How I Do It: An Interview with SARK

SARK susan ariel

Radiant. Uplifting. Completely, utterly creative.

That’s SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) in a nutshell.

How I Do It: An Interview with Gala Darling


I stumbled across Gala Darling’s love-filled corner of the web way back in the early days of her blog, and from those first few clicks, I was enchanted. I’d discovered a pink-haired beacon of positivity – vibrant, bold, delightfully unapologetic – and as a newbie to blogs, I credit her with opening me up to a whole ‘nother world of wonder.

An afternoon spent trawling through Gala’s site was akin to falling down a rabbit hole. Her equal love of the smart, the inspired and the whimsical was addictive way back then, and the signature get-out-there-and-go-big-dammit! vibe of her work continues to empower thousands of women around the globe today.

How I Do It: An Interview with Sarah Von Bargen


I sent Sarah Von Bargen the interview questions below and in the time it took me to reply to a couple of emails and check Facebook (once), her answers had already fluttered back into my inbox.

The girl can write. With mega-speed… and aplomb. Which is exceptionally handy, considering she is, in her words, a copywriter/blogger-for-hire/internet awesome-i-fier and prolific blogger at the successful lifestyle and travel blog Yes and Yes. Heads up: she sends brilliant newsletters with killer advice (I have a bunch tucked into a ‘Action this Rach!’ file).

How I Do It: An Interview with Susannah Conway (+ a Giveaway!)


I remember curling up one Saturday morning with Susannah Conway’s (at the time) brand new book This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart in my hands – and in what felt like a sneeze in time – I found myself on the final page, my soul soothed by her searing honesty and tender way of ‘getting to the heart of it all.’

Susannah has this way of drawing you in. If you’ve read her work before – and I hazard a guess you’ve probably discovered this radiant woman before now – you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement when I say that she’s a nurturer. There’s this swirling, gracious, soul mama vibe about her that is both soft and fierce, and vulnerable yet potent (in fact, she’s my favourite kind of contradiction).

How I Do It: An Interview with Tali from AstroStyle

I had been an obsessive fan of the horoscopes on AstroStyle for quite some time before I booked in with Tali to get a reading early last year, and let me just say, her insights have been so spot on it’s… well… kinda ridiculous. 

Warm, vibrant, full of energy and (hurrah!) a fellow Sagittarian, Tali is the type of person you feel instantly comfortable around. Her energy is magnetic, powerful…. and light. She’s a heap of fun. As real as they come. The thing I loved most about my experience with Tali is that the reading was part deep-dive-into-my-chart, part pragmatic advice and part loving life coaching sesh.

How I Do It: An Interview with Michelle Ward

Today is a special day around here because I’m super stoked (!) to be launching a brand new interview series “How I Do It.”

This series has come about for two reasons:

One // I’m often asked by coaching clients and you, my readers, for insights into the way I do things – whether that’s running my business, tending to this blog, or moving through overwhelm or self-doubt.

The way us humans are wired (me included) is that we seek. We’re curious. We turn to each other for advice-from-the-trenches as a way of connecting and working the world out. We take the insights into how others do their thang, and why, keep the parts that sing to us, discard the rest and go and do it how we want to do it.