Our Engagement Photos!

Gooooood morning and happy Monday to you all!

I’m so excited to share some of our engagement photos today, shot by our mega-talented wedding photographer Ali Mitton (who I raved about here).

It was kind of a funny experience doing this shoot as Ramai and I have never had photos taken together as a couple (hence some of the awkward poses) but I’m so glad we did this “trial run” before the wedding. Ali made us feel really comfortable and it was all very flowy and organic, and we’re both thrilled with the result.

I can’t wait to blow some of these up and frame them as I love how they look on my large screen at home. It’s a bit hard to see some of them properly due to the image width restrictions of my blog, but you get the idea anyway.

For all the brides-to-be out there, I can’t recommend doing an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer enough, it definitely gives you things to think about as far as posing/ angles/ the kinds of shots you love and wants oodles of on your Big Day.

So without any further ado…

Extra deets:

Location: Tallows Beach/ Slow Dance on Tallows beach house, Byron Bay

Flowers: The beautiful florals were crafted by Elise from Elyssium Blooms (new website coming on its way, so check her out on Facebook). Elise was an absolute dream to work with – so much so that we’re bringing her in to work on a bunch of things for our wedding now. The girl is a star – check her out!

Props: The majority of the vintage props including the brass vessels, crochet linens, furniture, bottles and so on were kindly provided by our friend Judi from Little Gray Station. I mentioned Jude in my last post but it’s worth mentioning her gorgeous business again – you should see her inventory, it’s incredible and growing by the day. Find her on Facebook here.

Make-up: By the lovely (and stunning) Ashlea Penfold. What a gem!

Styling/ set-up: yours truly.

+ So that’s it! I’d love to know what you think of our shots so leave me a comment below. x

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  1. I’m just absolutely melting right now! My heart is doing little leaps of joy – just looking at these photos reminds me of the power, intensity and overall amazingness of true love! Thank you for sharing these intimate moments – you have made my day! And you looked so incredibly beautiful, Rach – if these are your engagement photos, then I can’t even begin to believe how breathtaking your wedding shots will be. Much love and gratitude xoxo

  2. These are so amazing. I have never been a fan of engagement sessions before, I guess because I had never seen one that wasn’t cheesy. BUT this is so so so tasteful, stunning, heart-melting and jaw droppingly beautiful. Kind of makes me want to do it myself. I think getting comfortable with the photographer is SO important. You’ve definitely inspired me here. Congratulations. I can only imagine how incredible the wedding photos will be!

  3. Shanny: Oh beautiful girl, what a comment – I’m so glad that’s what you get out of these pics, because that’s most definitely how I feel about that amazing man! So so excited for the wedding. xx

    Sal: Ha, BLUSH! I was definitely cringing at myself for the most part when we got them back. A model I am not! xx

    Jess: Lovely lady! You are far too kind! And you’re on… when can we do this thing?! ;) xx

    Indra: Oh so true – I’m the biggest Anti-Cheese crusader in the world. Which is why we wanted Ali in the first place – she’s not a wedding photographer by trade and so everything feels more natural. Let me know if you do a shoot! xx

  4. Hey Rach, a gorgeous photoshoot. I agree taking some photos before hand is a great idea to get comfortable and used to having a camera shoved in your face!

    They also double as nice shots to put into your programs!


  5. They are absolutely stunning Rach! Such a magical vibe and very much in line with your aesthetic tastes (as per In Spaces Between and your pinterest boards).

    You must be so excited about the wedding shots! Glad that she made you feel at ease and much more confident for the big day! Are you guys planning to do a first look?

  6. these are so so so beautiful Rach! i love your head piece & the whole styling of everything. the shots are so dreamy, your wedding shots are going to be amazing if this is how good engagement shots can turn out!!x

  7. Oh my gosh — I absolutely LOVE these! You are so beautiful, and your beau is too. You can tell how in love you two are — it just shows. Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures, they are going to be phenomenal!! :)

  8. Hey Jas, I love the idea of the first look but I’m also a sucker for that moment where the bride is walking down the aisle and everyone looks at the groom to see his reaction. It’s one of my favourite parts of being at a wedding… so I think we’ll save that and cherish that all together with all our loved ones. xx

  9. I’m so beyond thrilled by everyone’s comments about the lurrrrve shining through, because really, that’s all that matters. And there is TONNES of it. A universe full. xx

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