R + R Get Married! The Details (Part 5)

Details, details, details. Without a doubt, it’s the deep love and the people that make a wedding, but often it’s the little details that can pull together a truckload of inspiration to create a memorable and aesthetically beautiful celebration.

After a few stops and starts, we were truly blessed to assemble what we affectionately refer to as ‘The A-Team’ for our wedding, and I’m crazy about everyone involved.

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Behind the Scenes with a Bride-to-Be: Under 3 Weeks to Go!


Holy moooooley.

Here’s how this excited bride-to-be has been keeping busy of late…

Health & Beauty


No-one had the heart to tell Rachel that she’d mistakenly covered her face in Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing. 

Behind the Scenes with a Bride-to-Be: 5 Weeks to Go!

Well, if we’re going to get technical, it’s actually 4 weeks and 5 days til THE BIG DAY but to keep the butterflies at bay for this prone-to-overstimulation soon-to-be-wife (also prone to hyphenation) let’s just say 5 weeks shall we?

Here’s the scoop on what’s been going on since my first update.

6 Weeks Today: The Wedding Countdown is ON!

In 6 weeks time, I’ll be walking down the aisle and exchanging vows, rings and kisses with the love of my life – who, coincidentally, I’ve been with for 6 years (our 6 year anniversary is the day after our wedding).

To continue the 6 theme, the reason I’ve been missing in action around here is because I’ve given myself a deadline of May 6 to have pretty much everything planned and locked away for our wedding. We’re visiting our venue that day to meet with a few of our superstar suppliers for the last time and I’ve always liked the idea of having things sorted a few weeks out so that the remaining weeks before the Big Day can be dedicated to some serious quality time with my love before we do this thing called marrrrrriage.