R + R Get Married! (Part 1)


There’s so much to tell.

How do you distill months of preparation, an avalanche of emotion, sights and sounds and essential characters – the celebration of a love story spanning six years – into words and images?

I’m really not sure. It feels like a gargantuan task. I’m hoping I can do it some justice over the next few posts.

I’ll start with the day before. I spoke about the week leading in to our wedding here but I’ll talk a bit more about the Friday to connect the dots and start the story flowing from there.

Friday was literally full-freaking-on. When you’re the wedding planner, wedding stylist and bride-to-be all rolled into one, and you’re essentially the only one with the vision for the big extravaganza unfolding the next day, there will be questions. Many, many “What else needs done and where do I find this, and this, and this?” questions. See also: how does one clone oneself?

We got to work early because I’m better that way (purposeful “doing” makes me happy and finally I could “do” rather than simply “plan”) and what ensued was a huge day of rearranging and arranging décor, changing plans, climbing ladders to hang things from the roof, rehearsing the ceremony, accepting the rain and {insert 5692 trillion other things here}, and finally, at around 9pm, Ramai and I had a moment to sit down together, with no one else around, to edit the songs we were using in the ceremony the next day. Nothing like a bit of last minute song editing – and Chinese takeaway – to celebrate your impending nuptials!

By that point we were both pretty overwhelmed by how much we’d squeezed in to the day and the enormity of the whole event finally coming together, and as I walked my soon-to-be-husband out to the car so he could head back the accommodation he was staying in that night, we were finally able to take a breath… followed straight away by some pretty serious tears from us both.

I’ll never forget those tender moments – that deeply vulnerable, please-don’t-leave-I-need-you-to-hold-me feeling, all that unhinged anticipation and excitement cloaked in exhaustion. It had it all, and I know those sacred, precious embraces will stay with me forever – just the two of us talking about why we were embarking on this beautiful thing called marriage and reflecting on the path we’d travelled together to get to that point. It makes me quite emotional to think back to that now, actually. Wowee.


The Big Day Has Arrived!


Thoughts about the way you’ll feel on the morning of one of the most important days of your life are something you inevitably flip over in your mind throughout the wedding planning process.

“Will I even sleep the night before? Will I wake up sick with nerves? Break down in tears, throw a tantrum, need some “alone” time, down a whole bottle of champagne before the bridesmaids arrive?” The whole lot.

In reality though, when I woke up at 5:15am on Saturday 2 June, I just felt calm. Ridiculously serene. Full of joy and so, SO ready. Truth be told, I think I was a hundred times more nervous when I was bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, and I’ll share a little secret here: I have a feeling I owe that sense of inner peace to Rescue Remedy. If you’re not familiar with this bottle o’ goodness, seriously, get acquainted. I think there might just be magic in there.

We still had some decorating to do after breakfast and my excitement levels were almost out of control by the time I headed down to the accommodation (“The Shed”), conveniently located at the venue, where my beautiful bridesmaids and Mum were already having their hair and makeup done.

IT’S. GETTING. SO. CLOSE. we were all exclaiming, and there were happy tears and present opening and glasses of Veuve and big hugs all round. Despite chatting to him that morning on the phone, I was really missing Ramai by that point and was beyond pumped to get the show on the road (what’s that they say about patience being a virtue?!)

When I heard the boys had arrived and that the ceremony would be starting in 20 minutes, the butterflies definitely started to kick in. Eep!

I’m going to talk more about the ceremony in another post, so I’ll leave with one of my favourite moments of the getting ready process, which was when my Dad and my brothers came in to the room (my three brothers walked down the aisle just before Dad and I) and with shining eyes, told me I looked beautiful and that they were so proud. I know I’ll hold the way I felt when that happened close to my heart for eternity.

So there you have it, Part 1 of our wedding!

Today was a bit of an overview to give you a feel for the day, but in future posts I’ll delve deeper into the ceremony, the reception dinner/ paaaartay time (drinking + dancing!), the people that helped us bring the day to life, the details and our highlights. There’s so much more to share.

I’d LOVE to hear what you think so far so drop me a line in the comments my loves!

UPDATE: there are quite a few newbies around here so if you want a bit of background on Ramai and I, you can check out our wedding website here.

