How I Do It: An Interview with Susannah Conway (+ a Giveaway!)


I remember curling up one Saturday morning with Susannah Conway’s (at the time) brand new book This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart in my hands – and in what felt like a sneeze in time – I found myself on the final page, my soul soothed by her searing honesty and tender way of ‘getting to the heart of it all.’

Susannah has this way of drawing you in. If you’ve read her work before – and I hazard a guess you’ve probably discovered this radiant woman before now – you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement when I say that she’s a nurturer. There’s this swirling, gracious, soul mama vibe about her that is both soft and fierce, and vulnerable yet potent (in fact, she’s my favourite kind of contradiction).