Rand Papele Necklace Giveaway!

Remember last week I mentioned how obsessed I am with my new necklace from Rand Papele?  I’m still obsessed. I’ve never had more comments on an accessory in my life!

I’ve been chatting with the lovely Jude from Rand Papele and we decided that you guys also deserve the chance to add one of their covetable pieces to your own jewellery collection.

The item up for grabs is a souvenir for your soul’s journey (the wandering Sagittarius in me is clapping her hands in glee) – a hand fabricated, formed, folded and stamped necklace made from sterling silver, and then oxidized to bring out the textures, tool marks and character.

You can see how beautiful the pieces are above, and the best bit is you get to choose which town/ city/ province/ country or place name you would like marked on your custom piece. Cool, huh?

To Win



1. Leave a comment in the comment section to tell me your favourite place in the world and why you love it (in 50 words or less)

2. Log in to the widget in the post (using your email or connecting to Facebook) and click +1 DO IT! to add yourself into the draw


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Best of luck lovers, the winner will be notified on Thursday 5 July, 2012. In the meantime, be sure to go and check out the rest of the Rand Papele range – it’s tax return time, after all!

UPDATE: Congrats EMILY CORDES, you are the winner! x

59 Comments to “Rand Papele Necklace Giveaway!”

  1. Coles Bay, Tasmania, has been a special place in my heart since I was a little bub. Family holidays, special moments & memories were shared & will never be forgotten. It is the
    most spectacular location, beach, mountains & memorable sunsets & to top it off with the place where I recently got married. xx

  2. Portofino ~ Italy was one of my favourite places that I have visited as it is so picturesque with crystalline green waters. It is a half-moon shaped seaside village with pastel houses lining the shore of the harbour. It is quaint and relaxing <3

  3. Sydney. Since moving here at the start of the year, my life – and happiness – has done a 180. New job, healthier lifestyle, great friends and a genuinely happier me. Sydney and I click like no other city. I’m in love.



    We just bought our first one, together. . We’ve filled it with plants and paintings and we like to sit on our balcony and look out over beautiful Brisbane and feel so lucky to have our little corner of the world.


  5. india. through my eyes.endless inspiration… colour.light.prayer.horns.history.spices.gods.sitar.bells.whistles.cows.elephants.magic.poverty.diversity.smiles.tears.beauty.yoga.pujas.offerings.thankfulness.ganges.ghats.chai.temples.carved.loved.left.taj.barefeet.ganesh.marigolds.marble.meditation.tuttuts.bicycles.rikshaws.saris.life.death.lotus.dakshana.freedom…

  6. Benerembah, Griffith NSW. I grew up here as a little kiddie. Surrounded by dirt roads, tall trees and a loooong driveway. This is my happy place, best memories, dressing up as ‘princess’ and playing in our garden, picking fruit with my brother from the peach trees, and gardening with grandad..

  7. India – I feel as though I was born here in a past life. The colours, sounds, sights, smells, people, textiles, architecture, music, spices, yoga! I’ve never felt so in love & connected with a country. It offers so much diversity. You do not want to miss it!!!

  8. Taupo, New Zealand. Not only is it the most ethereal place, it is the heart chakra of the world!

    I meet the most beautiful people during my year abroad living there. The land, the food, the lifestyle is perfection. Waking up and looking out the window to a snow covered mountain towering behind a fresh water lake that is larger than Singapore…what more could you ask for :)

  9. Pria De Pipa, Brazil.

    A year and a half ago my partner and I spent Christmas in this beautiful little beach town in Brazil. We spend the day by watching the sun rise and talking about the year that had pasted, we went swimming with wild dolphins , cooked our own feast fit for a king and then went down to watch the sun set, where…… Brent proposed to me after 8 years. We are now coming up to our wedding and I have been searching for some thing to have with me on the day, that will represent that special day and the place that Brent, my best friend and partner in crime asked me to be his wife. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Rand Papele necklace and knew I had found it. xxxx.

    Ps 5th of July is my bday too so hopefully the stars are on my side…..

  10. Byron Bay, NSW is my favourite place in the world. I’ve travelled through Europe, the US, the South Pacific, New Zealand and it trumps all those places. Mainly because my fiance proposed at the lighthouse on New Years Eve and we will be getting married there in November.

