Wedding Inspiration: Cakes

I’ve never been too fussed with having a perfectly coifed wedding cake, so for our wedding we’ve chosen to go with something really simple and rustic-y, which a dear friend is kindly whipping up for us.

We (and when I say “we” I mean “I” – my fiance couldn’t care less for cake) were inspired by the simple but pretty looking cakes above. I love the look of icing that’s been roughly applied with the back of a knife and the addition of only a few decorations, like some wildflowers or fruit.

I’d love to know: what’s your favourite cake flavour? Thinking we might go for red velvet cake with vanilla icing (yum!) but I’m also a big fan of a good ol’ moist (ekk) chocolate mudcake.

What do you think?

Images: 1. Ruffled 2. Once Wed 3. Landlocked Bride 4. Elizabeth Anne Designs 5. Oh One Fine Day  6. I love SW Mag 7. Rustic Wedding Chic 8. Martha Stewart Weddings and 100 Layer Cake

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Invitations

You might remember me featuring Peace, Love & Letterpress previously on In Spaces Between, but if not, let me introduce you to the woman behind this gorgeous Australian company, Bec Connell.

Based in Victoria, Bec’s career trajectory has seen her dabble in graphic design, fashion and hospitality over the years, but it was in discovering (or more appropriately, falling head over heels in love with) letterpress printing that she knew she had truly found her passion. After convincing her husband Jase, who does the behind-the-scenes stuff for the business, that letterpress was the way to go, Bec purchased her first ‘Heidelberg’ Letterpress (affectionately referred to as “Mike”) in 2008 and the rest, as they say, is history.

I asked Bec if I could pick her brain about wedding invitations as firstly, I adore letterpress, and secondly, I know – only too well! – that finding the perfect stationery for your wedding can lead to a whole lot of head scratching and deliberation over fonts, wording and all the rest.

I have no doubt you’ll find her responses as useful as I did. Make sure you head over to Peace, Love & Letterpress when you’re finished to say hi and check out Bec’s beautiful designs!

Bec, I’d love to hear a bit about the Peace, Love and Letterpress story. How did you get lured into the wonderful world of wedding invitations/ stationery?

I am a romantic, I LOVE love! I adore weddings… but I have to say that it wasn’t really my intention to get into weddings. It all started with the love of letterpress printing. With a background in graphic design, I’d always loved using different print techniques and the first time I ran my fingers over a letterpress printed card I was hooked! I bought my first press shortly after and learned the ropes from retired printers. The business started with greeting cards and personal stationery, but quickly grew to include custom designs and invitations.  Now weddings are most of our business.

Where do you find your inspiration? Any favourite blogs or sites you frequent on a regular basis?

I find inspiration from all over – fashion, wallpaper, all things vintage, photos from our travels, food. Cookbooks always inspire me as well, even though I don’t like to cook! I love fabrics, I’m big on mags and am a blogoholic. Favourites of the moment are Oh So Beautiful Paper, Design* Sponge, Grey Likes Weddings, Lotti Loves and I adore all interior blogs (especially Scandinavian ones).

Wedding invitations really set the tone and feel for a wedding. What are some of the big trends you’re currently seeing? What themes or ideas are you personally loving?

Whimsical wording and handwriting/calligraphy are very popular at the moment. I’m loving couples veering away from the very traditional wording and adding a touch of their story and personalities to it.

When it comes to the wording for wedding invitations, what information needs to be included?

Wedding Style Guide have an eBook available called Very Inviting – it is a gem if you need some help with wording. You may also like to include an additional information card with the invitation which could include things like suggestions on accommodation, a map of locations, gift registry information, dress code etc.

How far out from The Big Day should brides be looking to order their invites?

This varies depending on the printing methods and design you are after. For a custom letterpress suite, I like to begin the design process anywhere between three to six months before you would like to send them out.

And when should the invitations be mailed?

Traditionally six to eight weeks before the big day – but because people are so busy these days it’s starting to extend out from anywhere between eight to 12 weeks.

Do you think ‘Save the Dates’ are a necessity, or are brides embracing alternative ways of notifying their guests of their nuptials? I’ve seen ‘Save the Date’ videos and email/ online invitations – are these becoming more popular as a cost-saving measure?

