Wedding Inspiration: Cakes

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Invitations

You might remember me featuring Peace, Love & Letterpress previously on In Spaces Between, but if not, let me introduce you to the woman behind this gorgeous Australian company, Bec Connell.


There’s something about backless dresses that gets me every time. Maybe it’s that they are at once sexy and understated – the antithesis of in-your-face cleavage and overt look-at-me sexuality. Maybe it’s the element of surprise and the fact that from the front, a dress can look totally demure, yet a glimpse of the back reveals exposed skin and a nod to all that makes women alluring.

Or maybe it’s all that and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Photography

To us, finding the perfect photographer for our big day has always topped our Most Important Things for Our Wedding list.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Budget and Venue

Timeline: 12+ months out


The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Table Setting Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about the look I want for the table settings at our wedding and wanted to share with you some of the (diverse) inspiration I’ve found on my travels, broken up by theme. Seriously, there is inspiration at every corner when it comes to weddings… we’re definitely spoilt for choice these days!

Also, stay tuned for more Dream Wedding goodness over the coming week or so – you’ll hear all about where we’re at with our wedding planning, as well as tips on budgeting and finding your perfect venue.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding: Wedding Blogs


On 12.05.12, I’m marrying the man of my dreams… and I couldn’t be more deleriously happy if I tried!

To me, the idea of planning our wedding holds a magical and alluring appeal. The anticipation, the love story, the beauty and the characters all lending themselves to this joyous celebration that truly can be whatever you imagine it to be. To say I’m excited would would be a major understatement.