House Envy

It’s been a while between home + decorating posts, hasn’t it?

I must admit, with less time on my hands for Net trawling, I’ve been mostly hanging out in the personal development and self-actualisation corners of the web of late and have been seriously neglecting my big list of happy homeware-focused blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still been pinning a handful of images of inspiring rooms to my ‘home is where the heart is’ Pinterest board, but my attention and interests have definitely been elsewhere. I have this theory that, for sanity reasons, my brain won’t allow me to be “totally into” too many things at once, and at the moment, it’s blatantly obvious weddings, wellness and words are winning out!

Anyway, to get back into the swing of things on the interiors front, I spent yesterday catching up with my favourite home design blogs and thought I’d share a few of the images that really leapt out at me.

If I had a blank canvas to decorate at the moment (or the room to do it in my current abode – we’re pretty much at maximum capacity as far as decor goes!) I’d be following the lead of the creatives behind some of the beautiful homes below and introducing:

+ Big stacks of books in random corners
+ A gorgeous rug or throw in an ethnic print
+ Subtle, stylish elements in the kitchen (which can often be the hardest space in the home to decorate as you wage the battle between practical appliances and impractical “pretty things”)
+ Terrariums and bell jars aplenty
+ And, finally, a huge gold vintage mirror like the one shown below – swoon-o-rama!

+ What decor elements/ trends are you loving at the moment? Have you recently made any little (or big) updates to your home?

Images: Lonngren/ Widdell | Lonngren/ Widdel | A Beautiful Living | Desire to Inspire Design Attractor | Solid Frog | Decor 8Design Attractor | Emma’s Design Blogg | The Crowd Goes Wild | This is Glamorous | The Coveteur |

How to Organise Your Beauty Products!

Happy New Year my loves, I hope 2012 has been treating you magnificently so far!

Regular posting will resume around here next week but I wanted to quickly share with you my brand spankin’ new makeup storage unit.

I had a major organisation day yesterday and tackled my bathroom cupboards with vigour, throwing out a bunch of old makeup, half finished lip gloss tubes and tubs of face cream that had but a skerrick left in them.

Inspired by this post, I decided I too needed something fabulous to store my new pared-down collection in, so I headed to Office Works and found this clear perspex 4 drawer treasure, which came in at a very affordable $14.99!

I love that I can see everything in one place now and that I’ll be forced to keep my beauty loot clean and in order because it’s all on display in our bathroom.

+ What do you think? Are you in super organiser mode at the moment too? How do you store your beauty products?


I’m so crazy about these trays I decided to organise my jewellery too! Thinking they’d also be great for spices or condiments in the kitchen (the possibilites are endless).

Decorating Inspiration: Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It’s a weird old summer here in Australia.

Cold and rainy and not at all representative of the usual hot, sticky, summery lead up to Christmas, I must admit I’ve been finding it a little hard to get my brain to click over into “Xmas Decorating Mode.”

Until now.

As you know, I’m a huge pinner (and I love that I can say that without raising too many eyebrows!) so I decided to go on hunt for some decorating inspiration this week and was thrilled to find a truckload of creative, easy-to-pull together ideas that would seamlessly fit into any living space.

I’m all about natural elements (our tree last year was a salt-bleached stick, shoved in a silver tin bucket and adorned with handmade ornaments) but I’m also really loving the small pine trees in jars, shown below, as an alternative.

I hope this round up inspires you if the holiday spirit hasn’t yet kicked in! Oh, and one more thing: I just realised I’m singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ-massssss”….. so I’ll leave you on that note. Try getting that out of your head!

Dark and Moody


1. Emmas Blogg 2. 79 Ideas 3. Simple Blueprint 4. Helt Enkelt 5. Cathrine’s Hjerterom

Bright Winter Whites


1. Dreamy Whites 2. Love Nordic 3. Fine Little Day 4. Annaleena’s Hem 

 Naturals and Neutrals


1. My Lovely Things 2. Lotta Agaton 3. Simple Blueprint 4. The Yvestown Blog 5. Decor 8 6. French By Design 7. Frolic

White and Wood


1. Basic Label Sweden 2. Sf Girl By Bay 3. Bp 4. A White Carousel 5. Flex Inredning

For a tonne more inspiration for everything from gorgeous gift wrapping and DIY decorations to tasty Xmas treats, check out the holiday editions of these pretty online magazines:

1. Ruche: A Homemade Holiday 

2. Sweet Paul

+ So, tell me: what’s your Xmas decorating style? Have you put your tree up yet?

Jamie Blakey One Teaspoon


I’ve got a ginormous bit of a girl crush on the creative force behind fashion label One Teaspoon, Jamie Blakey.

The perfect mash up of laid-back cool with a rock ‘n’ roll edge, the One Teaspoon brand is an extension of Jamie’s personal style and as you can see above, that style weaves it’s way through the decor in her home and flagship store in Sydney.

Lots of quirky vintage pieces (sourced mostly from eBay) and plenty of open space translates to a look that is underdone and totally unique.


Images: Shop Til You Drop and Oracle Fox 

Tenka’s Studio

Wow. Just WOW. Spotted Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard’s studio on a few of my favourite blogs while I was clicking around the web this morning and it was too good not to share.

This pretty much cements it for me – I definitely need to come back Scandinavian in my next life.

If you want to see more of Tenka’s unrelenting devotion to stark black and white styling, check out a few shots of her amazing home below (via Cherry Blossom World).

Studio images:  Miss Moss and emmas designblogg 

Pallet Love!

On my lunch break yesterday I went on a mini op shopping adventure and was delighted to stumble across this:


I didn’t have enough room in my car to grab more than one, but it did get me thinking about ways we could use pallets around the house and for our wedding.

Below is some of inspiration I’ve discovered online for DIY’ing pallets. Versatile little buggers aren’t they? Particulary loving the bookshelf and the planter, which would be perfect on our balcony!

1. Coffee table 2. Bookshelf 3. Sofa

1. Daybed 2. Shelves 3. Bed + Table 4. Couch

1. Bench 2. Coffee table 3. Planter 4. Wine Rack

Inspired By: Black + White

There’s no denying bright colours are huge right now, and I’m as big a fan as any, but there’s still something about the simplicity of a sleek black and white palette that gets me every time.

What about you?

Images: 1. Embrace the Pretty 2. Love Aesthetics 3. Graphic Exchange 4. Camera Obscura 5. 5 inch and up  6. Annaleenas Hem 7.Behance 8. Wikifashion 9. 5 inch and up 10. Pretty Stuff 11. Desire to Inspire 12. Dwell 13. Annaleenas Hem 14. via Pinterest 15. Ultralinx 16. Concept 2012 17. Mirta on Etsy