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how to build a successful blog


How to Create a Media Page for Your Site

how to create a media page

Since updating my site last year, I’ve received a load of beautiful comments on my Media page, so today I thought I’d share another sneak peek from my upcoming course and give you some useful tips on how to create a Media page of your own.

How to Write Your About Me Page

how to write an about me page

A reader has just landed on your blog, devoured your latest post and fallen in love with your content. Curiosity: piqued. They’re hungry for more. They want to dive deeper, to know more about you – the gorgeous creature behind the words. So, what’s the next thing they do?

A Handful of Thoughts On Writing


Life has themes and seasons and writing has shown up as one of mine at the moment. Everywhere I turn, I hear about the writing process of online women I adore. I checked the mail yesterday and discovered a beautiful deck of Spark cards, designed to inspire creative thought for writers. When I pull an oracle card from my Life Purpose deck I get either ‘Author’ or ‘Writing.’ Sometimes I select one and the other falls out, when the angels are being particularly hilarious.

Problogger Event 2012: The Full Wrap Up (Pt 2)

Welcome to the second and final installment of my Problogger Event Wrap Up. I sat in on other sessions but didn’t take notes for all of them – and a lot of what was discussed will be covered in my blog series over the coming month. Feel free to fire away with any questions in the comments.

Problogger Event 2012: The Full Wrap Up (Pt 1)

I’m back after two info-packed days at the Problogger Event in Melbourne!

Building a Blog You Love: Start With Heart

I’ve been blogging since June 2011 and along the way, and through my full-time job in PR/ digital communications, I’ve learnt plenty. This series is about sharing everything I know.