‘Save the Dates’ of any kind are a great idea, especially if you are inviting a lot of guests that will have to travel. I think the format depends on how much detail you want to provide to your guests.  As a paper person I’m always for sending (and receiving) things by good old snail mail, and I think this is the best option if you are suppling guests with details like accommodation suggestions. In saying that there has been some very cool save the date videos floating around the web lately and I’ve LOVED them!

While we’re on the topic of budgeting, what are some costly mistakes to avoid when ordering wedding invitations?

Remember the number of guests you are inviting is not the quantity of invitations you need. Some will go out to families and a lot will go out to couples, so do your guest list and work out who you’ll group together on an invitation before you finalise your numbers. Ordering double what you need is obviously costly, but finding out you are short and needing extras printed can also be an expensive mistake. Make sure you check and double-check your proofs. It’s always handy to have a fresh set of eyes look over it as well.

And finally, as a “happily married” who has been through the wedding planning process (and come out the other side smiling!), do you have any advice or words of wisdom to impart to brides-to-be?

On the styling side of things, gather together images you like and create a mood board or folder (I loved the Kikki K wedding planning folder) of the look you’re after. When making decisions look at these images and work out what fits in with the overall look and what feels best. This process will also help you explain to florists, stationers and photographers what look/feel you are hoping to achieve. Most of all have fun with it. The lead up and planning is so exciting and is such a lovely part of it all. Make sure you enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Big thanks Bec for all your wonderful, practical tips! And lovely brides-to-be, the inspiration doesn’t end there…

Beautiful wedding stationery resources:

Rifle Paper Co.}

Rifle Paper Co.’s products feature the whimsical designs of Florida-based Anna Bond, often including hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless. Most of Rifle Paper Co.’s goods are printed on soft, heavyweight paper stock and all stationery products are coupled with classic pointed shaped envelopes.

{Inspired Goodness}

Graphic designer Kimberley Canale infuses vintage elements and found objects in her work, preferring to work with time-honored techniques. She favours engraved invitations and calligraphic envelopes, while finding creative ways to make mass-produced products feel chic and timeless.

Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Oh So Beau­ti­ful Paper show­cases fab­u­lous sta­tionery design and is ded­i­cated to pro­vid­ing a resource for read­ers seek­ing inspi­ra­tion and design­ers for their per­sonal sta­tionery projects, from wed­ding invi­ta­tions to busi­ness cards to cal­en­dars and sea­sonal hol­i­day cards.

Love vs. Design}

Love vs. Design offers modern vintage wedding stationery and cards, available in three different printing options to fit everyone’s budget: DIY Ready-to-print PDF, Digital Printing and Letterpress. Love vs. Design also offer printable templates that can be downloaded instantly for free or for a small fee.

{Hello! Lucky}

Hello! Lucky are a specialty letterpress printer and design studio and have been creating wedding invitations, greeting cards and personalised stationery since 2003.

{Ruby & Willow}

Established by Kate Holland in 2005, the Ruby & Willow philosophy is simple; to create a beautiful product that reflects not only the tone of the event, but your personalities as well, all whilst providing an  enjoyable and seamless experience.


Minted is a global community of independent graphic designers and an online store that prints and sells the best of their designs in the form of paper goods.

A few more fabulous vendors + a helpful guide:

+ Bespoke Letterpress Boutique 

Oscar + Emma

Betsy White (be sure to check out their gorgeous blog too)

+ U + U

+ Alee and Press

With Love Fine Wedding Stationary 

+ Wedding Paper Divas

Benign Objects: Vintage style printed hankies

+ Wedding Invitation Ideas Lookbook via Invitation Crush

Well, didn’t that turn into a gigantic post! Hope you enjoyed it!

There are also a plethora of fantastic Etsy stores out there that sell creative invitations, so have a dig around and see what takes your fancy. Finally, if you have any suggestions or think I’ve missed some of the big ones, please feel free to add a link in the comments. I want this to be a growing list that continues to be added to over time, so please feel free to share away or pimp out your business if you work in the wonderful world of wedding stationery. x

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Wedding Blogs

Top Images: 1. Jason Permenter 2. 100 Layer Cake 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Alee and Press 5. Style Me Pretty 6. 100 Layer Cake



There’s something about backless dresses that gets me every time. Maybe it’s that they are at once sexy and understated – the antithesis of in-your-face cleavage and overt look-at-me sexuality. Maybe it’s the element of surprise and the fact that from the front, a dress can look totally demure, yet a glimpse of the back reveals exposed skin and a nod to all that makes women alluring.

