How to Create a Media Page for Your Site

how to create a media page

Since updating my site last year, I’ve received a load of beautiful comments on my Media page, so today I thought I’d share another sneak peek from my upcoming course and give you some useful tips on how to create a Media page of your own.

Your Media page is essentially your highlight reel.

It tells the world in clear, succinct ‘n’ simple terms who you are, what you’ve done and where you’ve been seen. It also amplifies your credibility (yep!) and tells those looking for a featured guest for their online program, or hunting for a stellar interviewee why they should consider you.

As an added bonus: I can’t tell you how handy it is when I’m doing interviews to be able to say: ‘Here’s the link for my Media page so you can grab my bio and headshots.’ Simplicity. That’s my kinda bliss.

Below are some guidelines on what to include to give you a solid platform to leap off, but as always, take what resonates and weave your magic through your page so it’s all you.

Just like your About page, this section of your site is a dynamic, ever-evolving beast so go wild with tweaking, adding, subtracting, refining – or starting over completely – along the way.

And don’t despair if you’re yet to gain coverage elsewhere online or in traditional media. You can simply use this page as a place to house your bio and some great photos of yourself before you wander down that path.

What to include  

#1: THE INTRO (or longer bio)

In a couple of paragraphs, sum up what you do and where you’ve been seen, leading with the most important information and your finest credentials.

Call out your big wins. Dive into your mission. Mention your years of experience. If you’ve been given an impressive testimonial, mention it here (For example: The New York Times hailed her ‘the Countess of Consciousness.’)

There’s no right or wrong here, but I’ve written my introduction in first person to keep it connective and in line with the tone of my site.

Conversely, your professional bio should be in third person, but we’ll get to that below.


Use Photoshop – or a designer – to whip up a visual representation of where you’ve popped up.

I also have an ‘As Featured In’ graphic in my sidebar which allows you to click through to my Media page when you hover over it (which serves a purpose, as this page isn’t highlighted on my top navigation bar).


Been fielding interview q’s like a boss? Share a collection of your favourite interviews, aiming to showcase your expertise on a variety of topics that you’d ideally love to be known for.


Third person. The essential facts. What you do. How you’re described. What you’ve created. All of this belongs in your professional bio.

In addition, ensure you include: links to your site and your social media profiles, and either your contact details, or a link to your Contact page.


When you’re interviewed, other bloggers/ the media will ask for a headshot – or several – so include a range of quality shots here that they can take their pick from. Different styles work well too (that is, a more ‘official’ looking headshot, fun lifestyle images, different angles).

Ditch the cropped or blurry shots in favour of professional-looking snaps (even if they weren’t actually taken by a pro). Standing against a plain wall or fence, with natural lighting and a tripod is a great option if you’re not yet ready to invest in professional pics.

Also worth including here: images of your products, if relevant.

#6: LOGO 

Along with your headshot and bio, you’ll often be asked to provide your logo when you’re interviewed or spotlighted, so having a high res version available for download on your Media page will make things at least 650 times easier for everyone. Win.


People saying lovely things about you? Throw a few compliments in here, linking back to your Praise page for the full list.

Extra considerations

I have a few updates planned for my own Media page (yay, evolution) and below are some additional ideas you might like to explore too:

// Video. This can be in the form of a piece-to-camera, a show reel (particularly useful if you’re looking for speaking or presenting gigs), or a mash-up of where you’ve been seen and the purpose, or why, behind your work in the world. Be creative with this one, and if you’re ready to, consider bringing in a pro to take it to the next level.

// Podcast/ audio links. To show your skills across a range of media platforms.

// Press clippings and published articles. Snippets or downloadable PDF’s that feature your quotes, or are written by you.

// A ‘Product’ Section. Short paragraphs on your products, linking through to your sales pages. Be sure to include product images and kind words from others.

// A list of relevant and favoured topics. Are you expert on women’s health? Social media strategy? Yoga? Make a list of topics you love to be interviewed on.

This is a preview from my upcoming blogging ecourse. It’s unlike anything else out there. It’s about blogging from the inside out. Bringing soul to your site. Infusing serious ‘how to blog’ substance with a whole lotta heart. 

Do you have a Media page? Thinking of adding one? Share below.

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