Inky Co. Giveaway

Stationery lovers unite!

Do you remember me talking about fabulous new stationery brand, Inky Co. in my ‘On My Love List’ post?

Well, lovely Chloe Dam, the graphic designer extraordinaire behind Inky Co. got in touch and has kindly offered a gorgeous gift pack – valued at over $100 – to one lucky In Spaces Between reader!

First, a bit about the brand

Based in Melbourne, Inky Co. is a collaboration between Chloe and her mother, Carolyn, and is the little sister of The Wrapping Paper Company, which has been run by Chloe’s parents for the past 15 years. Everything is manufactured in Melbourne using environmentally-friendly materials and as you can see, the products are absolutely beautiful (perfect for gifts too – especially since Christmas is creeping up very quickly!)

Chloe designs all the stationery and gift wrap herself, and also designed the company’s super cool website and blog, which I highly recommend you take a look at – it’s chock-full of inspiration and there are some great DIY’s that you might want to try your hand at.

Hurry up and tell me about the giveaway!

Okay, to celebrate the launch of the Inky. Co online store, you have the chance to score an ‘Inka Earth Collection’ pack, which includes:

  • Inka Diamond A5 notebook 3-pack ($19.95)
  • Inka spots A6 notebook 2 -pack ($9.95)
  • Inka Earth Range gift wrap – 6 sheets ($14.95)
  • 2 x ribbon cards ($10.95 each)
  • 1 set black message Kraft Tag ($12.95)
  • Pencil / pen set in black ($15.95)
  • Red apple notepad ($7.95)


How do I enter, like, immediately?

Easy, simply leave your comment under this post before Tuesday 11 October, 12pm (EST). 

Any comment will do – you can tell us why you’re a stationery nut too, or what you think of the Inky co. designs, for example – and a winner will be selected using and contacted by email.

Best of luck to you all! x

UPDATE: A winner has been randomly selected and it’s the 13th commenter, Ali.

Congrats Ali, I’ll be in touch via email! Thanks for entering everyone xx

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66 Comments to “Inky Co. Giveaway”

  1. Wow these are so cute! I am such a stationery nut, I really must start using all of my pretty things instead of just hoarding them to look at. Cute things are meant to be used, right? They are almost too cute I can’t bring myself to do it!

  2. Love Love Love!! I love hand writing letters and thankyou notes to family and friends. My 4yr old daughter loves writing letters too. This gorgeous stationery would be perfect us. x

  3. I write letters to mum, she’s not up with computers at all. I know I’ll treasure these one day. I get the funniest notes from her in cards

  4. I love this! My best friend just moved to Japan for a year and I would love to wrap her Christmas presents in this gorgeous paper and send her a little piece of Australian-made goodness!


  5. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I LOVE, LOVE, LUUUURRRVVVEEEEE beautiful stationary! In days like this where works consumes you some weeks (and like it or not, where we are spending most of our time) I love nothing more than some beautiful stationary items to use to brighten up the (sometimes mundane) tasks needing to be done and add a bit of flare to the meeting, desktop etc! It looks absolutely stunning. I love pretty wrapping for gifts also! Big WIN! xx

  6. hey rach, thought whilst here to enter the comp I would let u know that your blog totally rocks and I love reading it!!! happy Monday xx

  7. I’m an absolute stationary/paper craft nut. I send letters and packages the old fashioned way all the time. Makes me feel closer to the people in my life. Handwriting on paper has so much personality.

  8. GORGEOUS Stationary, I’m loving the raw/natural tones coupled with the bold brights and patterns, so vibrant and inspiring! My dull workspace is crying out for some bursts of colour and style, you’ve inspired me to have a lil poke around the new website…(work… ummm you can wait a while) xxx

  9. My dream is to have a home with a Wrapping Room.
    My friends all laugh at me when I say this but, it is for me a must have in my forever home.
    Oh and on my last trip to Melbourne it wasn’t the incredible fashion I was there for it was fantastic stationary!

  10. OMG, haven’t heard of Inky Co before but just taken a look at the stationery products CUTE AS A BUTTON! The apple notepad is already on my Christmas stocking filler!

  11. This could be my favourite giveaway EVER and thanks for the introduction to Inky Co. I am a stationery addict and I just LOVE that they are an Aussie brand! That makes me so happy!!

  12. Ohhhh lovin this stuff!!!! I am addicted to pretty stationary, whether it’s to send a friend a surprise handwritten note in the post (YES,Snail mail) or to proudly display on the fridge cause its too damn pretty to use!! X x

  13. My 5 year old niece and I have recently become pens pals ( she doesn’t have an email address yet.. I write to her about my week and she draws me pictures of her’s. I would love to get my hands on this gorgeous Stationary, im sure she would appreciate how gorge it is too… Love the little apple note pad, super cute!!

  14. In love with Inky’s designs! Chloe shows immense talent in her designs and style. My two girls are the stationary nuts in our house but I love giftwrapping! I get a thrill when they came home with a party invite :O Confessions on growing up..when I was of primary school age every school holidays my Mum would take my sister and I into the city by train and visit the big departments stores and have lunch in the Myer Melbourne cafeteria…the thing I loved to do every time was go to the Myer giftwrap service (it used to be vast) and I would sit there for hours watching them while mum did her retail therapy….they did the most gorgeous wrappings of all shapes and sizes…I always loved it and was so so sad when it stopped.

  15. Deadlines and ‘to do’ lists are a lot more achievable when written on something pretty! I’m lovin’ the new inka earth range. i feel some creative writing coming on…OR at the very least I’ve got one good looking shopping list…

  16. This stationery is exactly what I’m looking for to use when I cross ‘No. 36 – Find a Pen Pal’ off my list! I’ve found a pen pal – a lovely girl called Jen from NZ – now I just need to start writing all these letters! Awesome giveaway, Rach – thanks for a spot of fun on a Monday! xxx

  17. I’m a stationery addict and have been lusting over the Inky Co stuff since it’s launch last week.

    Love your blog too Rach. Keep up the good work! xx

  18. Love it! Stationery is so important about sending the right message to the recipient. After all, how exciting is it to receive a specially wrapped present or coloured envelope in the mail!?!

  19. I love to give beautifully wrapped gifts and that paper is divine. I wouldn’t mind keeping the rest of the goodies for myself. Fingers crossed x

  20. Beautiful gift set. The apple is sweet! What a great designer, I will definately be looking into this company for my wedding invites, devine xx

  21. I have a well documented stationery fetish. Oooohhhh, loving those big red apple notepad. These are seriously gorgeous, thanks for the link!

  22. This is quite a cute little pack. I will probably just keep it on my desk because it is too pretty to use. It’s great to have something funky to write on, I’ll save it for special occassions :)

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