Reach for Freedom by Just BEing


* This guest post by life coach and all-round gorgeous woman, Kate Swoboda from Your Courageous Life is the perfect follow on from yesterday’s post on intention, embracing adventure and BEING in the moment. Enjoy!

Making Me Happy

Today’s Making Me Happy is delivered in the form of a “catch up” video where I fill you in on what’s been happening in my world (and head) of late, along with a little exercise for you to take part in (never fear, it’s super simple).

A couple of other little things rocking my world…

Making Me Happy: Kicking 2013 off With a Bang!

Super pumped to be bringing you the first Making Me Happy post for 2013!

I’m not quite sure I can sum up the past few weeks – some of the most thrilling of my life – in this post, but some of the highlights are here and you can bet you’ll hear more about my transition from a full-time employee to an entrepreneur (!!) in subsequent posts.

For a visual walk through the Life of Rach (of late), let’s kick off with some Instagram shots (click to follow) shall we?

2012: The Magical Moments of the Year That Was

2012. Oh, what a year. The biggest and most transformative 12 months of my life, without a doubt.

Making Me Happy

I’ve been doing some ‘Big Picture’ thinking lately and lovingly putting all areas of my life under the microscope to see what’s aligned, what’s out of whack, what I’m working towards, what I want to create and as I mentioned in my newsletter, how I want to feel.

Making Me Happy

If you’ve been reading In Spaces Between for a while you’ll know that at the start of the year I defined some words to live by for 2012. When I sat down and really thought about the words I wanted to guide me this year, the ones that really spoke to me were as follows (with descriptions of how I planned to apply them to my life):

Rapid-Fire Wisdom for Some of Your Biggest Challenges

“I’m stuck, lost, in need of direction. I know what I want but how do I get there?”