Or maybe it’s all that and more.

I especially love backless wedding dresses and have included some of my favourite inspiration below.

Let the swoon-a-thon begin.

5 tips for ensuring you look smokin’ hot with your back on show:

1. Exfoliate like a madwoman. Regularly. Get that skin glowing. And moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

2. Tan. Of the fake variety. A bit of colour will work wonders for definition.

3. Shimmer and sparkle. Ask your favourite helper to slather a thick body lotion with a hint of shimmer down your back (Palmers do an amazing Leg Gloss illuminator that has a bronze tint and smooths any imperfections beautifully). Subtley is the key, you don’t want to look like you tripped over in Cher’s dressing room, after all.

4. Exercise. Tone your back with pilates or yoga, boxing or back-specific exercises at the gym (the majority of machines targetted at your shoulders will do the trick – think lat pull-downs, chest presses and of course, the good old push up).

5. Confidence. Rock that smouldering backless number like only you can, baby. You. Will. Kill. It.


Images: 1. Bridal Blog  2. via The Lane 3. The Stone Cold Fox 4. From Me to You 5. Pretty Girll 6. Lace & Tea 7. Sacramento Street 8. Matthew Christopher 9, 10. The Green Dandelion 11. This is Glamorous 12. Knight Cat  13. Dust Jacket Attic 14. unknown 15. Brown Dress With White Dots 16. Style Me Pretty 17. Paul Johnson 18. Pinterest 19. Write My Fairytale 20. Reasons to Breathe 21. Fashion Toast

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Photography

To us, finding the perfect photographer for our big day has always topped our Most Important Things for Our Wedding list.

The search for “The One After You’ve Found The One” (The Two?) is one of those things that you’ll no doubt deliberate over for a while (and yes, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that it’s a little more difficult than you first anticipated, just like we did). Most brides will tell you that their wedding day passed by in a blur of big smiles, thank you’s, cheek-kissing and champagne, and I think it’s fair to assume that we all want to be left with breathtaking photos that capture the moments, the characters and details to pore over for eternity.

With that in mind, I thought I’d kick things off in the right direction by presenting a list of my favourite wedding photographers and a few handy hints that will ensure you’ll look back with pride at your wedding photos.


Good thoughts to have when looking at your wedding photos: “Holy eff, these are freakin’ amazing, artistic, brilliant, beautiful – they totally capture our personalities and the energy of the day, I LOVE THEM ALL!” etc etc.

Bad thoughts to have when looking at your wedding photos: “Eek, who is that girl, WHY are we posing like that, OMG-where-is-the-photo-of-our-kiss?, I don’t remember the sky looking like that and the grass being fluro green… nooooooo! ” Basically, if your photos look like these, burn them. Immediately.

So without any further ado, here are the photographers that blow me away with their ridiculous talent. These guys are beyond awesome and totally ahead of their game. Take a peek below and head over to their respective sites to say hello. Awe-inspiring stuff.

The Magic Makers


Jonas Peterson – Brisbane 

Why I think he’s rad: Jonas is a story-teller. His story, his exceptional talent, rouses something deep in the heart. He has an authenticity and commitment to capturing those precious ‘moments between’ – a stolen kiss, a secret smile shared between lovers, a tear in the eye or a squeeze of the hand – that has earned him a reputation (and official recognition) as one of the top photographers in the world. And rightly so.

What I really love about Jonas is his images are raw and completely void of the Barbie-face post-production favoured by many a wedding photog. And as if his talent behind the lens isn’t enough, he’s damn good writer too and gives us an insight into his life on the road on his site. Read this and this and you’ll get what I mean.

Sarah Yates – Los Angeles  

Why I love her: Sarah is not only a supremely talented photographer, she’s a lovely person to boot. I got in touch with Sarah (that’s her in the image up top) to enquire about her international rates for shooting weddings (seems I like to tease myself!) and her email response was so full of energy, enthusiasm and bubbly goodness I wanted to jump on a plane immediately and become BFF’s with this girl.

Sarah’s style encapsulates that quintessential sunny-California-summer feel with ethereal, romantic effects and a focus on the intricate details.

Simply stunning.

Sarah, move to Australia, please?!

Max Wanger – Los Angeles

Why he rocks my socks off: I discovered the breathtaking work of Max Wanger on The Lane and one of my favourite shoots ever is this AHH-mazing bridal shoot he did for the site. I also talked about him here.

