Giveaway: Neon Beaded Planter!

You know I’m obsessed with neon. You know I’m obsessed with succulents and all things plant-y. You know I love to give you guys a chance to win cool things. Today, those three worlds collide (and I’m beyond excited!)

I’ve teamed up with one of my superstar sponsors, The Small Garden, to give away one of the incredible hanging bead planters you see above.

Handmade in Melbourne, each planter is totally unique and takes approximately five to six hours to weave (yep, amazing). They come in six different patterns (so add some to your Xmas gift list!) and if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll receive one that looks just like the photo, which is my favourite pattern of the bunch. These bad boys usually retail at $110.

To enter


+ Simply leave a comment and tell me what you’re obsessed with. Spill the beans on your favourite things – anything goes.

I’ll be randomly selecting a winner and making an announcement on Facebook on Monday 17 September, so be sure to ‘Like’ the In Spaces Between page so you’re in the loop. Best of luck sweet peas!

(it goes without saying, but the plant isn’t included).

CONGRATS SJ CULLEY, your comment is number 25 which means you’re the winner! 


73 Comments to “Giveaway: Neon Beaded Planter!”

  1. Oh my!! I’m totally obsessed with a) shiny and colourful things and b) tight fitting clothes. It just do happens that this means my wardrobe is filling up with Black Milk leggings all tight and shiny!!! Yaaaay!!!!

  2. Hi Rachel! This is such a happy coincidence, as I am currently obsessed with these Peaches + Keen hanging planters! I got one for my birthday a few months ago and since then I have been wishing desperately that I had any spare pennies to buy another one (because I think they would look so beautiful in sets!!) I have all my fingers crossed for winning this one!! Thanks for the giveaway xxx

  3. Well… I am completely in love and obsessed with ‘Melissa Shoes’.
    Each morning after waking up, whilst still in bed, I jump online to see what new styles have been released in brazil overnight.
    I love the concept of the socially responsible manufacturing of these fun, quirky, colorful shoes.
    I also love the childlike excitement I feel when I visit the ‘Melissa Dreams’ store. Just being able to try them on gives me such a buzz!
    I adore the ‘Melissa Rainbow’ collection which has been released in Brazil and will hopefully make it’s way to Australia shortly. This gorgeous, colorful hanging basket reminds me a lot of Melissa shoes too! :)

  4. I’m currently obsessed with the styling and planning of events. I had a dream a few weeks ago that I owned an an event planning business specialising in indie and Eco-friendly. I woke up feeling so rejuvenated and pumped that I’m now setting the wheels in motion to make that dream reality.

  5. WOW WOW, holy hell that’s a beautiful planter! I’m utterly, crazily 24/7 obsessed with natural healing and nourishing spaces, creative expression, my puppies, roller derby and art supplies. Am loving your work girl! xo

  6. I am currently obsessed with pinning house decor and designs on pinterest. After 3 years of living back at home with my parents, my boyfriend and I are FINALLY starting to look at moving out and buying a house. I just pinned this neon planter too! ha ha xx

  7. Totally obsessed with my new(ish) cold press juicer!! AND obsessed with making fresh healthy juice every morning! It puts a pep in my step and leaves me feeling chipper (word of the week) all day.


  8. Hello Rachel! I’m currently obsessed with Spring weather, filling my home with bright flowers, lazy days at the beach, figs and rooibos tea! Love your blog, I often cruise by on a daily basis to get a big dose of love and hugs from your heartfelt posts.

  9. Rach, what a gorgeous giveaway!!!! The colours of the planter are just superb!
    At the moment I am completely obsessed with juicing!! Fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, coconut water and clean purified H20. I cannot get enough of juicing and have been madly ‘blogging’ to find as many recipes as possible!!! Endless inspiration and positivity from the likes of yourself and many others has been excitedly absorbed so THANK YOU!
    Rhi x

  10. How sweet is this basket! I’m a bit obsessed with coffee. And bright colours as well. Nothing like a burst of yellow to brighten the day (I saw while wearing a neon yellow scarf). x

  11. I am obsessed with yoga, health, and big time clean eating at the moment.. i am also obsessed with studying to be a health coach to enrich and inspire people to live full happy balanced lifes… rosh

