A Love-Soaked Letter of Encouragement

Print it out, pin it up, paste it in your diary and refer back to whenever you need a little reassurance.

I wrote the words below for myself originally (because man, did I need them this week) and I know from conversations and impassioned email trails a-plenty that sometimes, you need them too.

Here goes:

Dear {insert your name},

I want you to know that no matter how much or little you get done today, you are enough.

Whether you answer that email in 2 hours or 24, whether you skip out on a catch up with your girlfriends, whether you miss a post or five because you’re needed elsewhere, or you don’t feel like you can add value – it doesn’t matter. You are still enough.

In 6 month’s time, that email/ catch up/ blog post won’t matter, but what will matter is that you started sowing the seeds of self-respect today. That the conviction was felt deep down in your bones and you mustered up the confidence to sit quietly with the rabid unease and the murkiness and the uninspired-ness… and instead of trying to work it all out, to force and push things into tight corners, you just let them be.

Know that:

It’ll get done in good time.

If it doesn’t, it probably didn’t need to be done in the first place.

The malnourished, empty, uninspired parts of yourself will soon be nourished again.

Your muse will reappear.

The vexing, uncomfortable terrain before you will make way for greener soul-scapes.

Before long, you’ll be reminded of your perfect answer to the question “Why?”

You’ve been hitting it a little hard, sweet striving angel of doing-ness, and quite frankly, you need to reel things in a bit. We all do when we’ve been hitting it hard,… so go ahead and fill your empty cup. Lean back. Celebrate your accomplishments. Do something different. Be.

It’s okay to take pause. You’re not a machine, you’re a tender, thriving, vibrant, emotion-filled human being, and going out and living your life deserves your full attention too, y’know.


Your uncrushable, mega-loving Inner Whisper

* I always know when I’m taking IN too much or taking ON too much and I wrote this in my Moleskine after a conversation with a friend where I worked out I currently spend 12 – 13 hours a day “connected” (online), 8 hours sleeping, 1 hour exercising and 2 – 3 hours doing “other.” My friend looked at me like I was insane. “How can you even hear with all that noise in your life?” she asked.

Good question.

It’s an interesting situation to be in when you’re simultaneously as happy as you normally are, but also slightly “off” in a way. That’s how I’ve felt over the past week (I can feel those thoughts literally melting away as I write here now) and I felt compelled to share in case you were feeling the same.

Sometimes we just want someone else to tell us what we need to hear, so here it is. You have permission to drop outta sight for a bit. Hang a sign on your door – virtual, imaginary or otherwise – simply stating:

Operation Replenish Ma Spirit: in progress. 

Image: Miss Lipgloss