Max Wanger Cliff Diving Series

Max Wanger is one of my favourite wedding photographers (why, oh why, can’t he live in Australia?!) and I adore this spontaneous cliff diving series he shot recently in Hawaii.

Max said on his blog: “Moments of inspiration can be fleeting, so when you see something that catches your eye you have to go for it. While driving past Waimea Bay (on the north shore of Hawaii) a few weeks ago, I saw a bunch of people diving off of some cliffs. In my head, I saw an opportunity to put together a little series. So I literally stopped the car and turned around.”

What I love about this series is that the images stay true to his signature whimsical/ offbeat style (as he describes it), with the subjects set against a backdrop of expansive space, similar to what he’s done here. The resulting feeling is a real sense of openess, and, if you’ll excuse the reference, leaves me with the desire to “dive right in.”

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