  12. I am obsessed with hot pink and orange sunrises and sunsets + soulful conversations with conscious beings + being in the garden + getting shiny diamond clear on my goals + achieving my goals + juicy gratitude lists + the people I choose to surround myself with + travelling + adventuring through new countries and cities + mother nature and all her beauty + honesty + the beach and feeling the sand between my toties + being outdoors and feeling the sunshine on my skin + stunning views + beautiful imagery and art + my family + great books + seeing the dolphins and whales play in the ocean + lovingly moving my body + deep mediation + heartfelt connections + love + hot pink + magical blogs + painting and doodling + journaling + reciting affirmations and mantras + organic food prepared and eaten with love + raw guilt free dessert and In Spaces Between.

  13. Hi Rachel, I am currently obsessed with indoor plants especially fiddle leaf fig! My little unit is full of indoor plants and bright colourful flowers and it makes me so happy every morning I wake up. Thanks for your gorgeous blog.

  14. Cool new tunes are absolutely my obsession this week. Chilled out and soulful vibes from Ben Howard and funky folk melodies from The Decemberists fill my days with musical joy! Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong :)

  15. This is adorable Rach!! I am obsessed with having fresh flowers in my room at the moment. I loving waking up in the morning to my room smelling delightful and the brightness of colours always manages to bring a smile I my face first thing in the morning :)

  16. I, am obsessed with nature, and anything nature themed. My table is wooden, filled with wooden elements everywhere. And I have a beautiful pot of plant on my desk. To remind me to get out and relax and soak in sunshine!!!

  17. Eek! I keep walking by this cute little plant store and thinking about how I just MUST buy a succulent soon and start my urban cacti and herb garden! Right now I am utterly obsessed with: anything in neon, pleated skirts you can twirl around in, late afternoon sunshine, my new gold and zebra watch, sending and receiving snail mail! x

  18. I’m obsessed in making things right. For my family, at work, relationships and personally. I am pushing myself quite thoroughly to do as much things as I can so I can soak up as much experience and knowledge from it. Previous failure reminds me to pay as much focus to the given task or attention infront of me. Which brings me to the topic of taking care of my plants but unfortunately I have not learnt my lesson as she is dying. So when I saw this, I thought you can help me make it right and pretty!

  19. I’m obsessed with tea! This is not very exciting is it? I love all types of tea … at the moment I’m loving reds and greens. Soon I’ll start drinking more fruity flavours in honor of the impending summer. I love a good chai, and at some points in the day a good English Breakfast can have me doing a little wiggle dance of glee at my desk.

    You know what they say … small things …

  20. my obssession…. the sea, mother ocean, every day if i can, she heals, she loves, she breathes life into your being, she refreshes and inspires… she roars and like a woman just when you think you know her, she changes like a chameleon, because she can!!!

    i think i’m part mermaid :) if i dont get in the salty water regularly i can feel my gills drying up

    myself and hubby (neptune) would adore a sensationally funky plant hanger filled with juicey neptunebead succulents (our fav of course!) to drift softly in the sea of foam that is our land pad xxxx

  21. I am totally obsessed with spots. On anything. Clothes, homewares, bed linen, you name it. I also LOVE fresh flowers and everything bright. I’ve actually had my eye on these planters for a while so this is right up my alley :)

  22. Hello!! I am obsessed with passion. The thought of being passionate about things, talking about passions, finding out what others are passionate about. Its exciting and invigorating. I am also obsessed with colours, i love colour. The planter is gorgeous, it clearly has brought out a passion in lots of people! I love that things like that can bring such easily attained joy :-)
    Would love to win! x

  23. Oh neon! Definitely an obsession at the moment!

    Along with snacking healthily on nuts and seeds rather than hitting the communal lolly jar in the office – It’s really worth it when my co-workers are slumped over their desks at 3pm and I’ve still got energy to burn.


  24. As much as I love bright and shiny things, such as that planter basket, I am currently obsessed with anything YELLOW! Yellow shoes, yellow t-shirts, yellow iphone cases, yellow fruit and am currently hunting down a yellow doona cover. Seeing the colour instantly brightens up my face and lightens my mood, perfect for the intense few months left of the year xx

  25. Socks with ballet flats! Oh my goodness it feels like I am in primary school again (only my dresses are cuter and my hair is styled rather than pulled into a tight as tight ponytail) hehe! Cute socks definitely put me in a good mood, love them :)

  26. Hi Rachel, what a lovely giveaway! Looking at this planter makes me happy. I am currently obsessed with stationary! I blew $50 at Kikki-K on two occasions this week. I just love what new stationary can precipitate- list writing and feelings of organisation. Secretly, I need a twelve step program!

