Collaboration and Celebration with Violet Gray


In recent months, whenever I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with my beautiful friend Alex, she’ll inevitably end up crouched down in front of me, both hands — and possibly a cheek — placed lovingly on my pregnant belly, a smile on her face and her eyes aglow as she coos at my little lion cub.

You can’t help but be buoyed by this woman’s love for life and the people in it. These acts of expression and connection and demonstrative tenderness seem to come as naturally to her as breathing.

How I Do It: An Interview with Jess Lively


Is there anything cooler than seeing a woman living ‘on purpose?’

The Power of Intention


This blog post is in support of a new book by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift called The Declaration of You. It’ll be published by North Light Craft Books in Summer 2013 and gives readers “all the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique, and uncover what they are meant to do.” I’m thrilled to be participating in the tour alongside a host of other creative bloggers, and you can learn more, read the posts, and join in the fun by clicking here.