Making Me Happy

I walked in the door earlier and the first thing I said (in my head) was “Now, THAT is what I needed.”

I’ve been craving some “real life” person-to-person contact over the past couple of weeks, and a spur-of-the-moment catch up with some of my former colleagues/ very good friends for lunch delivered in spades.

Working from home and spending way (way) too much time on the computer of late has taught me a bunch of things about myself, but the biggest one is that for me to feel my absolute best, I must venture out from these four walls to fuel up on the type of energy you receive when you hang with people in the flesh.

I adore my alone time and energise in a softer, different way when I’m meditating and journalling, but I’m definitely not shy in saying that I also need ze people. Ze awesome people! The ones I can hug and kiss and look in the eye when I’m sitting right next to them!

I’d make a terrible hermit. I’m also an ENFP, a Sagittarius and The Enthusiast (7) on the Enneagram, which pretty much explains things.

As of right now, consider Operation Socialise More: in motion. And without any further ado, let’s jump into this week’s love list!


From Earth & Water (or, The Best Raw Cafe Ever)




One of the best discoveries I’ve made recently is the existence of the “bigger, brighter, better” version of one of my fave local eateries From Earth & Water… although it did come with a duh moment. I’ve been grieving the loss of this place for months (after the old space closed down) when it fact it had just moved up the street and ’round the corner.

Yep. Major duh.

Alas, the raw flaxseed tacos and I have been reunited like long lost lovers and the affair is back in full swing. Yum.

I Love Lamp



Himalayan Salt lamp, to be specific. It’s good for the soul, this thing. Do you have one?

Skype Dates



I love taking things “further” (in a non-creepy, totally awesome way) by chatting on Skype to my online babes, and this week I’ve had the pleasure of connecting for the first time on Skype with Candice from Co-Inside, who is absolutely divine, as well as being interviewed by Kirri from Kirri White Life Coaching.

I also squeezed in a chat with gorgeous Connie from

The number of awesome women I’ve connected with through this blog never ceases to amaze me!

Raw Addiction




I was pumped to find this recipe book by Katrina Ellis waiting for me at the Post Office and have been drooling over the food inside ever since.

If you haven’t come across Katrina:

12 years ago Katrina was exposed to a deadly toxic chemical and within three months, faced the toughest challenge of her life when she was told that she had a rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

After several misdiagnoses, the cancer had spread throughout her body and she was advised that surgery followed by aggressive chemotherapy was the only chance to extend her life. Because of her experience as an international naturopath she opted for a combination of orthodox treatments and complementary therapies. Against all advice, Katrina opted to stop chemotherapy.

Using her knowledge as a naturopath, she employed healthy organic raw foods, herbs and the power of her mind to heal her body. The doctors told her she would be a lucky girl if she lived past the year – that was 12 years ago.  They also told Katrina that it would be unlikely that she would have children.  With the help of natural medicine she also proved them wrong and gave birth to a beautiful boy and girl.

If you’re into healing, healthy recipes – there are 150+ inside – grab your copy of Raw Addiction here.

Little snippets of lovely:

Yoga and Pilates Barre + deep chats with my ever-wise husband + making changes + listening to audiobooks before I drift off to sleep + honeymoon anticipation (getting closer!) + Fleetwood Mac afternoons.



What are you celebrating in your life at the moment?

Bonus q: Do you work from home? Do you feel like you need to pry yourself away from the computer and get out and about for some quality face time? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the working alone set-up works for you in the comments.

Images: Kind Over Matter

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22 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Love it!!! I am going to check out ‘From Earth & Water’ when I’m up from Syd next month (Burleigh Heads?) those Taco’s look sensational!!!!

    Love your honesty with what works for you… needing social time.. my full time job is so BUSY that some wk ends I crave alone time, then after a few of those, I’m like who am I keeding ‘I miss people, the lovely ppl in my world’ finding the balance right.. aahh :)

  2. Hi Rach,
    I also work from home most of the time. Working for yourself can be positive & also negative in ways. I find if i work from home to much i do get quite distracted & tend to be a little unproductive at times, where as if I’m out & away from distractions of housework etc i tend to get a lot more done & it’d also good to connect with people in the ‘outside’ world as you can get a little hermit’s staying in too much!

  3. I’m a bit of a slashie, work from home/freelance three days a week then at the office at my ‘grown up’ job two days. It makes for a rather fabulous balance of interaction and home time. I was work at home full time after my son was born and i found it really tough, especially with the whole ‘newborn baby’ element but did find that getting out t least once a day, connecting with women in similar positions through Facebook groups and other forums and sometimes taking my work out to an alternate space, lifesavers. I’d eventually like to return to freelance/blogging full time so will have to revisit my ‘making working from home work’ rules then!

  4. Beautiful Rach! Totally agree with the necessity of socialising, this was one thing I sorely lacked when I worked from home. Glad you resolved it :-)

    On my love list this week would have to be my gorgeous hubby (11 yrs together Friday!!) the weather in Sydney today and finally changing the course of my ill health. After 3 months being unwell pretty much all of the time, I finally feel like I’ve discovered some answers and am well on the way to making the positive changes in my life necessary to change shit around! Woo!

    Thanks for a gorgeous & inspirational post as always xx

  5. Awww hunni!! If I had a ‘making me happy’ list this week you would be right at the top! Absolutely adored our skype date and can’t wait for the next one – super soon I hope.

