Blogs to Bookmark

Welcome to my second round-up of lovely links – a few more goodies to add to your Bookmarks!

I’m infatuated with all of these sites, and seriously lost an hour the other day reading through the words on We Live Young (go to ‘Just Blogging’ on the right sidebar to see what I’m talking about).

The talent behind those intruiging images and words is only 19, which kind of blows my mind in a major way. Incredible.  

Blogs to Bookmark

Blogs to Bookmark is back for 2012, and to make up for lost time, I’ve got a double-whammy for you today! Plenty of click-worthy links for your viewing pleasure.

The first round-up is devoted to inspiring blogs and links with a definite self-growth slant and later on, I’ll be posting the second installment which covers a bit o’ everything.

I know there are lots of newbies to In Spaces Between (hello, welcome, big hugs to you!) so I should explain that you just need to click the pink title and you’ll be taken straight through to the respective sites.