  11. Kauai, Hawaii, the most beautiful place I have ever been! Lush, green, paradise – waterfalls, sun kissed hidden beaches & magnificent rock formations… Also married the love of my life barefoot on the beach as the sun went down a year ago, so Kauai will forever be in my heart.

  12. Spain! everytime I go to Europe I make a point to travel to Spain and always to somewhere new! Spain never dissapoints, amazing culture, food, fashion, beaches, sport! Love it <3

  13. My favourite place is Acacia Caravan Park, in Busselton WA. My family had a permanent van there and we spent our summer holidays there literally every summer of my life, since I was just two weeks old. Unfortunately recently the land was sold for residential development, I was crushed.

  14. My favourite place in the world would be Arcadia, California. My boyfriend of two years lives there, and I live here in Australia. The distance is incredibly tough, but I love the man to bits. While my body is here in Melbourne, my heart lies with him in Arcadia.

  15. The sea. Whenever I am near it, I am filled with that ineffable feeling of wonder and delight, hope and inspiration. For no entirely discernable reason other than its incredible, unfathomable form becomes a window into the formless. So many people feel that connection. We gravitate there. The ocean inspires.

  16. Zimbabwe, my favourite place, is also where I was born. I have a little green tattoo of Africa on my wrist to remind me of her; as if I could forget the dusty smell of a thunder storm or the pink-red-orange sunsets on Kariba or the humble smiling people.

  17. Hoi An in Vietnam is my favorite place that I have travelled to. It was the best holiday I have had with my family. The people were incredibly hospitable, food delicious and there was an abundance of tailor shops to have clothes custom made. It is such a beautiful place.

  18. Paddington, Sydney. I live in France in a quiet little town. So when I return home to my bustling birthplace with great food, blue skies and the harbour a stones throw away how can I not love the place? It re-sets my mind+body, I feel re-energised, invigorated and refreshed!

  19. Paris – just left there a few days ago (now I’m in Florence, Italy) and it brought me to tears. But this could change by tomorrow when I head to Rome! Paris took my breath away – the magic, the romance, the elegance – it was simply ‘genial’! (that’s French for ‘awesome’)

  20. Kathmandu. The hustle, the bustle, the smells, the colours, the mix of cultures, the temples and stupas and the Himalayas glistening on the horizon offering the promise of more adventure. The 1st place I travelled outside Europe. It grabbed me and is still my favourite place many visits later.

  21. Hiroshima, Japan – where my fiance and I first got together on the most amazing trip around Japan. Plus it is a super special and historical place that I have visited twice but need to go back again and experience more!

  22. My absolute favourite place in the world is Nerano bay, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy! It’s actually heaven. The water is crystal clear, the food is ridiculously fresh and the houses are so beautiful. We stayed in a 500 years old castle tower, the terrace over looked the whole bay. We ended up moving the bed outside on the terrace so we could stare at the amazing scenery every night.

  23. Ireland – it’s where I can feel my heart beating in tune with my soul. It is my homeland, and even though I’ve spent so many years away – it is such a huge part of who I am.

  24. Venice is my favourite place in the world. It is an open museum that captures history and beauty. When I am in Venice, I feel most inspired and am easily able to ‘let go’ and let myself meander and wander, both physically and metaphorically. I have my most audacious daydreams in Venice, including but not limited to one day living there for six months, writing a book and learning Italian. I may, or may not buy some beautiful Italian leather shoes. Yes, Venice, I love thee. You take my breath away even at the remembrance of you! Sigh!

  25. Home. That’s my favourite place. Whether its my own home that I share with my boyfriend, or my family home, it can’t be beaten. The feeling of warmth and personality, the memories, they just can’t be replicated.

  26. Milford, PA – No question.

    After finishing High School in 2000 I attended a job fair on a whim and was hired to work as a Summer Camp counsellor on the spot. Despite my university plans, my lack of discussion with family or friends, zero dollars in my account and limited thought at all I signed the contract!

    Needless to say… it didn’t go down to well when my 17 year old self toddled home to share the events of the day. In fact, I even started doubting myself – so much so that by the time I was sitting on the plane I was a bit of a mess and had decided that when I touched down in the land of the free, I’d simply turn around and come back.

    Long story short…. I didn’t. Fate stepped in for a second time and I arrived at a place that would change me forever. After not one but FIVE American summers my career path, my view of myself, my view of others, my confidence, and most importantly my HEART was forever altered.

