The eBook Has Landed! More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever

Today is a very special day!

Right here, right now, I’m launching my first eBook More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever out into the ether and if I could pirouette my way across your screen, I would. In fact, imagine me doing just that. That, or moonwalking. You choose. All I know is I’m excited.

I’ve been working behind the scenes on this shiny new baby of mine – getting it all jazzed up for your reading pleasure – and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you all because I’ve got a feeling it’s going to excite you as much as it excites me.

Want to know the best news? It’s FREE. Actually, that’s not the best news – the even better news is that when I wrote it, I pretended that you’d be paying for it.

I went for:

+ High-density.

+ (Mega) high-quality.

+ Useful, actionable, relatable and totally, utterly, completely inspiring.

Basically, the kind of stuff you love reading here, all wrapped up in one strikingly beautiful package (with added quote-y goodness).

Radiant Praise. Juicy Love.


“Want to live a life that has you leaping out of bed every day, happily basking in every moment, and excited with anticipation of what the next brilliant moment will bring? Read More Magic, All The Time. Rachel is my inspiration can opener, and her eBook did not fail to pry me open even more. In this eBook, Rachel bolsters our dreams, gently soothes us with her everything-is-going-to-be-amazing-you-just-wait tone, and leads us through simple steps for fulfilling our potential in the world. Let even a little of Rachel’s practical positivity rub off on you and you will be much better for it.”


“In my humble opinion, Rach was sent here to (among other things) be a best friend to each and every one of us.  This woman truly takes your soul and gently nurtures it with incredible, inspirational wisdom, before floating it back to your waking reality – where it’s now perfectly aligned with your big, bigger, biggest dreams. Each sentence in this warm book feels like home; it feels like hot chocolate and a salon blow wave and a crackling fire.  It will make you sigh, deeply. You’ll rapidly become your own best friend and find yourself on a crazy-woman mission to find peace and ease and beautiful stillness. Generously, Rach has gift wrapped her soulful online home, In Spaces Between, into a go-to spirit retreat for us to treasure forever. Make this whole book your manifesto – I dare you!”


“Wow. My eyes lit up when I opened More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever. It is so deliciously gorgeous, bubbly, romantic and amazingly inspiring. After reading it cover to cover, I immediately felt clearer about my purpose on this beautiful Earth, and so much more inspired to live a more magical life. Rachel rocks it in this gorgeous testimony to all things true and wonderful about life. It is a must-have for any inspiration junkie – the design alone is enough to brighten your day, just wait until you soak up the poetic words of wisdom!”


“There are so many beautiful eBooks any one of us can access but there’s something very special that makes More Magic All The Time stand out from the crowd. It’s not that it’s beautifully written, beautifully presented and beautifully authentic – even though it is all those things. It’s because if you chose to fully commit to your loving self and put into action the inspirational prompts and suggestions within it – your life will change for the better… immeasurably. Big call I know, but as a coach and counsellor working with people every day trying to achieve just that. I stand by the fact it will – with love and conviction.”


The Details: Where Do I Get a Copy?


I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just introduced a mailing list to In Spaces Between and I’m going to be sending out monthly love letters to you all, full of my best stuff (the months are rolling around quickly these days but if needed I * may * change this to fortnightly updates, but I’ll keep you posted on that one – we’ll see how we go!).

To jump on the list and download a copy of More Magic, All the Time immediately, simply fill in the deets below (or up the top of the sidebar) and hightail it to your inbox to get your hands on your treat!

Get your copy of my eBook now... it's FREE!

“Stop waiting, now is the time to be your best. Rachel’s energy is infectious, and I’m always inspired by In Spaces Between. Her positivity is tangible and her eBook combines words to live by with practical tips to help you make your potential a reality. Stop hoping and start doing. Rachel will guide you through those first steps and help you see the magic in your every day.”


“More Magic, All The Time is like a comforting hug mixed with a dash of sparkle and a pinch of zest! I have always loved the way Rach connects with you as though you’re the only person that matters, but this eBook takes that to another level. Her warm words of wisdom speak right to your heart and encourage you to get the most out of life. If you need a little nudge to get moving on your goals and dreams, this book is for you. Soak up all of Rach’s TLC, devour the inspiring quotes and then get moving on creating a life full of gratitude, positivity and (of course) magic!”


