NO is right on top of my list, being kinder to myself, getting fitter, healthier and happier. 2013 is going to be year of huge changes and I’m ready for it!!! Thanks for all your inspiration, I love following your journey xxx

  25. Goodness love, meant to reply last week but you know – lots going on! HA! Totally hear you, blog guilt SUCKS. Ease baby ease, love it.

    Meditation & massage will get me through this month. I think we’ve put so much pressure on ourselves to have an amazing 2013 that January arrived as an overwhelming fun ball of crazy. Lovely, busy, vibrant – but crushing as it rolls!

    Thanks for sharing love, big hugs xx

  26. Love it! Just had the chance to catch up on this.

    To make my life easier I’m choosing consciously for simplicity. I love that word. No over thinking, no ego trippin’ but trusting that everything will unfold as it should. The Universe has got my back baby!

    And also, lots of self love and self care :-)

  27. You are too gorgeous in your video. I LOVED this challenge! As soon as you started talking about it, I was already writing in my notebook: “how can I make my life easier in 2013”, before you’d even suggested we do the same! It’s so important to remember how small adjustments can make big impacts.

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