Making Me Happy: Earth Events, Blow-My-Mind Crystals + Blue Skies, Baby!

I want to talk a bit about facing fears and leaping – with reckless abandon – out of our comfort zones, because it’s something I’ve done a lot of in the past 5 months and will most definitely be doing when I take the stage in Brisbane and Melbourne for the Earth Events ‘Soulpreneurs’ events.

Taking the leap is something that my clients and I work on continually, and can I just say thrilled-down-deep-in-my-bones I get when I see one of my girls launch a new site out into the world with love, or release their first video blog (even when it freaks the pants off them) or step into the life they’ve been dreaming of… forever. Yep, it’s pretty awesome, this feeling the fear and doing it anyway biz.

In the video above, you’ll get a little taste of what Julie Parker, Susana Frioni, Denise Duffield-Thomas and I will be covering at the Earth Events Soulpreneurs ‘workshops,’ and you’ll hear me mention that courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s jumping in regardless. I’m hanging to speak more on this and on how friggen empowering and rewarding it is to do the very things that quicken your heartbeat and sweat up your palms. It’s revolutionary (and let it be said – totally addictive).

For me, stepping up and out of my comfort zone right now means embracing opportunities to spread my message in a different way and meet/ hug/ engage with women like you who read this blog, in person. I’m feeling incredibly calm and excited about this public speaking thang, but as I prep for this leap, you can betcha I’ll be ramping up my meditation and journalling and going gangbusters on all the other practices that keep me connected.

I have a request today: let’s keep leaping, together. What do you say?

And because I know you’re going to walk away with SO. MUCH. VALUABLE. INFO. from these two joy-fuelled events, jump on board below so I can give you that big ol’ squeeze I was talking about above:


BRISBANE BABES: click here to grab your ticket for the Brisbane event.

MAGNIFICENT MELBOURNITES: click here to grab your ticket for the Melbourne event.


Beach Days







Autumn weather on the Gold Coast is the kind you want to pop in a jar and spoon-feed to yourself for the rest of time.

On Friday, the sun beckoning, blue skies whispering our names, Tara and I said aurevoir to our home offices and decided to hit the park at Burleigh Point to do some eBook writing, talking, a bit more writing, somuchmoretalking… and THEN! rounded it all out by sipping a gorgeous mojito at Justin Lane (the best mojito I’ve ever tasted, in fact).

This is the stuff dreams are made of and seriously, entrepreneurship just keeps getting better.

Still pinching. Pinch pinch pinch.



New Treasures



It’s been far too long between visits to The Village Markets so I got my booty out the door early Sunday morning and thank god I did, because I scored some beautiful little goodies!

Dreamcatcher and Afghan hanging (for good luck) from Dos Ombre.

Chakra balancing crystal bracelet from Violet Gray Design.


Adore supporting (supremely cool) local businesses/ people. There’s a real groundswell going on on the Gold Coast at the moment, and it’s so inspiring to watch.

Holy Blow-My-Mind Crystals



That fluorite. No words.


Let’s hear it honey, what’s on your love list this week? Unleash in the comments!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  ~ Rumi

17 Comments to “Making Me Happy: Earth Events, Blow-My-Mind Crystals + Blue Skies, Baby!”

  1. On my love list is working with YOU!

    Honestly Rach, working with you has brought me the confidence I needed, the self-love I craved and the belief in myself that I always knew was there but didn’t know how to harness.

    Thank YOU. In the few short weeks of working with you, so many beautiful and exciting things have happened. I am forever grateful for having you in my life and I can’t wait to kick lots more goals with you in my corner. :)

    Can’t wait to hear you and the other beautiful ladies speak in Melbourne.

    And that fluorite… oh that fluorite. I could stare at that photo all day. :) xxx

  2. So much love and joy here, babe.

    I’m so proud of you and am DYING to hear you speak in a few weeks. I’m going to be a blubbering mess- just a heads up!

    All your photos are SPECTACULAR (I particularly love the one of us!), and I love the interview with you and Julie- I teared up watching it. You are something else, sweet potato! x

  3. Loved the video, Rach!

    I would so love to get the the Village Markets someday, there is so much vibe and soulful happiness in your hometown, something country Victoria needs an injection of.

