In Spaces Between

Reach for Freedom by Just BEing


* This guest post by life coach and all-round gorgeous woman, Kate Swoboda from Your Courageous Life is the perfect follow on from yesterday’s post on intention, embracing adventure and BEING in the moment. Enjoy!

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Rapid-Fire Wisdom for Some of Your Biggest Challenges

“I’m stuck, lost, in need of direction. I know what I want but how do I get there?”

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The eBook Has Landed! More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever

Today is a very special day!

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Do the Work: Inspired Action in the Face of Procrastination


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Blog Break: What I Did, What I Learnt + Why You Totally Need to Lose the Guilt!

Hello, hello!

I’m back after my week off, and although I’m sitting here with a lovely neck/ shoulder sprain (eck), I’ve had an awesome week that has been as productive as it has restorative. Definitely feeling significantly more refreshed and on top of things!

I knew it was time for a digital hiatus. You just know… you know? Inspiration was lagging, I felt continually swamped and the same old story was replaying in my head: “I just need to get this done and then {insert flimsy promise to take a break}.”

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What’s Your Dream?

I’m halfway through Denise Duffield-Thomas’ ridiculously inspiring book ‘Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success’ and one of the biggest messages I’m getting (loud and clear) is that it’s not only essential to build a razor sharp vision for what you want, it’s just as important to share those big, wild, exciting dreams of yours with the world.

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The Best Thing You Can Do To Make More Friends, Grow Your Community & Be Generally Awesome

Blow other people’s trumpets. 

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