Summer Street Style Inspiration

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Are there any other Aussie’s out there feeling a little perplexed by the schizophrenic “summer” weather at the moment?


In any normal December, my style direction involves wearing flimsy, billowing fabrics in an attempt to stay cool as we swelter and sweat our way through the summer months, but this year I’m inspired by a total mish-mash of looks, with blazers and cropped jeans making a surprise appearance amongst sizzling neons and sexy backless tops.

My favourite piece in the above selection has to be the incredible Zimmermann backless top Jess from Tuula Vintage is rocking. Simple sophistication.

+ What looks are you loving right now?


Something a bit fun and different today!

Gorgeous Carmen from The Chronicles of Her tagged me to take part in the new summer blogger initiative ‘Believe’. There’s more information on the Sportsgirl blog but basically, I was asked to give you a bit of an insight into my dreams by answering the questions below:

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A magazine editor – a dream that never wavered (except for about a year when I was 7 and told anyone who’d listen that I wanted to be an artist) until I started my Bachelor of Communications at Uni.

Did you make this dream come true or did you change your mind?

I (thankfully) did a triple major at Uni, covering off Public Relations, Marketing and Journalism, and a couple of months into my degree I started to feel like a career in PR was more in line with where I wanted to be. My passion for the hard slog of news journalism had started to wane in Year 12 when I did work experience at the local newspaper and although I still loved to write, the focus on negativity and ‘the bad guy’ felt at odds with the eternal optimist in me.

After a bit of a detour as a watch designer – a job I adored, that allowed me to travel the world – I found myself back in PR three and a half years ago and I’ve now evolved that role to include Digital Communications. The way of the future, baby!

I guess my dream of working in magazines didn’t get completely discarded however (despite showing up in a different form) as I now create and curate content here on In Spaces Between by night (and morning, and weekend) which thrills me to bits.

What is your fave childhood memory?

Growing up, my cousins lived in rural Western Victoria on a huge property that backed onto a river and waterfall. My favourite childhood memories are of my younger brothers, cousins and I chasing sheep on quad bikes and PeeWee 50 motorbikes, zooming down the river in old tyre tubes, yabbie  pumping in the rock pools, and trudging back into the house exhausted in the early evening to devour a huge meal before bed. It was pure, unadulterated bliss. That place was like a countrified Disneyland and I’ll always have the fondest memories of our family holidays there.

The biggest dream you have right now?

I’ve got an army of big dreams, but the one that speaks to me most is my dream to write books that combine breathtaking imagery with inspiring words on living a beautiful life. I want to light a fire in the readers’ soul, make them feel electric and guide them as they bring  their own extreme dreams to fruition!

I also want to continue whipping up wise words and connecting with the bright sparks and inspiration-seekers that make up the In Spaces Between community (yes, that’s YOU!)

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?

The new range is stunning, but I’ve got a particular crush on the accessories. I love a good splash of colour!

I’ve already purchased the Liz Pop Sling in Tan and Melon (the perfect size clutch, in my opinion) and I think the Gabin Satin wedges would look hot teamed with the Lila Drape Pants and the gorgeous silver tribal necklace.

The idea is that I now have to tag three more lovely bloggers to answer the questions above so I’m nominating Claire and Jas from Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea (which counts as two!) and Ally from Unknown Pleasures/ Who Killed Bambi.

On My (Birthday) Wishlist!

It’s my birthday on the 23rd (next Wednesday, yippee!) and I’ve been asked numerous times by my man and my mother what I want, so I thought I’d help them out with a bit of an inspiration post.

What I actually really want is a new logo and web design but it’s quite far down the list of priorities at the moment, so above are some of the other goodies I’ve got my eye on.

You’ll notice there are no books on there, and the reason for this is I’ve been going CRAZY lately on the Book Depository – to the point where I can’t even remember how many I’ve ordered in the past week, which is slightly ridiculous. Fair to say I’m “well stocked up.” I also left clothing off this list as I plan on publishing a separate summer style post very soon.

