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My eBook ‘More Magic, All the Time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever’

“By immersing myself in your free eBook, I learned more, released more and grew more than I did in 10 sessions with my shrink!”

Click the link, jump on the list and soak it up, beautiful. A gift from my heart to yours.

Rock Your Life Daily Planner

A downloadable daily planner – with plenty of space for affirmations and your gratitude list – that will help you rock your day like nobody’s biz.

Spirited Preview – Lesson One

‘Thought is energy. Dreams are energy. You create your life with every thought, every dream and every intention.This is powerful stuff.’

The first lesson in Spirited is all about ‘Dreams, Visions + Crystal Clear Intentions’ and I’d love you to have a play with it, on the house. Click the link above and it’s all yours.

Spirited Manifesto

Stoke the fire in your belly with this goodie from the Spirited eBook. Download your copy and Pin/ share away with reckless abandon – if you’re called to (and if you are, thank you so very much).

Spirited Meditation Guide

Crazy clarity, super-charged creativity, peace of mind, less stress and a deeper relationship with the truth of who you are – what’s not to love about meditation?

Use this freebie from Spirited to help you find a stillness style that’s just right for you – or hey, maybe you’ll even mix ‘n’ match and test them all out? I know you’re wild like that. Om. 

60 Journal Prompts

Designed to inspire radical self-exploration. If you’ve ever had the desire to deepen your connection to yourself through journalling, but have found yourself staring at the blank page in front of you thinking ‘Where the hell do I start?’ – let these questions be your guide. Pick a few at random or work through them methodically. Whatever works best for you.

Products I Support, With Love

Lifestyle Transformation Guide

You’ve heard the call – enough is enough; it’s time to transform your health (once and for all). Here’s the program that will lovingly guide you there. The LTG is content-rich and totally revolutionary. I’m so proud to be a contributor.

The Desire Map

This – THIS – is a total game-changer. Plain ‘n’ simple: your goals will never be the same again once you’ve read Danielle LaPorte’s wisdom on ‘goals with soul’ and living from desire.

She asks: What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? and I’ll share a little secret – what happens is that your life works better. Infinitely so. A must-have.

The Coaching Blueprint

Holy mother of coaching, this book is jam-packed to the max with how-to’s and first hand stories/ case studies/interviews. If you’re a coach, you’re going to love it. And most probably, scribble notes all through it.

Guided Chakra Cleanse for Busy People

You’ll read more about why I love Belinda Davidson below, but before that, I need to recommend her Chakra Clearing Meditation for Busy People. This meditation changes… stuff. It will change your energy, your way of being in the world. And as B says ‘Change your energy, change your life.’

For balancing, stress relief, finding your centre, coming home – give it a go. It’s my absolute favourite.

People I Adore

Belinda Davidson | Medical Intuitive, Modern Mystic + Mentor

Belinda is magnetic, and that’s just one of the reasons why she’s my much-loved mentor.

Before I started working with Belinda, I felt what I can only describe as a gravitational pull towards her and her heart’s work. There was this deep knowing that when we did team up, my life would be irrevocably changed. And it has been.

Our chats are like a salve for the soul. We laugh. We dive deep. Belinda gives me razor-sharp clarity on what’s happening for me on an energetic level (her ability to ‘see’ blows my mind on a daily basis) and with her wisdom gently tucked in my back pocket, I shift, unravel, move forward.

I’m not entirely sure I can do justice to the experience of working with Belinda in words, but let’s just say, I have a lot of love for this woman and feel honoured to be on this journey with her.

Marie Forleo + B-School

B-School changed my life. Unquestionably. In mid-2012, making the commitment to enrol in this 8 week online course (days before my wedding) was Big with a capital B, but thank god I did.

B-School has been the catalyst for a slew of scary-awesome, electrifying changes in my life. A few months after completing the course, I left 10+ years in the corporate world behind and started a coaching business (basically overnight). This was well ahead of the ‘timeline’ I’d been working to in my head, but feeling held and carried the community of supportive, world-changin’ female entrepreneurs, it was a no-brainer. There was simply no more time to waste. It was time to buck up and start living that big dream of mine.

Business aside, I also credit B-School for deepening the friendships with women I am proud to call my soul sisters. These women enrich my life like you wouldn’t believe. If it’s not obvious (!), I’m a huge fan of this program and grateful for the life I’ve been able to create because of it. Five stars.

Stephanie Blaszak | Designer + Developer

A few words spring to mind when I think of Steph – incredibly patient, astute, understanding and a total sweetheart. This woman is the platinum standard of excellence.

I’d been searching for a skilled graphic designer who could also do the back-end development, and Steph, being the multi-talented web wizard she is, jumped in and seemed to effortlessly take my site from Plain Ol’ Blog  to Blog With a Side of Business. I couldn’t be happier with the refreshed, much more aligned version of my online home.

