Making Me Happy


Hey, hey, happy Making Me Happy day!

I’m parked at my computer listening to Jen Louden and Justine Musk riff on writing and creative bad-assery, and at the same time, there’s an army of ideas battling it out in my head which is making it rather hard for me to sit still. It’s been one of those weeks – New Moon juju swirling, honeymoon excitement building, visions clarifying, being back in ‘student mode,’ dancing around the house to JT, planning, Post-It’ing. I’ve been working on reconnecting with my creative essence through meditation and in my sacred shower thinking time (yeah, you know it baby!) and it’s like a galaxy of lightbulbs have just gone off in my head.

I think I need to go for a run to burn off some energy.

Before I spontaneously combust, I think we should dive into this week’s love list… whaddaya say?!





Hello, game-changer.

I’m not sure what to say about the Vitamix other than WOW. It does everything (loudly, quickly, awesomely). It’s rocking socks in the MacDonald household, that’s for shizzle.

All the hype? Totally warranted.

(ps: do you think I need to replant my tall succulent friend? Ha!)




How was your Easter break? Feeling refreshed and all choc’d out?

My break was a goodie. On Saturday, Ramai and I spent the day and night with my family – first with my Mum/ step-dad/ one of my brothers, and then, later, over at my Dad’s house where we drank organic wine, talked about staying at Buddhist monasteries and random visits from monk spirits (my Dad and step-mum’s experience), laughed at the shenanigans of their little ones as the sun came down on a stunning Autumn afternoon and generally vibed out on love, family and happiness. It was a gorgeous reminder of what really matters.

My parents (and their significant others) are all in really good places at the moment and there was this beautiful ease about our day on Saturday that hit me right in the heart.

More of that, please. I love seeing my MIP’s (most important peeps) super happy.




I’ll post separately on this but one of the coolest things to come out of this week is that on Monday I was attuned as a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner!

Incredible stuff. I’m ‘playing’ with the energy and practicing lots (loving it!) and will be adding – in whatever way it comes to form – Reiki, EFT and a bunch of other things to my coaching and workshops/ retreats that I hold in the future.

I’ve got a few ideas for ‘getting out from behind the screen’ (a group I’ve been wanting to start on the Gold Coast, as well as workshops) and while we’re on the topic, I would LOVE to hear in the comments whether you’d be down for some in-person stuff with me this year?

Getting Clear



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the evolution of my blog and my ‘brand.’

I started In Spaces Between a few months shy of two years ago, and over that time, I’ve changed and my style has changed. A natural evolution, of course.

Even though I still dig the things I wrote about at the start of my blogging journey (design, fashion, weddings – well, actually, the latter was more of a ‘time in my life’ situation) I no longer feel compelled to write about them, and as you would have noticed, haven’t actually written about them in quite a long time. I use Instagram for that kind of stuff now (click the link to follow).

As a perpetual student of life, I’m always hungry to learn more and amplify the things that really resonate with me, and I’m definitely hearing the call to step into a new brand and a new site that reflects where I’m at personally and in my work.

The messaging/ vibe/ feel of this space is going nowhere… I’m just ready to take it higher and play BIGGER. Think fresh colours, new features, more content – all the good stuff!

Sending an official call out to the Universe to send me the perfect designer (soon, please, my friend).




What’s thrilling you silly right now? Declare it. Share it. Celebrate it!

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22 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Yay for changes! Moving on and up in the world :) I’m excited to hear about your “in person” experiences. Makes me wish I lived a bit closer – I would SO be there. I’m getting excited about my own little projects that are slowly coming to fruition lately. There must be something in the water ;) xo

  2. Exciting times ahead lovely!

    And the direction you’re heading in sounds amazing. I wish I lived on the Gold Coast so I could come to some workshops!

    As for a website designer – these fab duo crossed my path today, they could be a really great fit for you?


    • Alice, Jacqueline, Amelia: Thank you, you lovely lil gems! I’m proposing a girls holiday Jacq & Amelia ;) x

  3. I’m happy about starting to drink green smoothies! They dont always look the prettiest, but gosh I feel good after them!

    I’ve spent the last few mornings at the beach, and have had productive (holiday) afternoons. What could be better??

  4. Hooray, love ‘making me happy! Wednesdays!’
    I am currently frustrated and confused about where my life should be heading, when I read that Workshops are on your agenda my heart (literally) skipped a beat! That would be amazing!