“I am officially juiced up on inspiration, positivity and wicked design!  If you need a pick me up, a nudge in the right direction or a heart-to-heart with a girlfriend, this eBook has you covered.  Simply download + expand!”

SUSANA FRIONI | Susana Frioni

Three Final Things:


1 // Once you tear through your copy of Make Magic, All the Time (highly recommend you print it out)I’d love to hear your thoughts so hop-skip-jump back here and leave your feedback in the comments (please!)

2 // I’d be wildly grateful for sweet Tweet-stimonials and Facebook hurrahs (or Instagram photo-evidence) if you enjoy your goodie.

You can use the buttons below or tag me @rachelmagahy (Twitter); @In Spaces Between (Facebook) or @rachelcmacdonald (Instagram). I’ll be compiling your lovely words in a future post, so many thanks in advance for spreading the word to your compadres!

3 // I love you guys. Thank you so much for inspiring me daily. Stuff like this comes from a place of inspiration… and it’s YOU GUYS that take me there.

Gratitude galore. Go get it, it’s time to make magic. x

Do the Work: Inspired Action in the Face of Procrastination


The balcony door is wide open and the curtains are swaying, the sky a slightly lighter shade of blue than it was this morning when I was out running around the national park across the road. There are birds – many birds – loud, singsong-y and free, chirping at each other, chasing each other around that big blue expanse, the sun sliding down in the distance.

Friends are coming home from the beach, one yelling out to another at home on the balcony: “Throw the keys down!” “THE KEYS!” And everyone laughs and the thrower is teased, his aim crooked, the keys completely missing their target. It sounds – and smells – like someone’s having a BBQ. The laughing continues, there’s a splash in the pool. More birds. Some noisy cars. Sunday sounds.

All this happens while I’m resisting. It’s been four hours now and while my beloved naps beside me on the couch, I’ve been sprawled out in a mismatched ensemble of floral pants, a stripy hoodie, zero makeup and chipped plum nail polish whipping through chapters of my latest read – the book I’ve just finished and wedged in its tight new home on the shelves – sabotaging my own grand plans for the day.

The thing is, today was meant to be my “blog” day. I even scribbled a cheerful (possibly over-ambitious) to-do list this morning, with time blocks and pink highlights and big, black letters to KEEP ME ON TRACK. It’s stuck on the wall above my monitor to help me make things happen… and until now, while I sit here typing these words, resistance has kept me from doing any of it.

Master Procrastination Techniques


If you’ve ever procrastinated before (and if you haven’t, deep-bow-my-worship-I-am-not-worthy), you’ll probably recognise some of today’s antics below:

1. Grocery shopping. Not a full shop, just a necessary trip all the way to the supermarket to get supplies for lunch. Fantastic time-killer.

2. Taking at least 30 minutes to make said lunch. And then, of course, allocating plenty of time to eat lunch slowly… and tucking into “a chapter or two” for dessert “… and then I’m definitely getting on the computer, OK?”

3. Cleaning. The bedroom, my computer desktop (shortly after failed writing attempt #1).

4. Writing a list of potential blog topics for the next month on my calendar – a list I know I’ll never stick to because I rarely (never) follow an editorial calendar. Seemed important to do it TODAY though.

5. Editing photos for my work Facebook page. On a Sunday. I don’t get paid to work Sundays. Textbook procrastination (this one followed failed writing attempt #2).

6. Getting snacks! Filling up my glass of water way too many times! Way too many toilet breaks a result of way too many water refills!

7. Trying to do the last thing on my list first, to, you know, get into something. Ending up back on couch with book.

8. Meditating mid-reading sesh – for clarity and motivation – and then realising I wasn’t meditating, I was listening to the key-throwing fiasco instead.

9. Seriously contemplating why I was sitting inside when the weather was perfect and it was a freaking Sunday and I hadn’t done anything anyway so I may as well have been out there ENJOYING MY DAY OFF. Oh hello, self-pity.

Such fun!

It’s 6pm now and the book is done and I find myself here at the computer, because, despite the above indicating otherwise, I actually do want to do the work. Showing up here and writing empowering content that might answer a question or untangle an issue in your life is hugely important to me – this is the stuff that really ignites my inner inferno, as you know – which is why I wanted to share today’s little battle to let you know that we all go through periods of inaction and indifference. We all come up with justifications for why we shouldn’t, or can’t, get the work done. 

Advice From the Trenches of Inactivity


Do the work.