For even more wedding goodness, check out Part 2 (The Ceremony), Part 3 (The Reception), Part 4 (Party Time!) and Part 5 (The Details).

Photos by Ali Mitton + Emma McMillan 

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  1. Kylie says:

    Rach, I can’t get over how gorgeous these photos are!! I was holding my breath looking at them all! You are stunning, and it really does look like the most magical day. Congrats again! x

  2. Sig says:

    What a a beautiful wedding!! I love it all – it’s so so perfect. You look radiant and one my fave photos there is the one where you can just see the love shining from Ramai’s face when he sees you.


    Can’t wait to hear/see more!

  3. jazziefizzle says:

    Whoa!! Your photos are breathtaking! So worth the wait! I love the mood and vibe of these photos and all the details – oh my!! Looks like something I would gush over on one of the popular wedding blogs! Cannot believe that you did it all yourself, that hard work certainly paid off!

    You were such a beautiful bride and I bet Ramai was gob-smacked as you walked down the aisle! Can’t wait to see the rest and hear about the rest of your day!

  4. alannah says:

    Your wedding is just so darn beautiful R&R!!
    Its all so whimsical & romantic & just stunning.
    I can’t wait to read the following posts :) xx

  5. Courtney says:

    Rach, I’m not even a wedding person, but this made me weepy. You (and your entire wedding party) look absolutely beautiful and what you’ve written is so touching. Congratulations, again!

  6. I can’t believe how beautiful your photos are. The day looked amazing. I can see how much hard work you must have gone to pulling it all together. Every detail is considered. I look forward to the post series on your wedding.

    Congratulations again. Xx

  7. Kirra says:

    Yep, I cried. You are beautiful and everything looks absolutely stunning, even more amazing than I could have imagined. Congratulations gorgeous girl xx

  8. Tash says:

    Absolutely beautiful Rachel. Thank you for sharing x

  9. amber says:

    Just beautiful.


  10. Victoria says:

    Everything/one looks stunning! Can’t wait for the next posts!

  11. Nikki says:

    WOW.. don’t know what to say, magical is the right word I guess. You look so truly happy! Do share more! :-)

  12. Jen says:

    Absolutely love the whole vibe of the thing ;) And you, and the whole thing, were beautiful! I have jus started planning my own wedding and it’s very exciting! x

  13. SJ says:

    Absolutely stunning! I was swept away in the romance of it all reading this…can’t wait for the next instalment! x x x

  14. Kendra says:

    my goodness, you sure are a stunning bride. I can’t believe you did all of the planning yourself! it’s amazing!! not to mention, I teared up a little reading your recap of the day before.. can’t wait to hear about the ceremony!

  15. Cees says:

    Oh Rach.
    You. Are. Stunning.

    “Beautiful” just doesn’t even seem to cut it, nor do others like breath taking, impressive, dazzling or magnificent.

    Now to a question – who made your dress and bridesmaids dresses? And what material(s) are they made from?

    It is a such a pleasure to be able to share in your special day.

    Thank you so so much x

  16. Tara says:

    Wow!!! You look stunning, Ramai looks strapping, all of the beautiful handmade touches and setting look absolutely amazing!

    You should be very proud of yourselves :)

    I love that you are sharing these very special, heartwarming moments with us!! I get giddy every time I think about the lead up to our big day in 7 weeks and often wonder how I will handle it on the day. Hoping not to a) be sick or b) faint, if I can get through without either of those then I’m having a win!

    Looking forward to the next installment :)

  17. Anna says:

    You look just stunning & I love how you made it so personal & not like every other wedding! Made me reminisce my big day :) You’re going to absolutely love married life xx Thank you for your blog & keep up the amazing work!

  18. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Kylie, Sig, Jas, Alannah, Courtney, Monika, Kirra, Tash, Amber, Victoria, Nikki, Jen, SJ, Kendra, Cees, Tara & Anna (phew, did I miss anyone?!)

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your beautiful words have seriously brought tears to my eyes! Gratitude always.

    Cees: Amaline Vitale designed my dress (she is based in Armadale in Melbourne) and I’m actually selling it if you’re interested! ;) It’s French silk and tulle (through the bodice). The bridesmaid dresses were Alannah Hill and they were silk chiffon. xx

  19. Liz says:

    SERIOULSY, s-s-s-stunning Rach. You, Ramai, the venue – everything was amazing and just glowing! perfect photos, you’re photogtaphers are fantastic. can’t wait to see the rest… hurry up!! haha xxx

  20. Elysia says:

    AMAZING :-)

    The photos are just stunning!

