Making Me Happy (+ a Mini Blogs to Bookmark)

It’s almost time… that’s right, honeymoon ti-iiiime. 

I’ve just finished powering through my inbox after a big day with clients, packing and repacking, cooking quinoa and organising healthy snacks for the plane and the gazillion other things you do before a month away, and while I have that niggling feeling I’ve forgotten to do something, you know what… if I have, it’s OK. The world will keep spinning (I’m sure of it!)

The past week has whipped by in a bit of a blur to be honest, but below are some of the highlights:

Making Me Happy


Today’s Making Me Happy is a little late because it’s all systems go at In Spaces Between HQ as I prepare for a quick jaunt to Melbourne to speak at the Soulpreneurs event tomorrow, and next week, our (belated) honeymoon to Italy where we’ll spend ONE WHOLE MONTH.

Whoa. Excitement doesn’t even cut it. This overseas trip has been a long time coming and I’m so, so ready to let the ideas that have been percolating in my mind take shape – pen to paper – but more importantly, to switch off, play with my man, have fun, feast my eyes on new sights and BE. To give myself permission to step out of Rach the Coach, Blogger, Friend, Email Writer, and be Rach the Free-Spirited, Joy-Loving, Big Dreamer That Craves Adventure. 

Making Me Happy

This past week has been a bit of a mixed bag – from spending a day in hospital after my husband had a collision with the nose of his surfboard and required plastic surgery to stitch his lip back together again (I’ll spare you the photos) to high energy mornings like this morning, where a speedy run in the dark has left me bouncy and chock-full of endorphins.

Such is life.

Making Me Happy: Earth Events, Blow-My-Mind Crystals + Blue Skies, Baby!

I want to talk a bit about facing fears and leaping – with reckless abandon – out of our comfort zones, because it’s something I’ve done a lot of in the past 5 months and will most definitely be doing when I take the stage in Brisbane and Melbourne for the Earth Events ‘Soulpreneurs’ events.

Taking the leap is something that my clients and I work on continually, and can I just say thrilled-down-deep-in-my-bones I get when I see one of my girls launch a new site out into the world with love, or release their first video blog (even when it freaks the pants off them) or step into the life they’ve been dreaming of… forever. Yep, it’s pretty awesome, this feeling the fear and doing it anyway biz.

Making Me Happy


Good morning from the glorious Gold Coast!

Making Me Happy

I walked in the door earlier and the first thing I said (in my head) was “Now, THAT is what I needed.”

I’ve been craving some “real life” person-to-person contact over the past couple of weeks, and a spur-of-the-moment catch up with some of my former colleagues/ very good friends for lunch delivered in spades.

Working from home and spending way (way) too much time on the computer of late has taught me a bunch of things about myself, but the biggest one is that for me to feel my absolute best, I must venture out from these four walls to fuel up on the type of energy you receive when you hang with people in the flesh.

Making Me Happy


Hey, hey, happy Making Me Happy day!