Freedom is a State of Mind


Ahh, FREEDOM. It drives us all.

Financial freedom. Freedom to do the work we love. Freedom from the demons of our past. Freedom from fear and self-sabotage. Freedom from the lashings of our inner critic.

We’re all seeking it, in some form or another, and to celebrate the second round of her ecourse The Freedom Project, my gorgeous friend Claire has asked me to dive deeper and share on what freedom looks like for me.

The Freedom in Devotion


When you look back at experiences from your childhood, you can glean a pretty clear understanding of what makes up who you are – the way you naturally lean, the undercurrent of desire that pulls you. And also: the opportunities to grow.

On a crusty old home video buried * somewhere * at one of my parent’s places, there’s footage of me as a 3 year old, standing in the loungeroom as my mother tries in vain to dress me in my pajamas. The only problem is I won’t have bar of it – I’m twirling around the loungeroom singing (whining) ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it!’ until finally mum swings the clothes my way with a sigh and I proceed to try and dress myself.