Just do it. Start. Wobbly and fumbly but with hope in your heart. That’s all that you need from the outset (it gets better from there, I promise).

Do it because you’re ready to expand, to stretch, to tear down walls. Because it matters. Because you can’t NOT listen to the call.

Do it to create space for more. To click into gear, to encourage momentum, to unlock flow.

Do it to activate that sacred part of you that knows that anything is possible – but also knows you need to meet those shimmering intentions halfway.

Do it because what you want wants you too.

Desire can only be held down for so long.

+ Do you ever struggle with procrastination? How do you get started and “get the work done?” Share your stories, tips and tricks in the comments below!

Image: Julian Bialowas 

Making Me Happy + A Giveaway!

The past week has whizzed by at the speed of light and I can’t quite fathom that it’s Wednesday again, can you?

Let’s launch right in to the love-fest babes, I’m juiced up and ready to rumble!

Clarity + MyGoodness Wellbeing


I’m on a health kick (can you already tell?!)

For the past week, I’ve been on the MyGoodness Wellbeing health program – a simple-to-follow, super gentle two week detox lovingly created by my friend Layla Metcalfe. Lay is a Sydney-based naturopath and all-round legend who is seriously awesome at what she does, and as soon as I attended her information night up here on the Gold Coast a month or so ago, I was IN. My body was literally begging for it.

The program is centred around clean, wholesome food and I’ve found it exceptionally easy to follow (big claim I know, especially coming from someone who normally sits and thinks about what she can’t eat all day when she’s following these plans). But honestly, it’s been easy, and I haven’t been hungry at all – probably because the program is less of a detox and more of a lifestyle plan.

Both Ramai (who has joined me) and I have been loving the fact we’re back to the way we used to eat, before the wedding and the subsequent stress and extreme busyness came along and threw a spanner in the works… and sugar/ wine became our besties.

What We’re Eating + Drinking 

1 // We start the day with a splash of apple cider vinegar in warm water.

2 // Breakfast is a smoothie with frozen berries, a liver detox supplement (powder) provided as part of the program, some ice cubes, water, spinach leaves, chia seeds. This fills us up until about 10:30am (and we get up at 5:15am every day, so that’s pretty damn good!)

3 // After breakfast, we take this (pretty ugh) green powder in water. This is the only hard part, and I’ve found the best way is to shot it down, holding my nose. The upside though is that this stuff makes you feel like you’re on a high, it’s seriously brilliant once you get past the taste!

4 // Morning and afternoon tea are either nuts, rice cakes, vege sticks or fruit (limit is 2 pieces per day, eaten in the morning).

5 // Lunch is salad and protein – with brown rice or quinoa if desired. The aim is (at least) one big salad bowl a day.

6// For dinner, we’ve been eating things like tofu and soba noodle stir fry, veggies roasted in coconut oil, chicken – for me, tofu for Ramai – and lentil soup with greens. And so on.

A Few Things I’ve Noticed

1 // My cravings for chocolate are essentially gone. I was eating chocolate daily before starting the program (yes, really) so this is kinda huge.

2 // Sweet things seem REALLY sweet to me now. Ramai, the cute husband he is, made me a smoothie the other morning for breakfast and thought he’d use up some apples we had in the fridge, so instead of water he made used fresh apple juice – and I couldn’t drink it. Granted, they were the sweet Pink Lady apples, but… arghh, my tongue is doing that weird salivating thing just thinking about it. Too, too sweet.

3 // Removing alcohol has been the biggest one for us. We’re both not big drinkers these days, preferring just a glass of wine or two on a Friday/ Saturday night, but after the wedding we had quite a few bottles leftover and it became very easy to have a sneaky wine on a Monday or Wednesday night. Or most nights. I started to find even one glass was leaving me foggy-headed the next day and since cutting alcohol out completely, I feel a bajillion times better. Moving forward: wine will be a treat for once a week or once every few weeks I think.

4 // And finally, the best part is having truckloads more motivation and oodles more energy. The weekend just gone was one of the most productive weekends I’ve had in a long time, and I know, without a doubt, it’s diet-related.

New Goodies


And now for the part where I totally contradict myself!

Alright so I know I’ve just said how great non-drinking is above – and it still is – but when you’re given a $200 voucher for BWS bottle shop, there’s not much else you can buy than… you guessed it… alcohol.

