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Something a bit fun and different today!

On My (Birthday) Wishlist!

It’s my birthday on the 23rd (next Wednesday, yippee!) and I’ve been asked numerous times by my man and my mother what I want, so I thought I’d help them out with a bit of an inspiration post.

Wedding Inspiration: Feathers

Wedding Inspiration: Sequins and Sparkles

Currently Coveting: Statement Necklaces


There’s something about backless dresses that gets me every time. Maybe it’s that they are at once sexy and understated – the antithesis of in-your-face cleavage and overt look-at-me sexuality. Maybe it’s the element of surprise and the fact that from the front, a dress can look totally demure, yet a glimpse of the back reveals exposed skin and a nod to all that makes women alluring.

Or maybe it’s all that and more.