  27. What an amazing giveaway! Love Love Love the colours! As of now (I’m in Denmark vor a little vacation) I’m obsessed with Danish Design! This planter reminds me of one of the shops here. All white and wood with neon! Thanks for spreading the love. xx

  28. Weeeellllllll…… I’m totally obsessed with Naked Ginger – Oh man is that stuff not only good for the good ol taste buds but its fantastic for the good ol health (justification of polishing off a packet – TICK!). If you have tried it – give it a go it’s SOOOOOO GOOD!xx.

  29. Good evening! My current obsession is fitting with this time of the year. FLOWERS! :) No matter what has happen they can bring a smile to my face, they brighten up my bedroom or can make the perfect present to give to my friends.

  30. Fun question! I am currently obsessed with simplifying my life in all ways. I am trying to keep processed foods out of my diet so I can feel energized and fresh. I am drinking more water, as that is what my body wants, plain and simple. I am also obsessed with simplifying my living space. I adore simple and modern decor that emphasizes geometric patterns and fun pops of color. Pairing that with my minimalistic decor style and madness for eliminating clutter, I am on the path to creating a really beautiful and simplistic space that allows me to relax and enjoy the things I have. Obsessed!

  31. My current obsessions are the spring time blossoms + my beautiful puppy Ayers + planning and stating my own business + getting life sorted + getting fit for myself so I feel good when putting on clothes + the friends I am making since moving states and my wonderful and supportive boyfriend and friends back home.

    You know this is also a thank you with my obsessions. I haven’t really stopped since changing my life path so it’s the first time I’ve reflected + THANK YOU.

  32. Love this giveaway Rach! I am ahbb-sesssssed with neon and sucky’s too!

    I am also obsessed with sunshine at the moment! In Melb we have only had a couple of sunny, warmish days since the beginning of spring and I have ensured that i spent most of these days outdoors, relaxing, reading, window shopping and enjoying a couple of sneaky ciders.

    I cannot wait for Summer to hit, when the sun doesn’t set until 9pm of an evening so there is plenty of light to enjoy after getting home from the office during the week!! <3

  33. My obsession is EVERY dress or skirt I buy HAS to be ‘midi’ length. I have ‘knobbly’ knees haha and I search for hours and hours to find midi length things.. trust me.. it’s not easy when it’s all you look for!! :)

  34. What a gorgeous gift!
    I am currently obsessed with crazy eclectic design tights for yoga and dancing, including neon colours – so this neon plant hanger would go well with my neon tights hehe!
    love x

  35. Im a lover of my garden! Some may laugh- I ‘garden’ on my balcony, but I have filled it with gorgeous blooms, including two fruit trees :-) Would absolutely Love and be grateful for some gorgeous colour to add to my greenery! :-)

  36. Hi Rachael! I am completely obsessed with crafternoons. There is nothing better than taking something underappreciated (like crochet doilies) and turning it into something beautiful (top, rug ,table runner.. the world is your oyster!)

    Maybe if I don’t win this lovely planter, I can craft one for myself

  37. WOW thats one out-of-this-world succulent! What a beauty!! I’ve been obsessing about getting a sausage-dog pup as of late. Yes, very random but I’ve been seeing them everywhere around Miami/Burleigh and am in awe everytime I see one! Ahhh its the simple things in life!

  38. I am utterly obsessed with the ritual of scraping my tongue every morning with my stainless steel Ayurvedic tongue scraper… yes – so good for eliminating toxins that have built up over night. It may not look pretty but it feels so good afterwards!

  39. I am totally obsessed with random acts of kindness at the moment… I’m always on the hunt for opportunities to do something nice for someone else, I’ve become a bit obsession! I’m on a constant high from the great feeling!!