We have a little bar set up at home that we add nice bottles of liquor to occasionally (you never know when someone in desperate need of a cocktail will drop by) and I’m thrilled that I was finally able to get my hands on some Crystal Head Vodka to add to the mix.

I’m sure you can guess why. The bottle makes a pretty sweet decoration, don’t you think?

Other new purchases:

Corals and “soft neon pink”  are playing an important role in my life right now, as you can see above, and below, check out my lime-green-and-grey lululemon running singlet – another colour combo I’m crushing on at the mo.’

(Big hi to Elizabeth at lululemon if you’re reading!) 

Vision Boarding


I went on a vision board bender over the weekend and created 3 brand-spankin’ new boards to stick on my shower screen (I stick them on the glass facing in so I can look at them every morning and last thing at night).

One is for visionaries I want to connect and work with, one is for my income/ blog/ home/ general big life dreams and the other is the travel board above. Vision boards work, peeps. They seriously do – in fact, there’s something on mine that is already in motion, after 2 days.

Are you a fan?

Sunsets + Springtime


I know it’s not technically not spring yet but it’s a-coming. I can feel it… coming in the air… toniiiiight. Yes, Phil, I can feel it too.

On Friday after work, I drove straight to Burleigh Point and sat there marvelling at the place I’m so blessed to call home. As I hung out on the grass by the water, staring at the beauty before me, a stand-up paddleboarder moved aimlessly across the ocean, slowly and deliberately gliding, no doubt soaking in the sunset just like I was. Groups of friends lazed around on blankets laughing and sipping wine, guys skateboarded down the hill behind me. Kids played.

It was pure bliss and I lost myself in a string of beautiful moments. I’m not sure how much time went by as I ran through my gratitude list – punctuating each blessing with a silent ‘Thank you’ – but all I know is that I was lifted. I floated back to the car, heart soaring, deeply content.

Friday afternoon was a stunning reminder that it’s the simple things in life that really get us, right in the sweet spot.

A Fun Giveaway!


Now for the fun part!

See the gorgeous graphic prints above? They were designed by the super talented Jan from one of my all-time fave blogs Design Attractor (you’ll lose hours on this site, believe me – BOOKMARK IT) and the good news is Jan and I have teamed up to give you a little gift. Hooray!

I’ll be randomly selecting 2 lucky readers from the comments below to win 1 x A3 (or smaller) print each. The winners can choose whatever print tickles their fancy from Jan’s ReStyle by handz Etsy store.

If you want to be in with a chance, simply:

+ Like ReStyle on Facebook

+ Like In Spaces Between on Facebook

+ Leave your gratitude list below (yep, just like usual – you can throw in a mention of which print you love the most if you want to).

It’s that easy. I’ll announce the winner on Facebook on Thursday 16 Aug so be sure to check in tomorrow.

UPDATE: Congrats Indra + Jazziefizzle, you are the winners of the prints! 

Shiny snippets:

In case you missed it, my interview here + writing lots + hanging out with my bro + Skype calls with my babes + intentions to manifest a bigger home + exciting news + my incredible husband.

Your turn, sunshine: How are you feeling this week? What’s put a skip in your step?

Making Me Happy

{I was going to write a separate post for what I’m about to say but it feels right to weave it in here so I will. Note to self and universe and anyone else that has an open ear: do more of what feels right}.

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you’ve probably heard me say that I love to read.

I’ve always been a huge reader/ devourer-of-pages/ word nerd and for this I can thank my parents, who spent a tremendous amount of time reading to their first-born in the way that most parents read to kids – the same book, 50 times. In a row.

I quickly latched on to the whole reading biz and it became a sweet sanctuary for me – to the point where I used to tear through books so quickly as a young child that my parents stopped buying them for me after a while, instead taxiing me back and forth to the local library where I’d try and push the ’10 book limit’ and slide another copy of The Babysitter’s Club or whatever it was I was engrossed in through the beepers.

Fast forward to the weekend just gone… also known as, Remembering Why I Love to Read So Much.

I’m getting tired of the “It’s been a hectic week/ month/ year” story but it’s hard not to draw parallels in this instance because reading was the first thing to slide once my schedule really got out of hand earlier this year.

Sure, I’ve stuck my nose in some great books in the past 7 or so months, but it’s always felt like an after-thought. Something I knew I “should” do because I’m an insatiable knowledge-sponge and love to learn, but the thing is, it was always minus a certain vital component – doing it out sheer pleasure.

