Kris Atomic

I’ve been following U.K based freelance photographer and illustrator Kris Atomic’s blog for years now and she continues to blow me away with her ridiculous artistic talent. Her photography, some of which is shown above, is totally captivating – white and crisp with colours that really jump out at you. The triumph of her images is that they each serve to tell part of a bigger story. The ones in this post were part of a series she took on a recent trip to Iceland. IN-CRED-I-BLE.

Kris’ beautiful illustrations (not shown as they deserve a post of their own, believe me – buy them here) also seriously cute me out.  My advice: grab yourself a cup of tea, trundle over to the Kris Atomic blog and make it your mission to scroll through her archives. Enjoy!

2 Comments to “Kris Atomic”

  1. these images are absolutely stunning ~ i will have to check out her site!

    thanks so much for your kind comment on the blog! it means so much to hear. looks like i’ve found a new place to visit as well! love your taste ~ i think in spaces between has a bright future :)


  2. Hi Tobe! Wow, thank you so much, what a beautiful message to wake up to on a Sunday morning! Your taste is impeccable & I absolutely love your celebration of women through the I Am Project. You’re a true inspiration! Thank you for taking the time to stop by xx

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