Making Me Happy

This past week has been a bit of a mixed bag – from spending a day in hospital after my husband had a collision with the nose of his surfboard and required plastic surgery to stitch his lip back together again (I’ll spare you the photos) to high energy mornings like this morning, where a speedy run in the dark has left me bouncy and chock-full of endorphins.

Such is life.

There are slow days, low days, days that speed by so quickly you wonder if they even happened. Days where you feel like someone has cranked the dial up to a billion decibels, where you’re unstoppable, on point, sofreakingalive. And that’s A-OK, beautiful. However you feel today, tomorrow will be different. 

I’ve been practicing the fine art of viewing All of the Days through a lens of non-judgement lately, and instead looking at the occasional slower-lower day as “a bad day,” I’ve been embracing them as an opportunity to check in and re-centre.

When something pops up for me – I’ll use a recent example, which has been feeling cabin fever-ish from sitting inside our small apartment on the computer far too much – I’ve been asking:

What can I learn? That I’m fuelled by social interaction and need lots of variety in my working week. Also: fun! Ushering more of that back in, pronto!

When am I most ‘me?’ When my life contains a healthy balance of in-person, dynamic conversation and meditative, introspective time. Ahh. There you go. 

What conditions do I crave in my life that aren’t currently being satisfied? A bigger house with a sweet office, yeah, but also, two days a week out from behind the screen and in communion with creative goddesses/change-makers (I’m thinking workshops, women’s circles, power meetings, the whole she-bang!) 

It’s about realising what works best for YOU, in any given situation in your life, then asking questions, correcting course, and moving on.

Why don’t you give it a go? Apply those q’s to a situation that feels inflamed in your life and circle back to tell me how you went!





Tomorrow night. Five women rocking the stage (did you hear my girl Jess Ainscough will be joining us for part of the event?) Authenticity. Abundance. Soulful business. Making a living doing the work you’re called to do. OMG, I.CANT.WAIT.

Brisbane is almost sold out (in fact, it may actually be sold out now), but if you’re Melbourne-based, don’t miss the event next Thursday 16 May. These are the kind of candid chats that spark something special (you know, like the courage to make that big, gorgeous dream a reality), so if you’re ready to leap… join us. 



Kinesiology still blows me away. I can walk in to a session thinking we’re going to have a nice chat with my body about energy levels, and walk out having a fear that I’ve been carrying around for 20 years unblocked.

Mind-boggling and wonderous. Obsessed.

Meditation + Mindful in May



I’ve been meditating for years, but these days, getting still has definitely become a non-negotiable, daily practice in my life. It’s without doubt the quickest way I know to bust through bullshit, clear scramble-y thoughts and access that innate inner wisdom we all possess.

I tend to mix up my meditations depending on my mood. After a run, I might sit at the beach or at the lookout in the National Park across the road with the sun dancing on my face; other days, I’ll listen to a guided medi like Doreen Virtue’s Chakra Clearing or something from Brain Sync before bed.

To complement that big ol’ love of meditation, I’m so proud to be a part of the Earth Events team for Mindful in May, raising money for Charity Water. I’ll let you read all the details, but if you’re called to, you can ‘sponsor’ me with a donation by selecting my name in the drop down on the donation page.




I’m in simmer-mode with my blog (and business) at the moment before I head off to Italy to let the creative juices really bubble up and the plans take shape. I have to admit that, along the way, the limbo phase has brought with it a hefty dose of impatience (yesssireee!), but I know I’m going to be mentally zinging and ready to ramp things up in a mega way.

The anticipation! The dreams about how I can best serve you and work on YOUR dreams! Ready to catapult.


Honeymoon dreaming (2 weeks and counting) + my incredible husband + The Law of Divine Compensation + The Great Gatsby soundtrack (killer) + new goods from The Village Markets (follow me on Instagram to see what I bought + visual inspo galore).


I’m going to wrap up with some words from the inimitable Rumi, who said: “Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk!” 

So… let’s get drunk on love and appreciation in the comments, shall we? Share the things that are making YOU happy, I’m hanging to hear all about them.