On the weekend, I got back to me. The computer was turned off, the task list was ignored, tracksuit pants were slipped on and I unfurled into the deliciousness of Cheryl Strayed’s story in her book ‘Wild.’

As I burned through almost all of that 311 page masterpiece on Saturday (it was promptly finished first thing Sunday morning), I realised that I read to think. Of course, I came to this conclusion this as I was reading, which exemplifies what I just said, but nonetheless, that aha! moment was a poignant one.

Reading gives me pause, which leads to me working stuff out in my head as I go. Inspiration emerges. Other people’s stories help me make sense of my own – or make me realise how different my own are (either way is A-OK).

Undoubtedly, this has to do with the fact that more creative stuff bubbles up when you make space for it and slow down, but also, I think when you hang out in your happy place, you connect back up to that beautiful power source that is YOU. It doesn’t matter whether it’s surfing, or riding a horse, or playing an instrument or painting – or anything else. All that matters is that you make time to “go there” (because the rewards are so, so worth it).

On the back of my little insight-filled endeavour, I have a question for you:

What have you stopped making time for? Is there anything you can let go of or let slide so that you can invite more of what really lights you up back into your life?

Let’s get a list going in the comments. I want to know what sets your soul on fire!

Dreamcasting in Le Magic Moleskine


A few years ago I christened one of my Moleskine diaries my “Magic Moleskine” after filling it to the brim with things I wanted to manifest by specific dates. The whole ‘magic’ thing was just a cute, throw-away line at first but after things started happening, even Ramai started saying  “Write it in the Magic Moleskine!”

I’ve been a vision-boarder/ goalsetter/ big dreamer fo-evah and a day so it didn’t surprise me too much that the majority of the things I’d written in my diary came to fruition, but I’ve always treasured that unassuming black diary with pictures stuck everywhere and big, black words graffitied on the pages. I guess that’s where my love for this particular brand of stationery really took hold.

As part of the mid-year review/ shake-up I’m undergoing at the moment, I bought a brand spankin’ new Moleskine last week – an 18 month one that starts this month and finishes in December 2013 (perfect!) – and I’ve started to do the same as before, filling the pages with affirmations, dreams, ‘things I love’ lists and short journal entries. As you can see above, I also enlisted the help of my friends Tiger’s Eye (great for focusing and insight) and Quartz (for amplifying wishes and visualisations) to max the good juju.

Thank you in advance Magic Moleskine 2.0. I have a feeling you’re going to be even more powerful than your predecessor.

Outrageous Organisation


I’m having fun getting all my ducks in a row at the moment and went a bit bananas in kikki.K buying a big monthly planner and two to-do list notepads (one is super cute – it even has a space that says “What I’m Thankful For”).

I’ve also finally made time to clean out two email inboxes that desperately needed some deleting action, renewed a professional membership, paid a bunch of bills, got my tax info off to our accountant, finalised some web copy for a friend and cleaned out my bookshelves this week. Organisation station. Feels gooooooooooood, my friends.

Men’s Tees


I’m loving men’s tees and my husband’s big, chunky knit jumpers this winter. Picked up this pretty (ha, sorry boys) pink Silent Theory number the other day at David Jones and I may have to go back for a few more colours I think. Comfort… and then some.



Does anyone out there use Vistaprint?

I seriously love ’em. Our Thank You cards arrived a few days ago and they look fab. This weekend’s job: writing them and posting them!

If you’re part of the crew over on the In Spaces Between Facebook page (and if you’re not, come join us – there’s lots of stuff over there that doesn’t appear on the blog), you’ll know I do something called One Word Wednesday, where I ask you to describe how you’re feeling in one word.

I’m going to follow that same line of thinking here today and ask you to think of One Thing you’re thankful for. Just one thing. Of course, if you’ve got a whole scroll to share with us, you know that is always encouraged, but I know you’re all busy little kittens so if you don’t have time for all the details, feel free to keep it simple.

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you over the past week?

*** As an ‘added extra,’ I’d love to hear about the passion you feel like you’ve stopped making time for and how you plan on “getting back there.”

Images: Jose Villa | 28 Media

Making Me Happy

It’s been a bit of a wild week. When I say wild, I mean a bit unbalanced (that is, too much work and not enough play) but it’s thrilling the pants off me that the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is now visibly twinkling up ahead.