1 // Tigerlily Euva Beach Towel – I’ve been using our regular bathroom towels down at the beach lately and they really don’t cut it. I love the simplicity of this Tigerlily one and I’m also a huge fan of the fringing. Win all round.

2 // Mezi Aaliyah necklace  – My love affair with statement necklaces continues. This one from new store Mezi is a show-stopper! Would be perfect with a plain black dress/ top.

3 // Alexander Wang Prisma Biker Calf Hair Wallet – Love Wang, love this wallet. Hot.

4 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Messenger – Sigh. I’m majorly in love with the Pashli. Stunning.

5 // Kora Exfoliating Cream – Will I magically start looking like Miranda Kerr if I use this exfoliant?

6 // St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur – Yum. Perfect for summer cocktails in the afternoon sun.

7 // Topshop Leather Satchel – A more affordable alternative to the Phillip Lim messenger.

8 // Quiksilver Campfire Beach Blanket – Summer means plenty of picnics in the park, so I have no doubt this cute tribal print blanket will get whipped out on a regular basis.

9 // Peeptoe Goddess Isis Necklace – Again with the statement necklace love.

10 // She Sits By The Sea Shore Vintage Oil and Vinegar Bottles – I’m pretty lucky when it comes to op shop scores but there are some rarities that never seem to pop up, like these babies.

11 // Low Luv Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring and Large Pyrite Ring from Molten Store – Cool finger candy.

12 // Vintage globe – I’m obsessed with globes and have always wanted a vintage style one for my desk.

13 // Miles of Light 2012 Calendar and Rifle Paper Co. 2012 Calendar – Pretty paper goods for the New Year.

+ What about you, what are you currently coveting? I love a sneaky peek at other people’s wishlists so share below what you’re saving your pennies for!

Wedding Inspiration: Feathers

There’s something really captivating about feathers. Delicate, unique and the perfect addition to a natural/ bohemian/ carefree wedding, (tasteful) feathers can be used in so many different ways, as shown above.

A few of my favourites

Save the Dates: What an innovative (and potentially cost-effective) alternative to a traditional Save the Date card! I’d love to get one of these beauties in the mail.

Boutonniere: Simply stunning! Small guinea fowl feathers are essential for these (can’t see gigantic peacock feathers looking too crash hot) and can be teamed with a subtle hair clip for the ladies.

Feathers in place of flowers: In a bouquet or as a striking centrepiece for the table. Bonus: they’ll last forever for the sentimental amongst us, unlike flowers.

Feather headdress: I love everything about Mandy from Oracle Fox’s Bali wedding, but the combination of her Sass and Bide dress and the gorgeous feather headpiece she wore for the ceremony definitely takes the cake. Insanely beautiful, or what?!

+ How about you, are you a feather fan? Would you incorporate feathers into your wedding?

Images: 1. Birds of a Feather 2. Martha Stewart Weddings 3. Inspired By This 4. Treasured Dress 5. Briton Loves It 6. Gardener and Marks 7. Green Wedding Shoes 8. Budget Savvy Bride 9. Anavictoriana 10. Green Wedding Shoes 11, 12. Once Wed  13, 14. Jonas Peterson

Wedding Inspiration: Sequins and Sparkles









As I may have mentioned once or twice, I’m currently on the hunt for my wedding gown, which is super exciting but kinda hard. What if I find something I love now, that I don’t love so much next year? My taste changes all the time! What if I find my dream dress and it’s ridiculously out of my budget? So much to consider!

Anyway, on my search for the perfect dress, I can’t help but continually refer back to Elie Saab’s astonishly beautiful Fall 2011 Couture pieces for inspiration. The whole collection just blows me away. Pure magic. 

I’m starting to think these floaty, ethereal masterpieces must have triggered some ‘girly glamour’ neurons in my brain, because I’m all about (tasteful) sequins and sparkly accoutrements at the moment. What do you think? If they’re done right – as in, a pair of delicately sequined shoes with a simple dress, or a headpiece that sparkles ever-so-slightly – I think they can be totally gorgeous.