  5. Hey Rach, how super is Reiki? I was attuned a few years back, only to level one, but have been thinking about picking this up again. I found it brought about massive shifts as a result – so watch this space.

    Loving the declaration of shift for the business too… totally cannot wait to see more about incorporating this into your work. You know my thoughts on this ;)

    Lots of love xox

  6. Hi Rach, just moments before clicking on this post I was thinking ” I wish there were more events to go along to to meet more like minded women around here.” As we get older we change and evolve and I’d love to have the opportunity to spend more time with women like yourself, who have similar ideas or outlooks on health and wellness. Would love to hear more about group sessions! Xx

  7. The easter weekend on my aunty and uncle’s farm surrounded by good food, cute animals and beautiful landscapes. Taking and planning trips with my husband and feeling more in love with Australia as a result. The autumn coolness in the air which means much longer walks in the mornings and a happy little family of husband, dog and me. The fact that my smoothie blender is still going after 15 years!

  8. You look stunning – and the juice looks delightfully delectable!

    Making me happy this week… I’m back in Brisbane and I found a heap of new kooky cafes around the place…little secret hideaways which fill me with joy. Loads of inspiration and amazing people around me whilst I create and design during the day with plenty of tantalizing teas by my side turning into little spots to take friends and chat about the world by night!

    Love, love, love the quote at the end too :)

  9. Hey lovely, how fabulous is the Vitamix?! Smoothies have seriously revolutionised my mornings. No kidding.

    You seem so happy and vibrant with your new career, it’s truly lovely!

    Making me happy this week, hmm, I’m focusing on the little things- chai latte treats, catch ups with friends, new hair dos :)


  10. The positive energy is just bouncing out of this post! I am also thinking of making some changes to the look of my blog. What’s making me excited this week is lots of self-love stuff, writing about it, and finding partners for new writing projects. Thanks again for a lovely post!

  11. Rachel,

    I’ve just started juicing as of this week. I’m starting to introduce more self-love into my life, first by what I’m putting into my body. So Vitamix might be on my shopping list soon.

    On another note, I was thinking why does she have a microphone next to the juicer :) I really thought it was a microphone at first glance.

    Good luck in finding a designer. The Universe will answer you.

  12. Hi Rach

    Will you be doing any more videos? Would love to see some from you on meditation, health, creativity.

    Love your posts they always get me thinking about things.

  13. Ness: Seconded! x

    Jacquetta: And they love you right back babe! YAY YAY YAY… I’m feeling the call for sure, so stay tuned. It will probably be after June (once I get back from Europe). x

    Amelia: YES! Would be so thrilled to have you there. x

    Helen:Totally feeling that already… looking forward to working much more with this beautiful energy. Mmm. And yes, I sure do, my wise sage ;) x

    Jen: Watch this space! x

    Lucent: That. Sounds. Divine. Open space, nature, getting back to basics – the perfect Easter, no? (ps: now THAT is one hell of a blender… 15 years?!) x

    Kavisha: Hey gorgeous! Lovely to find you here. Vita Love Fo’ Life. Should we start a fan club? (actually, I bet there already is one) x

    Lis: Sounds like the dial has been turned up RIGHT up to awesome for you honey. Enjoy every second. x

    Erin: Haha, * searches brain for Katy Perry lyrics; comes up with nothing. * x

    Emily: Well, apart from 1787554 fabulous-es! And you know what ma dear, the little things are the big things. Life: you’re doing it right. x

    Emma: Consider yourself counted in, babe! x

    Linda: Keep spreading the self-love word, far and wide! x

    Mel: Hey baby – if you could see inside my head (and heart) right now you’d see sooooo many words that want to be ‘birthed.’ Shufflin’, plottin’ + schemin’ for ways to bring more of them to life. IFREAKINGLOVEYOU by the way. And miss you! x

    Shae: Oh that thing? Sometimes while I’m waiting for my smoothie to blend I like to practice a few songs – nothing major, perhaps a little Mariah or a touch of Beyonce (haha).

    (In all seriousness, that’s the shove-it-in-to-get-stubborn-ingredients-moving stick) x

  14. Lucienne: Sure will be – I’ve actually got plans to have more frequent vids and will be kicking that all off in the next few weeks. Great topics – thanks so much for stopping by and for the inspiration x

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