Divine Dinner Parties: Backyard BBQ

Welcome to the second installment of my ‘Divine Dinner Parties’ series – designed to take the panic out of your next dinner party or get-together by providing you with all inspiration you need in one place! I know when I entertain it’s normally a bit of a scramble as I rush home from work and tear through recipe books to try and find something that strikes the balance between “easy to prepare” and “delicious to devour” so I’m hoping these posts make it a bit easier.

The first installment, Bohemian Dreams, was all about easy-to-throw-together soul food and rustic decor elements, and this time, due to popular request, we’re celebrating everyone’s old favourite: the Backyard BBQ.

Foodie Favours

Edible wedding favours have come a long way since sugared almonds (thank goodness!)


I’m always on the lookout for great snack ideas, and usually, these snacks have to meet three very important criteria – they need to be healthy (or close enough), they need to taste delicious and they need to fill me up.

It’s so easy when we’re tired/ busy/ over it to raid the vending machine or charity box at work (WHY must charities prey on our weaknesses like that?) so I’ve pulled together some snacking inspiration to refer back to when the hunger monster strikes, as it inevitably will!

Divine Dinner Parties: Bohemian Dreams

I’m so excited to share with you the first post in a new ‘Food + Entertaining’ series I’m going to publish here on In Spaces Between.

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend (too much) time thinking about meals to cook for dinner – either for yourself, you and your partner, or when you have friends and family over to visit – so my hope is that these posts serve as inspiration for everything from the styling to the resources that will guide you as you whip up a feast fit for any occasion.

I’ve been adding to this one all week as I wanted to make it as useful as possible for you – and I hope, like me, you’ll refer back to it next time you’re entertaining your nearest and dearest!

Raw Brownies

I just had to post this today in case some of you want to whip these delicious treats up over the weekend! There’s a high to extreme chance you’ll want to. Believe me.

Mini-break in Melbourne

As I spoke about here, we went to Melbourne for four days last week for a mini-getaway. The aim was to catch up with our special friends that live in our second favourite city in the world (New York is our first… I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone!) and to eat, shop, relax (well, that one didn’t really happen) and just have a good time. And that we did. In fact, we had a bloody awesome time!

Despite our best intentions to get completely snap-crazy, we found that we were too busy enjoying the moments to pull the camera out, adjust the settings and document the whole trip in pictures. It’s also quite hard to wangle an SLR with arms full of shopping bags as we found… but anyway, we managed to get quite a few shots, as you’ll see below.

Nutty Chocolate Protein Balls

Like many of us, I’m definitely not immune to the 3pm munchies. When work is flat out, my stress levels have crept up and I’m strapped to my computer, it literally takes all the willpower I can muster to keep my prying hands from the charity chocolate box. Torturous… and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always successful in keeping myself away.