I’ve been go-go-go since I was born the start of the year, and my body (brain) is definitely calling for a halt in pace, which means lessening my social commitments, checking and responding to emails less frequently and flexing my ‘no’ muscle more (eep!).

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “always on” existence we’ve created for ourselves online and how we tend to throw ourselves in so fully that the distinction between “enough” and “too much” becomes completely blurred. The marker is constantly moving and I’ve noticed that I’m very good at keeping commitments to other people (exceptional in fact, I rarely flake) but when it comes to myself, I often say one thing and do another.

Me to Ramai: “I’m not going to touch the computer tomorrow. Day off. Let’s get out and about, do something fun, yeah?”

The next day: “Oh wait, I can’t anymore actually – I have to do this and that and if I don’t get this done this morning it won’t get done and I’ll be behind and… GAH.”

Do you do that as well?

Look back over the last month of my life and taking stock, I’ve decided to declare the next few weeks No Additional Stuff weeks, and for me, that means just getting what I NEED to do done, and giving myself some time off in between. It’s so, so necessary. I always know when I’m veering off into “too much” territory because I dream of taking off on an adventure and getting away from it all constantly – which is sort of where I’m at now. I haven’t had a proper holiday since last April so I’m champing at the bit to get away and feel/ touch/ see/ do rather than work/ push/ think/ plan.

Complete immersion is most certainly calling my name. What about you?

Now onto brighter, shinier things, this week has had plenty of highs and I’m going to tell you about them all below. OH. YEAH. I. AM.

The Village Markets Bloggers Breakfast


On Sunday I joined a bunch of gorgeous Gold Coast bloggers (Lori from Eight. Ten. Ten; Jas from Fizzle Out; Liss from Daydream Lily; Ally from Unknown Pleasures; Jess from Konstantinos; Sammi from Chase Dakota; Sophie from Peppa Hart Bride; Carly from Mumma Electric) and our hosts, Marissa and Sarah from The Village Markets at Commune for a chilled out morning of eating, chatting, wandering and shopping.

It’s so lovely to get out from behind the computer screen sometimes and catch up in person with these talented – and HOT! – gals. We also got a cute little TVM tote filled with goodies (one can never have too many totes). Big thanks to TVM for hosting us!

Delightful Dinners


Indonesian cuisine. Wine. Flow. A rad group of friends. The perfect ingredients for a relaxed, stimulating Saturday night, really.

Lovely Words About Our Wedding


You guys. Seriously. You melt me with your shimmering, enthusiastic, heart-STEAMING words of kindness (because ‘warming’ just doesn’t do your generosity justice). Thank you x infinity for being amazing and for joining Ramai and I as we relieved the experience through the visuals. Muchas gratitude.

* Just on our wedding, I’m aiming to have my final post on all the fabulous details up tomorrow or Friday, so keep an eye out for it!

Health Reset


Dum, dum, dum, DUUUUM! It’s time. I’m embarking on a month-long complete reset/ overhaul/ whatever you’d like to call it and I cannot wait.

I’ll share more info on what I’m doing in a subsequent post, but let’s just say I hope the glow factory is primed to send some serious GLOW my way. I’ma ready!

Animal Encounters


I’ve decided I really need to get out of the office more. I used to spend a huge chunk of my time out and about with media when I was in PR, but changing to a digital role at work has resulted in me being chained to the computer a little more than I’d like of late (can you sense a recurring theme?!)

Yesterday I unshackled myself and met up with Aussie celebrity chef Matt Moran (ARIA owner/ Masterchef dude), who is travelling around the country visiting tourism businesses that have been given awarded a particular accreditation. In a nutshell. I won’t bore you with the details.

‘Twas a great day, playing with koalas and dingoes and getting swooped by FREAKING HUGE WEDGE TAIL EAGLES (oh wait, that was just me) at Currumbin Sanctuary. I’m pleased to report that Matt is an awesome guy – very down to earth and genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to get out and meet passionate people. Super refreshing.

New Books


We all know I’m a major book fiend, and I’ve been adding some more goodies to my collection over the past week. Hanging to dive in once life settles down a little (that time is coming, right?) I wonder if there’s such a thing as a ‘Reading Holiday?’

Little bits o’ loveliness: 

+ A lovely tweet from Tara Sophia Mohr (someone I really admire) saying I have a gorgeous site (!!) + pulling together a guest post for one of my fave blogs + thoughtful gifts (thanks so much Steph!) + booking my tickets for the Problogger conference + money flowing in (as opposed to out, as it was for the first 6 months of this year thanks to the wedding) + that point where a friendship deepens, vulnerabilities are shared and it feels like your soul has been fed the best meal it’s had in… forever.