    Making me happy this week is having flexibility to meet friends for lunch and pick my brother up from school etc. Living life on MY terms.
    Also having a big blank canvas for my business and working through that this week, opportunities are endless! Oh, and Spotify – seriously so great.


  4. Um… I want that crystal. GASP! It’s jaw-droopingly beautiful.

    I know those moments you are describing Rach, when you get to own your day, enjoy what unfolds and soak it up – working for yourself rocks!

    Shame the event isn’t coming to Sydney… I know it’ll be amazing, just as coaching with you was so awesome!

    lots of love + light,

  5. There are words for that fluorite Rach – awesome, beautiful, magical, gorgeous, divine… LOVE IT!

    Reading your making me happy posts always makes me happy too. Thank you xo

  6. OooO child! This seems all so blissful. Stories like the one you just shared make stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship that much more exciting and beautiful to know, that one can truly create the life they desire. Just lovely!

    You gals are going to rock the Earth Event, just like Tara and the gang did. I’m digging the love train happenin’ in Australia :)

  7. I LOVE these posts Rachel!

    But on top of that, my love list for the week includes the cooler weather here in Sydney (love pulling out my snuggly scarves), having my husband on shcool hols (lots of lovely family time), and escapes from the city.

  8. The video is soooo good Rach! Love it!

    Making me happy this week; namely the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach as my vision is coming together! Also connecting with beautiful women who see my ideas and are helping me make them a reality!

    Oh and my ticket to Soulpreneurs Melbourne is making me VERY happy!! CAN NOT WAIT!!


  9. I’ve already written a post on my autumn gratitude this week, but of course there are more things since that post!! :) Extra helpful retail staff who made shopping for some Lorna Jane winter tights and some tops easy and pleasurable. The autumn light and breezes – can’t get enough! Although I’m private on my blog, finding ways to connect with more people in real life in a way that I’m comfortable with. Because while I’m private online, I’m still a gregarious, people lover. A public holiday to spend a bonus whole day with my favourite man in the world. Woohoo!

  10. Those dream catchers! So very pretty <3 my love list includes finally launching my website.. yah! And meeting up with blogging friends and cool autumn nights and mini vacays away.. and just life in general because it rocks. so much to be greatful for x

  11. Simply adored watching yours & Julie’s vid – two such inspiring people together, at once! I only wish Soulpreneurs was coming to Sydney…

    On my love list this week is waking early & allowing myself a couple of blissful hours to work on passion projects before the ‘real’ working day kicks in. So much more rewarding than a sleep in!
    J x

  12. You interview so well Rachel, just a glimpse of how amazing you will do with your speaking for the event. I wish I could be going but I’m off to Thailand for a holiday, so I guess I really shouldn’t complain!
    I can’t get over those crystals. So. Stunning.

  13. Oh I can’t wait to start working with you truly inspiring lady very soon!

    Wow that crystal is something else seriously!

    I resonate with everything you say about working for yourself – the best decision I ever made. It rocks!

    So much love to you xx

  14. Oh Rachel just had to finally comment on your blog! Discovered it not too long ago and quietly have been a fan. This post is gorgeous, as they all are.

    My love list: the rain here in NY, even though its grey, love the sounds. Foot rubs without asking. Making new friends online. Planning trips/moves to Paris


  15. Beautiful video :) My first intro to hearing Julie speak … what a gorgeous woman. Really wish I could see the four of you in Melbourne … hopefully next time.

    “There is never a perfect time” … SO true. So so so true … X

  16. A well timed post, as I’ve also just taken a big gulp + leap of faith and jumped into launching my website today!

    It took me a while to realise there was never going to be a perfect time to create a perfect site for perfect readers – I just had to get out there, let go, and do it. I’m so excited by what comes next and even if I get no hits, no subscribers and no comments, I know that I will have put myself out there and taken a HUGE step for myself by walking away from perfectionism and towards creativity + authenticity.

    PS – Rach, I have to acknowledge the part you played in this. Your inspirational and true words from across the internet always pushed me one step closer to this point, so thank you x

  17. Rach, what a beautiful round up! Fantastic interview too – hopefully Earth Events makes it’s glorious way to Perth sometime soon.

    Making me happy? My family, my new lace white skirt, raw choc millet slice (omg so good) and first date butterflies. :) x

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