    Just wanted to share the love xxxx

  40. I love it! I also love that you confirmed that the succulent succulent will sadly not also be winging its way in the post! Currently obsessed with Australia, spring, sun, saltwater, skyping talks with my London lover, new australian music, Thursday dance night with my new flatmates (the lounge room and slipper dance), sushi, and smoothies. It sounds more like a ‘make me happy’ list, but it’s fair to say that the amount of time, energy and love I am giving to these things right now makes them an obsession!

  41. Hi Rach – Great giveaway! The planter is a stunner! I always have some weird craving going on, and right now it’s all about delicate gold stackable rings… and peanut butter ice cream/gelato. Gold and high calorie frozen dairy confectionary… rich tastes for a not-so-rich girl!

    Hope you’ve been having an incredible weekend. I was up at the Gold Coast for just a day last week at it was so beautiful. That place fills my soul and even though life in Sydney is fab, I can’t help getting back on the QLD bandwagon!

    x Catherine

  42. Right now I am obsessed with my Cuisinart ice cream maker. Having just made up a batch of Strawberry, Basil, and Marsala Frozen Yoghurt I am eagerly awaiting it to finish off churning my creation!! Please little ice cream machine, I do love you, but hurry up!! ;)

  43. This weekend weeding. We’re on 2.5 acres and over the past few months I’ve spent a fortune on a new garden which has already become over run with weeds. I spent hours and hours out there this weekend and most of the garden is done. Now I’m busting to get back out there are finish the job.

  44. Ohh I thought I had entered this already but I think I got distracted and forgot to finish! I’m completely obsessed with neon AND plants for my balcony at the moment. I was going to get stuck into a planter box of herbs but this would do just nicely ;) great giveaway xx

  45. Oh my Rach…what a great giveway – you are just too lovely :) What am I obsessed with – I am unashamedly obsessed with LOVE! Let me explain, taking photo’s of people in love every weekend in wedding season at the moment, just makes me realise how beautiful we are when we’re in love…and how powerful love actually is!! Fingers crossed I win this planter (I’ve killed nearly every plant i’ve tried to grow lately – which makes me a little sad – I have heard though that succulents are that little bit easier!!) Thanks and happy sunday! xx

  46. OOH my this is an amazing prize! i love it to bits! I’m obsessed with ModCloth. Plain and simple it’s the biggest clothing and accessories drool fest ever! I want to buy something from there, but I can’t decide as there are way too many gorgeous outfits to choose from! ah! I will look for hours on there – way too addictive! x

  47. Hello hello, I’m obsessed with going to bed early, having a massive sleep and getting up early… Loving my new routine going for walks in the morning and getting stuff done so that I can chill after work… I’m also loving the spring air and flowers!

  48. Love, love, love! Currently cannot get enough of my husbands home made nutella gelato and coding! (I’m a graphic designer breaking out into the world of web development!!!)

  49. I’m obsessed with a lot of things in all honesty. Currently Im obsessed with popcorn. Particularly the slightly sweet slightly salted flavour. I will be huge by Christmas. Perhaps this neon planter will distract me and be my popcorn decoy….

  50. Hi Rachel! Happy Monday!

    I’m obsessed with lists at the moment…

    – Lists of what I’m looking forward to
    – Lists of books to read
    – Shopping lists
    – To Do lists
    – Lists of songs to download
    – Lists of amazing, inspiring goals

    The only thing better than lists is crossing something off them!


  51. I absolutely love these planters. Saw them in a shop in Moss Vale a few weeks ago. Amaze!

    I am obsessed with my new juicer. Turning over a new leaf and getting healthy!

    Love your blog

  52. Hey rach, i’m obsessed with a few things at the moment. 1 – throw cushions, i dont know why but i’m obsessed with always wanthing more to the point where it is now ridic! 2 – stationary and desk decorations.. anything to brighten my working space and my day, Kikki-k and Typo have half my wage i’m sure of it! and lastly is BRIGHT CLOTHES and accessories the amazing colours out at the moment just make me so happy! LOVE this planter it would work well in my office and compliment my bright outfits!! xxx

  53. Hi Rachel, love your blog! I’m obsessed with being out and about in nature and enjoying this gorgeous spring weather! Looking forward to picnics, bbqs and beach time coming into summer!

    Lauren xx

  54. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was
    just curious if you get a lot of spam feedback? If so
    how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

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