Like Sarah (one of his friends), Max has the innate ability to conjure a range of emotions through his absurdly cool images. They have an almost expansive feel, like it’s up to the viewer to fill in the gaps and interpret the story their way.

I love that.

There’s certainly no one-dimensional, cardboard-posing, fake-smiling about it… Max’s shots are all about soft light, gorgeous colours, simplicity and an offbeat style that is totally endearing.

Jose Villa – California

Why he’s amazing: Jose Villa shoots images that people tend to go a little gaga over. OK, a lot gaga.

Soft, organic and spectacularly stunning, he manages to completely distill the essence of the magical weddings he shoots into each and every photo – which I’m certain is no mean feat. Lauded as a visionary of the wedding photography industry, Jose’s fine art photography is omnipresent and you can see that his almost poetic style is an inspiration for many.

Flawless, captivating, epic. I could go on, but I’ll let you take a look for yourself.

Homegrown Heroes


The wonderful photographers below are just a small sampling of Australian talent that I’ve stumbled across in my travels. Click through to their respective sites, dig around, fall in love, book them to shoot your special day! I’m sure you’ll adore them as much as I do.

Marissa Fleming, The Simple Things Studio – Sydney


Justin Ealand, Bushturkey Studio – Byron Bay


Christine Pobke, Pobke Photography – Canberra


Hailey & Andrew, You Can’t Be Serious – Brisbane


Dan O’Day – Sydney


So, there’s the inspiration and now for the nitty-gritty – how do you actually go about choosing a wedding photographer who will perfectly capture your day? Below are some of my tips and I’d like to open this up for discussion in the comments. If you’re a photographer, a bride-to-be or a happily married, I’d love to hear your advice!

1. It’s about personal preference


Any photographer worth considering for your wedding will have a website or online presence, so start your research by trawling around the web to see what style of photos you like. Check out the directory sections of wedding websites, get a feel for the “look” that will effortlessly reflect the vibe of your wedding. Are you into dreamy, washed out effects, sharp and crisp photos or something a little moodier and a bit more raw? Fashion-y shots or natural shots? The great thing is, it’s totally up to you! Define the parameters of what you’re willing to spend on the right photographer and start making a list of options, locally – and if no-one tickles your fancy – from interstate or overseas. Most photographers are willing to travel, so get emailing and ask the question.

Then, once you’ve had a bit of back and forth communication and you think you’ve found The One Two…

2. It’s about connection


The relationship between a photographer and the bride and groom (and wedding party as a whole) is an intimate one. As a couple, you’ve entrusted this person to capture all the moments that make up your wedding and it’s important that you connect prior to the big day. That human connection will undoubtedly affect the final photographic outcome of your photos and I really believe getting to know each other face-to-face is invaluable. Set up a coffee date, pop into their studio for a chat, Skype if you’re in different states/ countries. Like any good relationship, the getting to know each other part is essential.

3. It’s about style


When you’re meeting with your photographer, bring with you a range of ideas of the style you’re after (photography-wise) and the theme or feel for your wedding. Create a moodboard, be descriptive when you’re talking about how your perfect day looks in your head. Talk about colours, details, your venue, whether you’re thinking of doing a “first look” (where the bride and groom share a special moment and see each other before walking down the aisle) or whether you’re planning on doing the cutting of the cake or not.

Share your plans and if anything dramatically changes, be sure to update your photographer so that they can plan accordingly. The most important thing is that you work as a team – there needs to be a level of trust there so that you’re willing to take their advice on what will look good and what probably won’t work. If the love isn’t there, or you’re feeling like things aren’t quite right, make a decision to move on and choose a new photographer. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and you want it to be picture-perfect.

4. It’s about other little things


Will there be a second shooter?* What are the options regarding packages? What are your travel fees? Will you provide digital files and how much do albums cost? These are all questions you need to speak to your photographer about. Find out if he or she has a cancellation policy and what the process is after the wedding, as you can bet once those grainy shots of you at the end of the night start with bloodshot eyes (haha!) start popping up on Facebook, you’ll be desperately wanting your professional photos back to remind you that you did look pretty damn incredible on the day!

