How to Open Yourself Up to Receiving More in Your Life


Everything in life is flow.

Energy is constantly flowing to us and through us, so when it comes to opening the door to receiving more love, more happiness, more creativity and more soul-rocking, life-affirming abundance, there are a couple of things we need to do first to get out of our own way.

Here goes…


Let go of fear.

Have you ever found yourself so afraid of failure, so panic-stricken about (potential) loss, or not living up to expectations, that you spin your heels on success? Do you find yourself sprinting away from opportunity or saying no to more shimmering brilliance in your life because you think you’re undeserving or “not quite there yet?” As Tara Sophia Mohr says: “Are you more loyal to your fears than your dreams?”

It’s a potent question, and as you sharpen your tools and start opening up to more abundance in your life, there’s no doubt fear will rear its ugly mug. It’s natural and uncomfortable and can suck the life out of you (if you give it permission to) – but here’s the thing, it can also be totally transformative.

In order to fully open yourself up to receiving all the glorious gifts the Universe has on offer, it’s time to call your fear out. Call it out and stamp it out. When you refuse to play small, and take a risk by opening yourself up, with intention, to receiving more in your life, what you are in truth doing is nourishing that part of you that magnetises the good stuff. Energy is energy and by stepping out in good faith instead of backing down from your dreams, you lift the veil on fear-driven existing. That tired, played-out “lack” mentality goes out the window, and – wait for it – you realise that there always has been and always will be enough for everyone. Holy radical revelations!


Give freely.

Load up on love – and liberate it. Give praise that makes someone’s year, sprinkle joy with reckless abandon, show you’re (genuinely) interested, offer up your time. You’ll feel fuller, happier and more deeply satisfied with your life than ever before, and the great news is, while you’re basking in the sweet sunshine of selfless service, you’re actually expanding that space within you. This is where the abundance you have opened yourself up to will be able to flow with ease and alacrity.


Get clear on EXACTLY what you want – and ask for it.

Razor-sharp clarity is like a jolt of electricity for the soul. Your neck hairs will seriously stand on end.

When you’re clear about what you want more of (as well as want you don’t want) life will always rise up to meet you in that place of exquisite knowing. It’s a glorious little cycle and the good news is that getting there is super simple.

It’s like this:

STEP 1: Declare your dreams and desires. Write them down, create a vision board, tape them to your mirror, stuff them in your purse, wallpaper your bedroom in them (okay, maybe not, but please – go wild!)

STEP 2: Wrap yourself up in your desires daily. Visualise them, see yourself there, FEEL ‘EM, FEEL ‘EM, FEEL ‘EM (this is the clever part where your every day thoughts graciously shift to support them)

And then, since like attracts like, or “where the mind goes, energy flows” all the things that are in sync with those bold, juicy dreams or things you want more of in your life will start being sent your way.

I’m telling you: clarity opens the floodgates to affluence, in all areas of your life. The right people show up just when you need them, that awesome new client comes along just as you let go of the one that has been draining your joy stocks, the money you need flows in and everything lifts.

As you go out in the world today, make it your mission to get shiny-diamond clear. Kick fear to the curb, create space for abundance to flow in and keep asking for more. The Universe is waiting to say yes.



Here’s a goodie for you: What do you deserve? A simple question, yes, but a bloody complex (and revealing) one.

Off the bat, I think the majority of us would say we deserve to live happy, comfortable, fulfilling lives, but – and there’s a but – often there is something going on at a deeper level that’s in direct conflict with that statement, pulling us out of alignment.

On a small scale, that could mean following up a compliment from a friend with a negative response (“No way, I look terrible!”) or on a bigger scale, that could mean devaluing your work or staying in an emotionally abusive relationship. The thing is though, the most important part of the process when it comes to ushering in the spectacular abundance you say you want is knowing that you deserve to receive it.


Write this on your heart: you have an unlimited capacity to receive. It is MORE THAN OKAY to receive abundantly.

When it comes to others, allow them the pleasure of giving. Acknowledge kind gestures and know you’re worthy of glittering praise. When it comes to yourself, practice being an excellent receiver by showing deep gratitude for what you already have.

Scarcity thinking is based on the premise that everything is limited, but recognising fear and making the decision to dive in regardless will work wonders on “unsticking” your energy. The result is that you’ll lean further into life, and replace those (self-created) fears that have been keeping you stagnated for so long with a beautiful sense of curiosity. Energetically, it’s like waving a gigantic flag with big, bold letters saying “I’m ready for more. Show me.”

Bring. It. On.



Do you ever feel stuck “right where you are?” Are there areas in your life where you are more loyal to your fears than your dreams? 

Image: Viciously Cyd