In Spaces Between ‘Make Magic’ Daily Planner

Hooray, I have a treat for you! Free stuff rocks!

To show my (deep) appreciation and to celebrate reaching 2000 fans on the In Spaces Between Facebook page (pop the champers), I’ve created – with the help of my lovely friend Sian – a downloadable daily planner that will help you rock your day like nobody’s business.

Like a lot of us, I’m a huge list maker and would be nothing without my to-do list, so I’ve combined all the things I love keeping tabs on, on one pretty, printable page, as detailed below:

1 // To Do – Most Important Tasks: Super important for ensuring you’re spending your energy on the right stuff.

2 // To Do – Can Probably Wait: The stuff you don’t want to forget about, but that isn’t as urgent.

3 // Making Me Happy: For counting your blessings – daily.

4 // Word for the Day: You know how we do One Word Wednesday over on Facebook? Same thing. A word that defines how you feel or how you want to feel (PS: this one can be mega powerful).

5 // Affirmations/ Random Thoughts: A space to freestyle!

Click the link to download your own copy of the In Spaces Between ‘Make Magic’ Daily Planner.

I hope you love it as much as I do. Print oodles of copies or if you want to take things one step further, you can use the image to create a custom notepad with tearable pages on Vistaprint or any other similar site.

Once again, a huge, big-heart thank you for being part of this bustling and vibrant community. I think we’ve got something pretty sweet going on here and it seriously means the world to me that you’re part of it. x

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