* Just a note on having two photographers on the day – when there is more than one photographer, generally one will be taking the “set up” shots of the people, while the other will be taking the more spontaneous, party shots and little details. There’s definitely considerable benefits in having a team there on the day, but in saying that, a professional photographer will be more than capable of managing it alone if that’s the way you want to go.

Final Thoughts


These are the things I’ve taken into consideration while searching for a wedding photographer:

1. Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day and I can assure you I’m no different. I want that to be important to my photographer too and I want them to work with my fiance and I on finding the most flattering angles for our shots. I also want their retouching skills to be top-notch but not overdone (never overdone). I want to look like me, just… better.

2. I want someone who I’ve connected with (as mentioned above) and that we feel 100% comfortable with on the day.

3. Creative skill is important, and in this case, I’m after quality AND quantity. I want shots of the details and the decor as well as the spontaneous moments where we’re laughing and having fun. Call me greedy, but I want to remember it all.

+ So, over to you guys now – do you have any tips to share on choosing a wedding photographer? If you’re already married, were you happy with how your photos turned out?


The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Budget and Venue

Timeline: 12+ months out



I had grand plans to coerce my Excel Spreadsheet Extraordinaire fiance (who works in finance) to whip up a killer wedding budget document, but then we found that Style Me Pretty had created a super comprehensive budget available via Google Docs, so here you go. Get that budget happening from the outset beautiful brides and generous grooms (haha)!



One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is where your ceremony and reception celebrations will take place.

From personal experience, I recommend making the search for your perfect venue one of the first things you do when you start planning your big day. Everything will become clearer after you have an idea of the type of space you’re working with. As a general rule, booking the venue should done “as soon as possible” after the planning process begins, but it really depends on the availabilities of  venue and I would say if you work to a 12 month time frame you should be fine.

All up, it will be 21 months for us from the time we got engaged to when we get hitched (seems like so long, but really, it’s flown!) and we booked our venue in February this year, 15 months out from our big day. Granted, we did book quite early but the property we’re holding our wedding at only hosts one wedding per month so we had to get in quick! (I’ll keep you in suspense on where we’re having our wedding… but let me tell you, the location is stunning!) We’re holding our ceremony and reception in the same location, but remember that if you’re scouting two locations, you may need a little extra time.

I should also mention here that the venue we have selected “comes with” (for want of a better term) a wedding planner – who we’ve totally fallen in love with – and who we have looking after some of the logistics like the marquee and furniture hire and transportation. If the thought of organising a wedding from start to finish makes you want to stab yourself in the iris with a pen (!!), I’d definitely recommend seeking out the services of a great planner who can put you in touch, or assist with sourcing, suppliers that will work within your budget.

A few venue-related tips I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Before you start hunting for your perfect venue, pull together a rough guest list so you know what you’re looking for space-wise.
2. Have a loose idea of the overall theme or style you’re going for while you’re researching venues. If your dream is to have a chic, high fashion-inspired wedding with a glamourous dress, then a beach setting probably won’t work with your vision. And so on.
3. In your initial consultations with the wedding planner/ person who will be looking after the booking and wedding from the venue, ask things like:

+ What is the total cost for the hire of the venue, including on-site accommodation if applicable?
+ What are we able to bring in from external suppliers ie: catering, decor, drinks, AV equipment?
+ How many weddings are hosted at the venue a year?
+ What is the contingency plan if it rains (for outdoor ceremonies/ receptions)?
+ Is there electricity in the area? (for music and microphones if needed)
+ Is the area accessible for elderly or disabled guests?
+ Can guests park their cars at the venue or will transportation (ie: coaches/ cars) need to be arranged?
+ How long can we have the venue for – are there restrictions around noise/ finishing times?

Ultimately, your wedding celebration is a reflection of your personal style and there really are “no rules” when it comes to choosing a venue that feels right for your nuptials. From a superbly decorated garden marquee, to a relaxed, natural location, an ultra-glam extravaganza or a family BBQ in the backyard, the options really are only limited by your imagination. To get the cogs turning, I’ve detailed a few of the more popular options for wedding festivities below.


In closing, think outside the square when it comes to your venue styling and the theme or “mood” for your day. Google, Google, Google. Trawl Pinterest. Make moodboards on The Lane. Weigh up the pro’s and cons, make a weekend out of driving around with your lover looking at prospective spaces.

After walking down the aisle and exchanging loving vows, the wedding reception is where you get to let your hair down and have fun so seek out a venue that is totally “you.” Your day, your way, after all!