Keep an eye on this one – I know she’s going to soar.

Sian Richardson | Wild-Hearted Creative Rebel

Sian is an absolute BOSS. I adore her because not only is she incredibly intuitive, highly efficient and a grand master of creativity in a work sense, but beyond that, she’s an awesome human being and a great friend.

Sian designed my first eBook More Magic, All the Time (nailed it) and more recently, wove her magic wand over Spirited to make it LOOK like what it FELT like to write.

If you’re looking for a pro, hire Sian immediately… if not sooner. You won’t regret it. She rules.

Jo Klima | Soul-Centred Designer + Artist

Soft ‘n’ feminine, light ‘n’ right, Jo’s design aesthetic is like a long, slow exhale. Everybody say Ahhh. Ahhhhh.

Over the past year or so, I’ve hired Jo (who is also a lovely friend) to do bits and pieces on my site as well as the paper goods for my wedding, and let me tell you – she always, ALWAYS over-delivers.

Jo just ‘gets it.’ There’s no hand-holding. It’s simply not needed. You share the seed of an idea and she comes back with the rose bush in full bloom. Perfectly formed.

Another of Jo’s superpowers is that she’s always thinking two steps ahead and offering practical ‘Did you think about this?’ tips to make life easier. There’s a reason this soulful designer is always in demand. Get her on your team.

Celeste Mitchell | Whip-Smart Wordslinger

Celeste is a phenomenal woman who I’m lucky to have called a friend for a few years now (in former lives, we worked in similar roles for partner organisations).

Celeste’s copy is rich and fresh and and truly ALIVE. Her words dance. Through a well-crafted ‘pre-game’ questionnaire, Cel was able to deftly tease out some salient messages about my work (in her stellar, signature way).

From there, I was able to whip up a bio I’m proud to share with the world and that feels like me. I’m all for collaboration, so doing it this way made my heart sing and of course, I can’t recommend this vibrant, copywritin’ cowgirl enough.

Jessica Larsen | Word-Wrangler 

There’s something about writing your own About page and Services page that brings up generous heaping of resistance, and after sitting down to pull together the nuts and bolts of mine, I knew I needed someone to take a bird’s eye view and clarify the parts that just weren’t gelling.

Enter: the wildly perceptive, Jess Larsen.

In a heartbeat, she captured the essence of my message beautifully, intuitively and powerfully – shining a bright light on all the parts that hadn’t felt quite right. The way she weaves words is cause for celebration alone, but to have her give me that kind of clarity around my offers was priceless.

From there, I was then free (encouraged!) to take Jess’ words and make them my own. It was the perfect partnership.

While I’m a writer-slash-word nerd myself, calling in copywriting support from Jess and Cel left me feeling abundant, expansive and considerably more ‘pro.’ In fact, it’s now become the way of the future for me and my work. 

Brieann Boal | Holistic Lifestyle Designer + Yoga Goddess 

Training with Brieann is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… and believe me, I’ve experimented.

I’ve done the cardio/ group training thing. I’ve laced up my runners and pounded the pavement more times than I can remember, and I’ve come back to centre on my yoga mat, but what I love about my sessions with Brieann is that we blend the best of all that with the stuff that feeds the spirit – intention-setting, morning sun on our faces and plenty of laughter.

It feels amazing.

Seamlessly weaving her knowledge of the body with the kind of soulful wisdom that makes my heart sing, Brieann has taught me a lot about why my body feels the way it does week to week – why some weeks ‘gentle’ is necessary, and others, we go at it on all cylinders. Deep gratitude for this spirited sista.

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Books. I love 'em. Can't get enough. And when I stumble on a winner, nothing makes me happier than sharing the love.

Head over to my Amazon store to check out the (ever-evolving) collection of books that have inspired, informed and empowered my life and biz.

For going pro + getting organised


I use Satori to send agreements and questionnaires to my clients, who then get full access to my coaching calendar so they can book their own sessions. No more back and forthing. Easy peasy.


If you’re looking for hosting for your site, get in touch with Steve Davis and tell him I told you he’s a rockstar. Unparalleled support. Laughs-a-minute. Good times.


Random epiphanies? Lightning bolts of inspiration before bed? A big idea you need to capture… immediately? Evernote is the answer. I have the app on my iPhone and the desktop version on my Mac, and with a simple click of a spinny-icon, can sync the two, ensuring none of those moments of genius are ever lost.  I tell everyone about Evernote and here I am, singing its praises from my digital soapbox again. Go on. Get on it.


The one and only blogging platform for me.

Google Docs

Awesome for collaborations (like say, writing a joint eBook with one of your besties).