    Milford, Pennsylvania set me back on the perfect path. I get all teary just reflecting on those summers!

  27. Rio de Janeiro! From the gorgeous green mountains to the white sandy beaches, it is by far the most exhilarating place I have been. The bustling city has it all.. amazing food, music, culture & the most beautiful women in the world!

  28. Sydney Australia.. It’s where all the
    Special people in my life live and it is such a stunning city.
    I’ve travelled overseas and there is nothing like flying over Sydney harbour on the way home.

  29. New York – the place where I learnt to love my life again. I received news that a childhood friend had passed away whilst I was exploring the US. After a hard couple of months I arrived in New York and to this day I feel blessed to have found such a magical city.

  30. Portofino. I have such fond memories of this place. I was there with my fiance and we have a picture of us sitting on a wall which was taken there. It still sits in our kitchen 9 years later.

    So beautiful, with lovely people. Would LOVE to go back again one day xxx

  31. Oooh so many fave places, starting with my beautiful home on the GC, but would have to say the Greek islands – cute little white washed houses all jumbled on top of each other, the bright blue of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous colourful pink and red bougainvillea, not to mention the sunsets and amazing fresh seafood. Magical!

  32. New York – Not overrated one tiny bit. Absorbed into the amazing-ness vibe of this city, I instantly felt like it is where I belong. Starting the frosty morning with a stroll in Central Park and warm coffee. A pretty darn special city in my eyes.

  33. The Sunshine Coast for sure!! It has the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, secluded coves, leafy streets, and the gorgeous hinterland. Plus, it’s easy to find organic food, which is a priority for me wherever I go. xx

  34. Byron Bay..its close enough for a day trip but feels far enough way to wind down and relax. I love day trips, cocktails and dinner at the Italian, lighthouse walks, beach swims, op shops and just winding down.. its my place to let my hair down and feel like i’m on holidays, when really im only 45mins away from where i live. can’t get much better than that :) x

  35. The breathtakingly beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico. My husband and I honeymooned there late last year and created the fondest of memories as man and wife. While kayaking in the ocean with not a another soul in sight, a humpback whale breached no more than 10 metres from us. It was as if that big guy was putting on our own special show. Ah-mazing!

  36. Tokyo

    They say to find yourself you must become lose yourself first. It’s the perfect combination of traditional vs modern, kooky vs serious. A place to become lost in what is a completely different world.

  37. Troon – a very small town in Ayrshire (Scotland) northwest of Glasgow, famous for Royal Troon Golf Club but also where I grew up. It is a place where life is simple and uncomplicated, the air is fresh and sweet and the people are kind and generous.

  38. Chichen Itza, the mystery behind one of the most famous Mayan sites, a people that were incredibly knowledgeable and knew the mysteries of the stars who seemed to just disappear , never to be heard from again. The only place i must visit before my time is up

  39. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida – the happiest place on earth! I haven’t actually been there yet myself. I am supposed to be leaving on a trip there on Saturday but somebody travelling with me is sick and it looks like the whole thing may be cancelled :( I am just gutted as it looks like the stuff of dreams and my heart has already settled there! I’ll just have to go back to dreaming of getting there someday…
    Thanks for the great giveaway, these necklaces are ADORABLE <3

  40. Tallebudgera – it’s the place where I’ve made my home, created a family, will raise my kids and feel blessed to live. It’s a place where the setting sunlight turns the trees in my garden golden in the afternoons and a special sort of peace settles over the valley and into my soul.

  41. MEXICO….I’m yet to arrived, but two tickets have been purchased…I know this place will make my heart skip a beat more than the twenty two other countries I have ventured, as this is where I will marry my soul mate. Just him and I standing alone sharing one moment.

  42. My garden as we’ve recently moved to 2.5 acres. Hubby has the 2 acres behind the house, I have the 3/4 acre in front and all my hours are spent in it, and all my pocket money is spent on plants.

  43. Paris! The sights, the language, the shops, the FOOD! Walking along the Seine in the misty rain, sipping a coffee on the Champs Elysees, just soaking up the ambiance of France. Love it!

  44. Paris..my partner and i had the most magical holiday exploring this city…a dream come true that i wished we never had to wake up from! Eating lemon sugar crepes in the Gardens, licking my sugary fingers and thinking how lucky i am..in love, life, this moment in time!

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