Top images: 1. Pinterest 2. Sarah Yates
1. Jonathan Ong via Eat Drink Chic 2. Jose Villa 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Jonas Peterson 5. Jonas Peterson  6. Pinterest 7. Kiss the Groom  8. Michelle Arlotta 9. Gruber Photographers 10. Max Wanger 11. Project Wedding 12. Once Wed

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Table Setting Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about the look I want for the table settings at our wedding and wanted to share with you some of the (diverse) inspiration I’ve found on my travels, broken up by theme. Seriously, there is inspiration at every corner when it comes to weddings… we’re definitely spoilt for choice these days!

Also, stay tuned for more Dream Wedding goodness over the coming week or so – you’ll hear all about where we’re at with our wedding planning, as well as tips on budgeting and finding your perfect venue.

Rustic & Vintagey


Chic & Glamourous


Infused with Colour


Images: 1. 100 Layer Cake 2. unknown 3 & 4. 100 Layer Cake 5. Jose Villa 6. unknown 7. Jose Villa 8 & 9. Funky Bear Decor 10 & 11. unknown 12 & 13. Style Me Pretty 14. Style Me Pretty 15. The Knot 16. Style Me Pretty 17. Style Me Pretty 18. Style Me Pretty 19. unknown 20. Vintage Rose Garden 21. Style Me Pretty 22. Quadrille Fabrics 23 & 24. The Pretty Blog 25. Style Me Pretty

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Wedding Blogs


On 12.05.12, I’m marrying the man of my dreams… and I couldn’t be more deleriously happy if I tried!

To me, the idea of planning our wedding holds a magical and alluring appeal. The anticipation, the love story, the beauty and the characters all lending themselves to this joyous celebration that truly can be whatever you imagine it to be. To say I’m excited would would be a major understatement.

My initial plan was to provide some insights into my wedding planning adventure over the next 11 months as we lead up to our big day, but I’ve decided I want to make it bigger! Better! Sparklier! Which is why I’m excited to announce that I’ll be creating The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding series and posting it right here on In Spaces Between for your viewing pleasure. Hooray!

This definitive guide will detail all the tips, tricks and delicious secrets I uncover on my journey as an excited bride-to-be. I’ll share the inspirations I’m swooning over and document as much as I can here without giving all the surprises away for our guests (hello, I know you’re reading this!)

What exactly will I be talking about?


Well, everything from mapping out your budget, gathering inspiration, selecting a venue, finding your dream dress, choosing a photographer and videographer that will document the tribute to your love perfectly, floral and styling inspiration, catering, DIY’s and how-to’s, organising the hen’s and buck’s parties, deciding on your honeymoon destination and beauty tips to help you radiate on your big day. Wowsers! How does all that sound to you? I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but let’s just say it’s going to be epic.

Anything I learn along the way (and I’m sure there will be more than a few things), I’ll be sharing with you. I want this to be a place that you can turn to for ideas, where we can impart words of wisdom and chat away in the comments about seamlessly planning an authentic wedding. When I say authentic, I mean a wedding that truly reflects the style, vision and imaginations of the bride and groom. I don’t know about you, but the wedding of my dreams is a beautifully curated celebration of love, wrapped up with sweet details and unforgettable moments shared between friends and lovers. Pure magic.

I’ll be categorising everything related to this series under Dream Wedding Guide in the right sidebar to make it easy for you to refer back to whenever you like. My hope is that this guide conveys the message that the planning part really can be a lot of fun. It’s the lead up to one of the most memorable days of our lives and armed with the right resources, a great (manageable) plan of attack and a few unique ideas, I guarantee there’ll be no reason for the much-maligned Bridezilla to come out of her box!

So, first things first: before I even had a ring on my finger (well, I did know it was coming!) I started hunting out the best of the best in terms of wedding blogs and websites. To save you the hassle of doing your own web trawling, I’ve compiled my favourites below. I know you’ll adore them too. It’s never too early to start filing away inspiring images and remember you can always use Pinterest to organise your favourites onto moodboards.

To view the sites below, simply click the pink title and prepare to lose several (days) hours searching through their gobsmackingly pretty pages. If you’re new to this, a big, dazzling world filled with peonies and place settings is about to open up right before your eyes, so brace yourself…

1. The Lane


The Lowdown: “LANE is not your average wedding website. We won’t sell you cheesy done-to-death wedding themes, or scare you with pageant style gowns and kitten heels. More importantly, we won’t promote just any brand willing to throw a few dollars our way for advertising.

