2014: Lessons, Loves + The Moments that Moved Me


This year felt like a series of divine assignments, stacked neatly upon each other.

It was a year of mind-boggling highs.

Where bold intentions were scrawled on Post It notes, shoved under crystals… and made manifest.

Where I softened, stretched, released, rejoiced.

It was one of guidance AND resistance.

2014 was the year I drilled right down into my ‘me-ness,’ with intention.

It was EPIC on all fronts.

My wise and luminous friend Ezzie, who I’ve had the pleasure of deepening a friendship with in the past twelve months, said to me in a reading before the last New Year dawned:


 ‘This is a coming of age year. Time to stand up as a leader, being prepared to shoulder responsibility as well as to enjoy the fruits of a long labour. Not a comfortable time, necessarily, but a time of coming into your power in a whole new way. It’s also a year of laying foundations for what’s to come in 2015.’ 


This post has grown into what is now a 15 page PDF, available for download right here :: 2014 in Review – Rachel MacDonald :: 

I hope you enjoy it, and, as always, I love hearing your comments below.

Have a beautiful, happy, abundant New Year!