So lovers, it’s a bit rainy and kinda ugh outside today so let’s counteract that by sprinkling some sunshine around the web! Tell us all about the magic unfolding in your life right now – no matter how small, big or otherwise. What are you thankful for?

Images: Alkaline Sisters | Nike

Making Me Happy

Hola! Are we good? Are we real good? Hope so!

This past week has had a bit of everything for me: the highest of highs (the kind you want to bottle and pour over yourself when you’re feeling less-than), aha-moments (the B-School Facebook Group is quite the rave party!), quiet observation, a night out on the town with my besty, lazy mooching, a stream of emails that have brought salty tears to the eyes of this incredibly humbled bloggette, goal-setting, sniffles + coughing (ugh, head cold begone!), cold mornings, the clearest blue skies you ever did see and the understanding that anything is possible. For real.

In more detail, I give you, The Highlights Reel:

A Night on the Town


Oh hello rogue baby hand…

It’s been ages.

Sure, we go to dinner every weekend and do fun things like GET MARRIED + HAVE BIG PARTIES but it’s been a while since I’ve dressed up and gone out on the town (here), besty in tow, with the simple objective of drinking cocktails and laughing til my sides hurt. I absolutely loved it.

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a Peter Pan – as in, there’s this huge part of me that fears completely growing up – and being a restless, energetic Sagittarian means I thrive off other people and “getting out and about.” I actually need it.

As I get older I’m more than happy staying home of a weekend (in fact, I love it just as much) but if I go too long without some sort of fun occasion (too long means more than one weekend, BTW) one of two things start to happen:

1. I lament that I miss the spontaneity of my early 20’s where my friends and I lived for the weekend (because that’s, like, totally sustainable)

2. I start frantically making mental lists of things I can do to bring a bit of old fashioned frivolity into our lives, whilst hassling Ramai with something that sounds like ‘WHY ISN’T EVERYONE KEEN TO DO FUN STUFF AT THE DROP OF A HAT ANYMORE?’ I’m always great to be around when I’m having one of those moments. Ahem.

Before I totally confuse you, this is definitely not about nightclubs or drinking. Oh, hell to the no. It’s more about the collective desire to be with good people laughing and forging bonds/ making memories that I start to miss when that side of things slows down and we all get super busy with other commitments. I remember fondly when having a birthday meant everyone was in, and then, over the years, it wasn’t.

Is anyone else with me here? Does this even make sense? I think I may have just confessed my deepest secret to you – that the thought of living an utterly boring life that doesn’t have a great mix of work and play scares the pants off me. Eek.

Heart-Warming Emails


I still pinch myself that people are thoughtful enough to take time out of their day to drop little old me a line, laden with delicious words of support that seriously make my heart sing.

This week has been a corker on the email front and I couldn’t be more grateful to the people that have reached out. You know who you are. Thank you, thank you (and just so you know, I file all the beauties I receive away in a folder and read them if I’m ever feeling flat. There’s nothing more effective to instantly brighten a gal’s mood!)

Strength Finding


I’m taking stock at the moment and conducting a bit of a mid-year review, which entails updating my vision boards, redefining my goals, setting up systems so I can work smarter, and finally, uncovering my ‘sweet spot’ – that awesome place where what I love and what I’m good at intersect.

I’m still plodding through all this slowly, but it’s definitely given me some food for thought on freelance projects that are well suited to my skill set, like whipping up web copy or social media consulting. I’m trained in Marketing/ Journalism/Public Relations and I get paid to write web copy and manage and develop campaigns for a range of social media channels by day (which I’m not sure if you know?) but it’s funny how I’ve almost glazed over those skills in the pursuit of other dreams.

I’ve got a web copy job on the go at the moment and may even take on a few more here and there soon, so watch this space, amigos.

Reliving Our Wedding


Last night we watched the low-res version of our wedding video (hip hip hooray!) and we’re soooo happy with it!

Apart from the bit where we’re saying our vows and we’re clearly emotional, both Ramai and I are grinning like Cheshire cats throughout the whole thing and watching the pure joy on both of our faces and remembering the various parts of the day together was really special.

