House Envy

It’s been a while between home + decorating posts, hasn’t it?

I must admit, with less time on my hands for Net trawling, I’ve been mostly hanging out in the personal development and self-actualisation corners of the web of late and have been seriously neglecting my big list of happy homeware-focused blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still been pinning a handful of images of inspiring rooms to my ‘home is where the heart is’ Pinterest board, but my attention and interests have definitely been elsewhere. I have this theory that, for sanity reasons, my brain won’t allow me to be “totally into” too many things at once, and at the moment, it’s blatantly obvious weddings, wellness and words are winning out!

Jamie Blakey One Teaspoon


White + Wood


Indie Interiors

Just Add Colour

Amazing Architecture: 6 Spectacular Homes from Around the Globe

I love a cosy, lived-in home as much as the next person… but I must admit, the super organised, appreciator-of-all-things-sleek-and-modern-and-gadgety in me also finds herself picking her jaw up off the floor when confronted with shots like the below.

I think the technical term is gobsmacked.

Delightful Decor

I feverishly trawl interior decorating blogs on a regular basis which means my taste is subject to change on a whim, but I wanted to share a few things that I’m LOVING at the moment.


It all started when I saw the Style Swoon makeover of Judy Aldridge’s home. And then one of my favourite bloggers, Louise from Table Tonic (you need to check her site out) posted about her small obsession with crystal clusters too… and, well. I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since. I love the amethyst below but after seeing Erin Fetherston’s spectacular New York apartment, I’m all about the clear quartz cluster. Let the eBay hunt begin!