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I saw this house on Desire to Inspire and had to share it. Loving the mix of the clean white kitchen, polished floorboards and graphic, music-inspired pieces.

I could be wrong but I imagine this place has been styled, primped and preened within an inch of its life for these photos. Thinking it’s the kind of home that would suit a more dishevelled, had-a-party-last-night-and-couldn’t-be-bothered-cleaning appearance. What do you think?

My Heart Skipped a Beat

… over the random inspiration I’ve been fortunate enough to find on my recent travels around the web.

Internet, have I told you lately that I love you?

1. Travelling Tea Parlour: Hello, amazingness! I could imagine having something like this (or a take on this, at least) at a gorgeous bohemian-style wedding. Divine.

2. Favourite things on display: Love the rustic, thrown-together look of this apartment, but particularly loving the bell jars and the vintage photos.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody: This photo has me reminiscing about our trip to Sayulita, Mexico. Such a cool, laidback, surfy town (with the best fish tacos in Mexico!)

4. DIY wedding arch: How incredible is this! So colourful and cute!

5. French and fabulous: Seriously in awe of this natural, rustic outdoor space. I’d love to host a dinner party here – thinking I’d drape white chiffon from the rafters and have candles and lanterns scattered all over the ground.

6. Elephants: I’m obsessed with them. Also: rad photography.

7. Creative bike wheels: This bike would look awesome on a wall rack as a statement piece of ‘art’ in a room.

8. Arty spaces: How amazing is this home in Copenhagen!

9. Swedish style: So, everyone in Sweden is perfect, right?

10. Casual nonchalence: Yep, you are rockin’ it girl.

11. Bed: I want to be on you.

12. Wedding favours: Cake in a jar! Perrrrfect.

13. Draping: so pretty. Love everything about this picture!

Just Add Colour


1 //  Brights and stripes contrasted with stark whites
2  //  Diamond shaped wire chairs
3 //  Pendant lighting
4 //  Inspiration walls
5 //  Colourful crafty materials on the mantle
6 //  Jewellery hung from coathangers; key pieces on display
7 //  Gorgeous ceilings
8 //  Lantern lighting
9 //  Metal buckets with flowers
10 //  Orangey-red and aqua furniture

Images: Bolaget

Inspiring Interiors: A Swedish Treasure Trove

I’ve seen images of different parts of this house in my travels around the web but didn’t realise they were all from the same beautiful home in Sweden until yesterday.

Owned by interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, the waterfront home is a renovated 1970’s townhouse that stays true to the Scandinavian style I love (airy, lots of white and a sense of openness), punctuated with unique vintage finds like her wheelbarrow-style coffee table and the antique chandelier hanging over a rustic chest of drawers. The result is a creative, eclectic vibe and a house that is as welcoming as it is artfully curated.

I would live here in a heartbeat, the styling is impeccable!

Nordic Design & Trendland 

Decor Trend: In Bloom

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” — Susan J. Bissonette 

Spring, glorious spring! Ripe with possibility, full of delight!

For us Aussies, springtime is nearly upon us and I’ve noticed a definite trend towards floral and botanical decor filtering its way into many an interiors blog. From gorgeous wallpapers to terrariums, illustrated prints, and vases filled with mismatched blooms, it seems everyone is keen on bringing a little bit of nature indoors… and for good reason!

I’m currently inspired by Rifle Paper Co.’s jaw-droppingly pretty prints and think it might be time to poke around Etsy to see what other natural decor inspiration I can uncover. I’m also a huge fan of plants and love nothing more than picking out a fresh bunch of flowers each weekend at the farmers markets – there’s just something about bringing living, growing things into your space that instantly brightens your mood!

The great thing about floral and botanical prints is that they are really versatile and suit all sorts of homes. I’ve seen everything from floral bedspreads and dainty, rose-covered tea cups in vintage-style homes, to bamboo wallpaper matched with black floorboards for a more minimalist look.

+ What about you? Have you incorporated any floral or botanical elements into your home? What other homeware inspiration are you loving at the moment?

1. Arm chair 2. Test tubes 3. Bed spread 4. Botanical Notebook 5. Leaves 6. Floral window 7. Botanical print 8. Rifle Paper Co. 9. Tea cups 10. Flowers in vase


Cool Closets & Radical Racks


Inspired by my post on Facebook this morning, it’s my pleasure to present you with a few clothes storage ideas in case you too are feeling the “urge to organise.”

Images: 1 & 2. The Glamourai 3. Pinterest 4. Made By Girl 5. Design Sponge 6. Love Aesthetics 7. Love Aesthetics 8. Unknown 9. Pinterest 10. Places We Live 11. No Place Like Home 12. Apartment 34

Offices I’d Be Delighted To Work In

A bit of inspiration for your dream home office or studio. Got a feeling the creative juices would flow like crazy in these awesome spaces!

Images: 1, 2. Emmas Design Blogg  3. Tumblr 4. LaMaison Dannag/ Decor8 5. Sunnys Blog 6. Design Sponge 7. Bloesem 8. Made By Girl 9. The Design Files 10. Unplggd 11. And Flowers Pick Themselves/ Apartment Therapy 12. Designspirationsk 13. Design Sponge 14. Oracle Fox 15. Backyard Bill 16. Hilda Granhat 17. Desire to Inspire 18. Sweet Home Style