    I love lamp too! How awesome are they? I lugged mine over here all the way from Perth and forgot to switch it on. Then I was left scratching my head as to why it was leaking all over the joint. Humidity and salt lamps turned off make for a very watery mess. :P

    Working from home – well it’s only been 3 weeks for me and I’m still stuck in the ‘9-5’ mentality. Sigh. Still waiting for the fan to stop spinning and find a routine/structure that suits when inspiration strikes… oh and to get out of the habit of skype calling with our web designer at 2am. Given hubby and I work together from home, it’s absolutely necessary to walk away and take a wander in nature, or go on a mini road trip too – business talk is banned at these times.

    As a fellow Saggi, I more than understand your need for face to face time. Craving it big time right now!

    Love ya gorgeous.

  6. LOVE YOU! I am craving some Rach + Jia Ni time. I am SO looking forward to speaking with you soon. :-) Yipeee yay yay!

    I have a salt lamp next to me – remember to switch it on all the time too! We had one last time and it shrunk after being switched off HEHEHE.

    I work from home and I take naps under my table from time to time. :)


  7. Jia Ni, does a salt lamp actually work? Do you feel a difference? If so, what do you feel (or no longer feel :)) ? Curious to know. Thanks. x

  8. I work from home as well as be at home full-time with my two little ones. And social breaks are definitely need (as is some adult conversation).
    I find if we stay at home for too many days in a row, we all go a little stir-crazy and productivity actually goes out the window.

    The internet can be such a trap. On one hand there is such beautiful support out there, day or night. But nothing beats that face to face interaction (and a big hug!). xx

    ps. Those raw tacos look AMAZEBALLS!

  9. Mmm lots of deliciousness in this post!

    And I’m going to hit up that awesome cafe when on the coast this weekend!

    I don’t have an office either but find that I’m only really productive at home in the evening or night when I can sit at the table or laptop with noise and my partner around me.

    I need to be out during the day so I work from cafes most of the day…in one right now with Duran Duran bopping in the background – making me happy! :)

    I’m learning to step away from the laptop a bit more…have to get back into a bit of grooving again!

  10. Hi Rach,

    I work from home, and it is so necessary to get out and actually see people in the flesh! As much as I love being behind my computer, what fires me up most is talking to girls who are passionate about what they do. I love your idea of operation socialise! I think you need to get out there and make it happen, as sometimes it’s easy to think you are connected to people…but it’s all online! Have a wonderful day xx

  11. I Love Love LOVE the Making Me Happy posts, 100% my favorite feature on your blog!

    Just quietly I am soooo happy your back posting regularly, was definitely missing you wise words during your mini break :) Its really awesome seeing how your evolving, while you were away I had a sneaky glance back through some old posts (not in a creepy way!!!!!) and the transformation is phenomenal…you were always amazing and inspiring but you really communicate a sense of calm and contentment through your words of late…you are becoming one wise owl Rach!

    Loving your work :) xoxo

  12. Wow, I have loved the comments as much as the post this week. As this is my second last day at the office before maternity leave and embarking on starting freelance/work from home life – it is great to read what others are doing.

    Even as an INFJ / Virgo it really is the people who ignite your soul and inspire you. My creativity and soul tend to shrivel when I spend too much time behind the desk or in a clinical office – but don’t we all?

    I’m so looking forward to our skype next week, I am SO ready for this next chapter. Xx

  13. Rachel, great post as always! Loved the colours and the energy. Yes, I work from home too and I have to forcefully detach myself from the computer sometimes and to get outside. I learned that I need to have a 30 minute walk everyday, yoga class at least 3 times a week, hike and to see my friends. Often I feel guilty justifying this to myself but I’m always so happy after I actually do it. I do a lot of self-reflection and internal work so I find it’s a must for me to get out, to get new perspectives, to see new things and meet new people. Thank you for asking these wonderful questions!

  14. Hi Rach

    Just came across your blog (via wellness warrior) and absolutely love your stuff! gorgeous :)

    I am the ultimate worker from home! I teach piano, run a snack food business and have just embarked on my new blog- all from my humble desk! I live in a small town of 2000 people so am constantly craving facetime contact with the world! Luckily for me I head back home to sydney quite often to hug my loved ones and share physical experiences!

    i wouldn’t swap it for the world though! a real blessing to be able to do what you want on your own time and terms :)

    forever grateful.xx

  15. Haha Rach, I hear you on the “got to get out of the house and connect with people” front. You and I are both connectors and go stir crazy all cooped up!

    So glad you’ve been looking after yourself by getting out there and living in the present. Stay smiling you gorgeous thing. xx

  16. We really need some more vego/raw restaurants on the West coast, your photos look amazing.

    I love salt lamps. I have a USB one for my desk and a big one at home. I even buy them as gifts for other people. I feel they do balance the energy, especially around electrical items. My home lamp is right next to the TV.

    Congrats on a beautiful post too over at the Wellnes Warrior. Gonna try your recipe for sure x :-)

  17. I was wondering what you were! I am an INFP (a tad more hermit), a Sagittarius, and an Individualist (4) on Enneagram :)

  18. Hi Rachel,
    I LOVE this! I even love everything on the mini list at the end! It’s very true about time at the computer, I am playing with getting the balance right at the moment. Thanks for sharing. xx

  19. Hi Rach, where is that delicious looking Raw cafe?? I will have to visit as i’m guessing it’s on the coast.
    Definitely hearing you with the work from home craziness. I did it for a few years professionally when i was employed and now being a stay at home mum it can be equally as hard not seeing any people but your little ones each day.
    Getting out is so refreshing!

  20. Oh MY! From Earth and Water is one of my favourites. I really want to try Mandala Arts Cafe also. I am celebrating being more gentle with myself and further refining my own self love and acceptance! And as a result am entering a new deeper level of healing. Thanks for your blog xx

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