Images: 1. Vogue 2. Oh Hello Friend 3. Birkin Shmirkin 4. Fashionising 5.Photo Smashing 6. Un Beau Jour 7. unknown 8. Lola Haze 9. What Heather Loves 10. A Glamourous Little Side Project 11. Elle Tumblr 12. Dust Jacket Attic 13. Coolspotters 14. The Berry 15. Cupcakes Couture MB 16. The Glitter Guide 17. We Heart It 18. Vintage Wildness 19. Put a ring on it 20. Tumblr 21. Avante Garde Gothic 22. Scout Charlottesville 23. Sarah Chase 24. Reasons to Breathe 25, 26. Gorgeous Glam

Currently Coveting: Statement Necklaces


I’m not much of an earring wearer (for some reason, I always feel too dressed up when I put earrings on… very strange!) but I absolutely love a statement necklace. They’re definitely having their moment in the spotlight and there’s everything from the affordable “wear-a-few-times-then-forget-about-it” styles out there to the investment pieces that you’ll cherish for years to come.

I love pairing a statement necklace with a block colour dress for going out or with a plain shirt/ tee/ singlet for work to dress up a relatively low-key look.

If you’re a fan too…

Make a statement with an attention-grabbing necklace from: 

1. My Wardrobe2. Off the Runway
3. Samantha Wills
4. Urban Outfitters
5. Alegorie
6. Diva
7. Sportsgirl
8. Topshop
9. ManiaMania  
10. Mimco

+ QUESTION: If you could only wear one piece of jewellery (well two, if your choice is earrings!), what would it be?

Images: 1. Haute Design 2. Fashion Confidentials  3. Fashion Confidentials 4. Berlin Street Style 5, 6. High Snobette 7. FrockShop 8. Anthropologie & Paperlime 9. Langoliers NYC 10. Olivia Palermo the Socialite 11, 12. MOLTEN store 13. Fenton 14. Samantha Wills



There’s something about backless dresses that gets me every time. Maybe it’s that they are at once sexy and understated – the antithesis of in-your-face cleavage and overt look-at-me sexuality. Maybe it’s the element of surprise and the fact that from the front, a dress can look totally demure, yet a glimpse of the back reveals exposed skin and a nod to all that makes women alluring.

Or maybe it’s all that and more.

I especially love backless wedding dresses and have included some of my favourite inspiration below.

Let the swoon-a-thon begin.

5 tips for ensuring you look smokin’ hot with your back on show:

1. Exfoliate like a madwoman. Regularly. Get that skin glowing. And moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

2. Tan. Of the fake variety. A bit of colour will work wonders for definition.

3. Shimmer and sparkle. Ask your favourite helper to slather a thick body lotion with a hint of shimmer down your back (Palmers do an amazing Leg Gloss illuminator that has a bronze tint and smooths any imperfections beautifully). Subtley is the key, you don’t want to look like you tripped over in Cher’s dressing room, after all.

4. Exercise. Tone your back with pilates or yoga, boxing or back-specific exercises at the gym (the majority of machines targetted at your shoulders will do the trick – think lat pull-downs, chest presses and of course, the good old push up).

5. Confidence. Rock that smouldering backless number like only you can, baby. You. Will. Kill. It.


Images: 1. Bridal Blog  2. via The Lane 3. The Stone Cold Fox 4. From Me to You 5. Pretty Girll 6. Lace & Tea 7. Sacramento Street 8. Matthew Christopher 9, 10. The Green Dandelion 11. This is Glamorous 12. Knight Cat  13. Dust Jacket Attic 14. unknown 15. Brown Dress With White Dots 16. Style Me Pretty 17. Paul Johnson 18. Pinterest 19. Write My Fairytale 20. Reasons to Breathe 21. Fashion Toast