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Here we are – another week, another round up of webby goodness to distract inspire you as you go about your biz.

Enjoy lovely!

1. Kyla Roma




2. An Honest Kitchen




3. Fruity Beauty (an old fave that’s back in full glory)




4. The Well Nest




5. Satya Colombo




6. Jessica Sepel




Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Lovely Marthe from The Freedom Experiment has pulled together a list of 36 spiritual songs for your yoga practice and life because, well, she’s wonderful and generous like that!

2.  Ahh Leonie. This piece on burnout is GOLD. A must read.

3. Got a lot out of this thought-provoking post from Jess from Makeunder Your Life on Power vs. Force.

4. This Sydney home found on The Design Files ticks all the boxes.

5. Monica Kade is a total babe and her piece on following the feeling resonated deeply.

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Happy Tuesday guys! I’ve been sitting at the beach all morning, journalling, meditating and watching THE most spectacular sunrise, and I know today is going to be a beautiful day!

Here’s some lovely links to inspire you as you go about your business…

1. True Shining Self




2. Pockets of Peace




3. Kacey Crawford




Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Brene Brown and Oprah. OMG. Lapped this up – Brene just nails it, every. single. time.

2. Gabby riffs on how to feel more supported. Green juice, baths, ‘no’ and being willing to ask – unapologetically – for what we need = hell yes!

3. 18 not so secret truths for highly creative living.

4. LOVED this from Molly at Stratejoy: We are never done. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

5. Another reason why Kris Carr rules.


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Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you enjoy this week’s round-up.

1. The Wellness Wonderland



2. Jac McNeil




3. Amber McLean 




4. S2 Groupe by Selena Soo




5. Suitcase Entrepreneur 




Links I’m Loving This Week


1. I love you Alex Franzen – for this, amongst many other pieces of writerly goodness. Get acquainted if you’re not already.

2. The Daily Whip dishes it up straight: How to Be Original.

3. Stillness. Not forcing, but allowing. The other half of creation and the power of turning in.

4. Badass grannies.

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Batten down the hatches! It’s rainy and cyclonic where I am and I know many of you are stuck indoors as well so I thought I’d post Blogs to Bookmark a day early to inject a bit of cheery inspiration into your day.

1. The Vedge




2. Julia & Libby




3. Amber McCue




4. Rise to the Top




5. Glowing Balance




6. Shawn Driscoll




Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Make your own healthy ice-pops. YUM.

2. Tara Sophia Mohr is one of my favourite online writers and her piece on understanding how to frame your creative expertise is full of valuable wisdom you’ll want to read twice.

3. Are you a servant to your best self or a slave to your worst? Elena Brower explores the topic beautifully in this Huffington Post piece.

4. Strategy and storytelling – Jonathan Fields dabbles in both with aplomb. I got goosebumps reading the part of this story about Martin Luther King, Jr. where Mahalia Jackson says “Tell them about the dream, Martin.” A history-making exchange.

5. Did you catch me over on the Lorna Jane blog? I divulge a few of my top tips for making 2013 one of your best!

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Hey hey, it’s another round up of beautiful blogs for your reading pleasure!

1. Tamarisk Saunders-Davies


2. Make Me Joyful


3. Kirri White



4. Ann-Marie Loves Paper


 Links I’m Loving


1. A gorgeous piece on healing yourself from disappointment.

2. Create your brand words. Go on.

3. Love these interview tips from the ever-eloquent (and super interview-savvy) Ms Danielle LaPorte.

PS: I normally try and post 5 new (to me) blogs a week in this column but since I’m spending hardly ANY time surfing the web these days – surfing that’s not work-related, anyway – and I’m big on only posting quality sites, some weeks there may be a few less.

However… if you’re looking for inspiration galore, there are tonnes (and I mean, tonnes!) of blogs you may not have seen yet in here

Blogs to Bookmark

1. The Wooden Spoon


2. Today, I’m Bobbi


3. Christine Hassler 


4. The Little Sage



5. Mystic Mamma


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. What happened to downtime? and Can’t start, won’t start – brilliance from 99u.

2. Sensational tips on upgrading your life from one of my gorgeous clients and bloggy babes Jia Ni.

3. The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace is a-comin’! All aboard!

4. I’m a bit of an organisation/ neat freak and I think one of the reasons I’m not feeling completely on top of Life Stuff Outside of My Business yet in 2013 is that I haven’t had the time to whip my files into shape, do my forward-planning, clean out my Google Reader (etc). Never fear, Shauna – or Nubby, as you may know her – has dished up some beautiful Virgo organisation porn for us all right here!

5. The Tale of 9 Startups. Fist-pumped when I read this because I have pretty much those exact questions (at the end) on a Post It stuck on my computer.

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A huge hello and welcome to the first Blogs to Bookmark for 2013!

Get your click on and check out the inspiring blogs I’ve stumbled across lately while traipsing around cyberspace.* Today’s list is a bit of a mish mash of photography, lifestyle, health, empowerment and style.

* I should note here that MB Captured is one I’ve been reading forever – written by my bloggy friend Mon – and I realised recently I hadn’t shared here yet.

1. MB Captured


2. Earth Sprout


3. Love Taza 


4. Your Zen Life 


5. Debbie Reber 


6. Kenzas 


7. Native Fox 


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. I can’t speak highly enough of my beautiful coach Julie Parker and this video – her Tedx talk about compassionately questioning the voice within – gives you a shining insight into why I feel so honoured to be working with her. Don’t you just feel like you’ve been hugged after listening to that?

2. My girl Christina from Hair Romance has two new blogs (because, y’ know, she’s not already killing it… OH WAIT, YES SHE IS). Nail Romance and Mr and Mrs Romance. Take a peek.

3. 50 things to stop doing forever.

4. The recipes on this site are oh-my-god-epic.

5. Bravo Justine Musk, this post on story-telling and resonance is so spot on (in fact, the fear of coming across too self-indulgent is something that comes up with my coaching clients and this article could not be more perfect in response).

6. And bonus link: I was featured as one of 15 ‘bloggers to watch in 2013’ over on Problogger. Mind. BLOWN. Yipppeee!