LANE is the wedding industry’s definitive online fashion directory. Inspired by my own experience as a bride and event stylist, LANE is the breath of fresh air I felt the wedding industry desperately needed. LANE is cutting edge bridal fashion. It’s raw, honest articles. It’s beautiful content that moves and inspires you. But most importantly it’s about real emotion, real passion, and real connections with our audience.

My goal is to bring a new perspective to wedding planning, to break away from typical bridal fashion, done-to-death styling and help brides dream up a wedding that is completely unique to them. Style is personal. It’s about embracing who you are as individuals and allowing this to be reflected in every element of your wedding, from fashion to décor, to photography. It’s the passion and imagination a wedding exudes that makes it truly unique- the kind of stuff that gives you goose bumps.  Style is the heart and soul behind the LANE brand.”

2. Style Me Pretty

The Lowdown: “Style Me Pretty is a style savvy wedding resource devoted to the modern bride. We cover everything from gorgeous real weddings to up and coming vendors and seasoned pros in the invitation, floral, fashion and photography industries. We feature only the most chic and style centric wedding related content, continually discovering new and brilliantly talented vendors, brides with an eye for all things gorgeous, and the personal loves of editor, Abby Larson.

Launched in February of 2007, Style Me Pretty has become a mainstay in the wedding industry. With nods in nearly every major bridal magazine, including Real Simple Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elegant Weddings and Modern Bride along with features in such publications as Blog Watch in the Wall Street Journal, SMP is quickly becoming one of the most read wedding resources on the web.”

3. 100 Layer Cake


The Lowdown: “We are 100 Layer Cake. A creative collaboration between friends and fellow designers Jillian, Kristina and Amanda. 3 women, 2 weddings, years working as designers (not to mention thousands of hours poring over wedding and wedding related blogs), and many extremely excited conversations later, 100 Layer Cake came to be.

We are a unique, comprehensive wedding planning resource for and by thoughtful, crafty modern women. Our vendors, projects, weddings, resources, and marketplace are hand-picked and thoroughly researched with the hope that every single one is a truly unique addition to both your wedding and your planning process.

4. Once Wed


The Lowdown: “ was launched in March 2008 by Emily Newman. After trying to sell her wedding dress online, she realized how few options there were out there for other brides looking to do the same thing and decided to launch the first and only free online listing service for wedding dresses. The success of the wedding blog she writes daily came as a bit of a surprise, and was the catalyst for the recent re-branding of Once Wed into the ultimate resource for brides who aren’t looking to plan the typical wedding.”

5. The Inspired Bride


The Lowdown: “The Inspired Bride™ was born on New Year’s Day in 2009 when I was in the middle of my own wedding planning. I’d found a lot of web sites and blogs that had a strong “Real Weddings” focus but they didn’t fit my way of thinking. Although they were beautiful to look at, I didn’t like having the finished product handed to me and felt like looking at what other people had done for too long would prevent me from injecting my own creativity and personality into my wedding. Call me picky, but I was also looking for something that fit my taste and was also thinking about the big picture. I wanted more of an emphasis on the “how to” – how to pull it together, how to make the favors, how to choose between this and that. I had always been into entertaining and party planning, and I was really enjoying how my own wedding was coming together, so I figured if it didn’t exist, I should just make it! Since its inception, I’ve been really influenced by my experience as an art director and by stylists I’ve worked with in the past (including some former Martha Stewart Weddings folks!) to find unique, stylish, and pretty details to work into any wedding.”

6. Polka Dot Bride


The Lowdown: “I’m all for doing things traditionally, but admit there’s a slight touch of anti-bride in my system. I believe that’s more to do with making your wedding unique to you and a heck of a lot of fun! I love a wedding where the couple shines. I hope to touch on anything wedding related that is useful to today’s bride – style, unique finds, fabulous suppliers all with a little bit of fun thrown in! I want to inspire you, to make you dream, to ease the wedding stress and to create an event that is beautiful, and is ‘you’.

Located in Australia, the options are somewhat harder to find, but when you find one it’s all the more fun! In this blog, I discover the unique, the stylish, the fresh and the quirky wedding ideas for Australian (and international!) weddings – most of all I hope to discover things that can make your wedding fun and about YOU!”