Totally cracked up at last part where everyone is obviously rather ‘happy’ and busting some serious moves on the dance floor. We chose this track to lay over that piece of footage and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It actually looks like the dance moves were choreographed for the song, which is pretty rad!

Bring on the fully-jazzed up high res version, I can’t wait for a movie night – complete with popcorn and tissues – with our nearest and dearest.

(Oh and for those that asked, our wedding pics will be coming next week. Our girl is in high demand and off on jobs interstate so we’re waiting impatiently patiently to receive them this weekend).

Now, my dears, are you ready to claim your seat for the weekly In Spaces Between ‘love-in?’

Tell me: what are you grateful for right now? It could be something you did, somewhere you went, something you learned, or bought, or read. Share your happiness and take note of how you feel when you do (hint: blessed + filled with joy is a good place to be).

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What’s Your Dream?

I’m halfway through Denise Duffield-Thomas’ ridiculously inspiring book ‘Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success’ and one of the biggest messages I’m getting (loud and clear) is that it’s not only essential to build a razor sharp vision for what you want, it’s just as important to share those big, wild, exciting dreams of yours with the world.

Denise tells the story of how her and her husband won a six month, all-expenses-paid gig, where essentially they travelled around the globe reviewing the crème de la crème of honeymoon destinations and getting paid to write about the experience. A pretty spectacular job, no? (picking up on the ‘lucky bitch’ vibe yet?)

Actually, it’s the backstory of how they got to that point that’s the important bit, so listen up. On her own honeymoon in Indonesia, Denise stood on the deck of the gorgeous rustic cabin her and her new husband were staying in and declared to the Universe that this is what she wanted more of. Hand on heart, she asked to be shown a way to create a life where relaxing and travelling – yoga each morning, exploration, fresh exotic food – could be part of her day-to-day reality.

Months before, she’d written down her “ideal day” in vivid detail, and there she was, on her honeymoon, living it out word-for-word. That was step one.

The next step was visualising this incredible life she desired – not just over the 3 weeks of her honeymoon, as a daily reality – and sharing that big dream, which is essentially where the magic happened. A friend of Denise’s had heard about this ‘Ultimate Job in the World’ and passed it on to her, knowing it was her dream gig. And so started the process of manifesting that into being.

If Denise hadn’t shared her dream, do you think her friend would have just randomly passed that crucial information on? Not likely. Sharing her ‘ideal life’ was how Denise attracted it to her like a magnet – because ultimately, sitting around thinking about something is only half the equation when it comes to “manifesting.” The other half is putting it out there and taking action.

Along this same line of thinking, one of my delightful bloggy friends Tara from Such Different Skies wrote a brilliant post this week called Tell Us Your Dream and in it, she did just that – boldly declaring what she wants to do with her life. With specifics. Juicy, glorious details.

I’ve spoken about my own dreams quite a bit on this blog but I feel like the timing is perfect to clarify what my ‘ideal life’ entails and to open up the space to hear from you guys! Denise’s story is just one example of how potent it can be to DECLARE IT + SHARE IT, so let’s rummage around in those tucked away corners of ourselves that house The Stuff We Really Want to Do In This Lifetime – and make it happen, shall we?

Here goes:


As a multi-passionate, variety-is-the-spice-of-life kinda gal, I spend my days inspiring and empowering women across the globe through heart-stirring words and life-changing coaching. I also bring magic and creativity to breathtaking celebrations – all in the name of love and happiness.

My gorgeous husband and I have passports jam-packed with stamps, marking our arrivals in exotic locales and big, bustling cities. A huge chunk of my work – the pursuits that have me jumping out of bed with excitement and gratitude each morning – are done on a laptop from a place of our choosing, or from the spectacular retreat-like sanctuary we’ve built for ourselves.

I write best-selling books that shine a bright light on people’s truest desires and most importantly, change their lives.

My life’s mission is to add more love to the world and I’m supported by a constant flow of money that allows me to freely experience whatever I want, helping and championing others in the process. I am healthy, exuberant, madly in love, totally confident and deeply, deeply fulfilled.

Gosh that feels good.

Are you ready to give it a go too beautiful? Don’t worry about how your dream sounds, or if it’s not quite perfect (you always have the choice to change your mind, after all!) – simply start the process of defining and refining so the universe can whip the life you were PUT ON THIS EARTH TO LIVE into existence.

On your marks… get set… GO! I can’t wait to hear your dreams!

Images: via Swiss Miss | The Wheatfield on Etsy