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16 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Well I am just so grateful the divine order of the universe put you in my path Rachel. I love your writing and how honest you are about the ups and downs. The more I consume online media and create it, the more I CRAVE the authentic over the slick. The mix of soul connection and bad hair days – because it all is part of this beautiful life and when we ignore one, we lose out on learning and growing from them both.

    So, thanks for being you, and sharing your path with us.

    And for all your brilliant advice! Which in a very short time, has made a HUGE difference in my life.



  2. Aaahh, Rachel- you write so openly and beautifully. It’s so touching and authentic.

    Have a fabulous time in Italy- you’ll just love it! I love what you say about putting things on simmer- it feels so hopeful and exciting!

    I finally booked my first kinesiology appointment today- I can’t wait to see what we uncover.

    Enjoy Soulpreneurs! (Maybe there’ll be a Sydney one next time!) xx

  3. Maggie: Thank you gorgeous soul, I’m blessed to know you. Your energy = pure sunshine. X

    Celeste: Say no to moon-boot driving! You poor thing, I hope you heal soon honey. X

  4. Lovely lady, your posts are always jam-packed with beautiful reflections and gems of wisdom – adore them and you of course!

    Am positively bursting with gratitude this week….great reads, amazing food, surprises in the post, gorgeous friends and an amazing hubby are top of the list!

    Happy honeymooning sweet, excited to see you and your business continue to shine as the year goes on xx

    (Get better Ramai!)

  5. Love your approach Rach – am going to try to apply the same questions whenever I am feeling a little tetchy + angsty!

    Making me happy this week: The Untethered Soul (on your recommendation!), a fresh moleskin notebook, and a boyfriend who makes me a cup of tea every morning before I get up x

  6. “Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk!”
    WOW! Love that so much! Wise words Ramai :)

    This week I am so grateful for the kind words and support I have received for Finlay and Rose, it has given me such a boost to give this everything I have! People have been so responsive and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, so so happy!

    I am also so happy and grateful for my beautiful husband who told me today that I am inspiration to him! We have been together for 15 years this year and I just feel so lucky that after all this time we are still inspiring each other and just make each other SO SO happy!

    CAN NOT wait for this time next week when Soulpreneurs will be hitting Melbourne town!!
    Kate xx

  7. So many beautiful nuggets of wisdom right there (as always).

    I love the idea of not looking at a slow or disorganised day as “a bad day” – that is something I will definitely put into practice.

    And I CANNOT WAIT to see you in Melbourne next week. I KNOW the whole night is going to bring such a huge shift in me.

    Hope tonight went beautifully well – which I’m sure it did.

    Big love as always xxx

  8. This is a beautiful post Rachel! I’m also learning that there’s no such thing as good days or bad days, they are just days and we just tend to attach labels to them. One of my friends recently said the only way out for feelings is THROUGH. So if we feel sad, allow yourself to be sad. Allow yourself to be dreamy, curious, annoyed and everything else in between. This is life and living an authentic life means feeling your feelings.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful example about feeling cabin feverish and the opening this created for you to get to know yourself better.

    I hope your talk went very well last night and you are enjoying the praise and comments. Natalia

  9. Thank you for another great authentic post! I love your idea of correcting course and moving on. And of course discovering what makes me “me.” This week what makes me happy is finishing a big writing project and then I have spent 2 days organizing and cleaning my creative space. And my house! Even if all the laundry only stays “done” for one day, that’s huge for us. :) I also baked some nutritious snacks for my twins which will make me happy all week.

  10. I’m so excited for your trip to Italy! I went there 3 years ago and fell head over heels in love with the place. Can’t wait to read your updates about it and to see what big plans you’re conjuring up!xx

  11. Rach, this is EXACTLY how I was feeling a few weeks ago!!!

    I actually get really grumpy when I spend too much time on the computer :p I decided that Saturdays will be a no computer day and also to get out and visit a new cafe every Friday (a day free of commitments).

    I also thrive on connecting with people face to face and am going to ensure this is an integral part of my future work.

    Love your stuff x

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