7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride


The Lowdown: “Rock n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness within a cookie cutter, pastel and puke-worthy wedding world. Don’t let the wedding industry define your day – let *you* define your day.

Rock n Roll Bride is a UK wedding blog which was launched in October 2007 as a simple wedding planning site but was rebranded and re-launched in January 2009 as a ‘Mecca for gorgeous photography and inspiring real weddings.’ Rock n Roll Bride was included in the prestigious industry awards – BrideTide’s Top 100 blogs to watch in both 2010 and 2011 and came first in the Best Style Blog category of the 2010 Bridal Blog Awards hosted by The Wedding Channel and The Knot.”

8. Ruffled


The Lowdown: “I started this blog in 2008 as a source of inspiration for vintage brides planning their weddings. When I was planning my own wedding in late 2007, vintage inspired weddings weren’t as “in” as they are today, which made it a challenge to inspiration and resources to plan my 1930s inspired wedding.

Ruffled inspires sophisticated creativity for your wedding without any sacrifice. Fashion conscious sensibility combined with trendy attitude and vintage inspired romance reflects the spirit of today’s stylish bride. We’re a reflection of our readers – smart sassy and hip to the latest trends with a hint of sophistication looking to stand out amongst the crowd. Ruffled celebrates the savvy indie chic bride with a collection of witty perspectives and clever ideas to inspire your unique style.”

9. Snippet & Ink


The Lowdown: “Snippet & Ink started in 2007 as a creative hobby, so it is truly a labor of love. From inspiration boards to real weddings, my aim is to showcase a variety of highly-curated features, and to create a place where brides and grooms will see that there’s no one right way to have a wedding, that simple can be beautiful, and that meaningful matters. And of course, as the tag line says, Snippet & Ink is all about daily wedding inspiration.”

10. Green Wedding Shoes


The Lowdown: “I launched Green Wedding Shoes in October of 2008 as a creative outlet for myself to share my love for gorgeous photography, pretty dresses, vintage details, graphic finds, and other ideas to inspire couples planning their weddings.

Green Wedding Shoes, which began as a hobby, has quickly become one of the most popular wedding blogs today. I’m grateful to be surrounded with a great group of wedding bloggers and love that the GWS community of readers is so invested in the site. Every wedding, vendor and project is carefully hand picked and only the most unique and creative are selected to be featured on GWS. It’s my hope that you’ll find inspiration and learn new and creative ways you can make your wedding day a true reflection of you as a couple. My site often focuses on weddings and vendors from Southern California, but I also love seeing weddings from all over the world. I am inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, fashion designers, stylists, musicians, and photography.”

11. Grey Likes Weddings


The Lowdown: “Under the guise of her nom de plume, GREY, stylist and curator, Summer Watkins compiles and blogs stylishly handsome finds for voracious lovers of the good and pretty. She’s an advocate for the proper treatment of details and is over the moon for fierce creativity, brave color palettes, and fashion inspired motifs. Most of all, Grey Likes LOVE. Well-Styled.”

12. Dandelion and Grey


The Lowdown: “Erin McDonald, the Owner & Creative Director of Dandelion & Grey, is an established prop stylist & event designer based in Los Angeles. She is inspired by glamorous antiques & overgrown country roads and has received praise in numerous media avenues for her keen eye for all that is romantic, rustic, effortless & beautiful. With a background in fashion & entertainment, she has developed a creativity that now lends itself to publishing a carefully curated selection of images, ideas, real weddings & inspiration for Dandelion & Grey and crafting one-of-a-kind events.”

13. The Knot


The Lowdown: “The Knot provides today’s to-be-weds with comprehensive wedding planning information, interactive tools, and resources. With a fresh voice and real-world sensibility, The Knot has extended its brand to every venue brides and grooms turn to plan their weddings.”

14. The Wedding Chicks


The Lowdown: “We are here to share everything new, classic, funky, hip and just plain fun for weddings. Of course, we want to make sure your days are filled with inspiration and beauty as well. Let us help you find that perfect vendor and of course share with you all of our pretty things over at our  wc shop.”

+ So, what do you think? Plenty of treasures to bookmark there, right?
+ If I’ve missed any, please share the links in the comments –  one can never be too inspired, after all!

Images: 1. Jose Villa via Once Wed 2. Megan Sorel Photography via Style Me Pretty