    I totally second that remarkable feeling of calm on the morning of. I’d been a bundle of nerves for the week before our wedding but woke up blissfully relaxed that morning too.

    So many warm fuzzies reading this :-) Sounds like it was a spectacular day! xxx

  21. Milan says:

    Rach your wedding is just amazing and the photos absolutely breath taking. When I get married you can be my wedding planner. All the little details are beautiful :)

    Congratulations to you two and I hope the future brings you more happiness with each day! ?

    ?? Milan ??

  22. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Liz: Haha, they’re coming, don’t worry honey ;) xx

    Elysia: Isn’t it the most bizarre feeling? I like to think of it as a big hgh five from your body. “You’ve earnt this, girl.” xx

    Milan: Done! xx

  23. Erin says:

    Ahhhhhh….. What an amazing day to be a part of! So many emotions, so many beautiful people and so many unforgettable moments!!!! Everything was perfect!!! I just had a happy tear reading through all this! So much fun! Xxxx

  24. kelly ann says:

    What a stunning wedding! I seriously let out the biggest sigh looking at these and reading your beautiful words. Just gorgeous. And your photographer takes the most ethereal, dreamy photos! Can’t wait to see more – congratulations :)


  25. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Ez: Thank YOU for being such an incredible bridesmaid! LOVE YOU ALWAYS. x

    Kelly Ann: Thank you so much! And yep, “dreamy” photos are my fave kind of photos, and I knew Ali would be perfect for capturing just that feeling. x

  26. An exquisite wedding to see. Would have been great to photograph. Congratulations! Your efforts certainly paid off.

  27. Jess Ainscough says:

    Wow, this is the most beautiful wedding ever!! Every part looks absolutely stunning! And you look amazing!! You have a serious talent there Rach. I am hanging to hear the rest of your round up. xx

  28. SJ says:

    Wow, Rach. Absolutely breathtaking. Amazing wedding, pics and write up. You little starlight, you… Xxx

  29. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Hannah, Jess & SJ: Thank you SO much. My gosh, can’t even put in words how grateful I am for all your kind words. BLOWN. A-WAY. x

  30. Connie says:

    My goodness girl, you are simply stunning. It looks like the most magical and special day! xx

  31. Christina @ Hair Romance says:

    So excited to see these STUNNING pics. Even more beautiful than I was xpecting. You look radiant Rach. Congrats again on a gorgeous celebration of love xxx

  32. Jennifer says:

    Seriously incredible. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Totally gives new meaning to ‘I believe in l.o.v.e’.
    Stunning photos, stunning venue and stunning couple. Can’t wait to read more posts :)
    When the times comes for me to wed I will definitely be calling on your wise words of advice! I think you may have found your calling! x

  33. Serena says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing Rach. What a beautiful day in every way xxx

  34. ummmm….. WOW. haha I know I’ve seen them…but to see them put together this way with your words… I have more confidence now in the photos I take….. thank you for asking me to be a part of it !!!! (and if I may, a bit of shameless promotion – if anyone in Melbourne wants a wedding photographer – please contact me!) thank you Rach xxxxxx

  35. Kim says:

    Rach … amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Little bit teary here! Hoping I can create similar magic for my big day next year … I absolutely adore your photos – so soft and whimsical and ridiculously romantic. LOVE LOVE LOVE. x

  36. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    I ca’t say it enough – thank you everyone!!

    Emma, you are amazing, you & Ali were both incredible and we’re so happy you were part of our day! xx

  37. Jia Ni says:

    Wow Rach – congrats again. And these photos are SO beautiful. You and Ramai are look beyond blissful and all the photos are so perfect!

    I was Awww-Ing through the whole post. Thank you for sharing these amazing moments with us. You are so talented too!

    Can’t wait to see the following posts. :)

    Much love. XO

  38. Oh Rach, everything looked amazing. You look so beautiful, relaxed and HAPPY! Thanks so much for sharing!

  39. Thea says:

    You look amazingly beautiful and above all so happy!!:)
    Really great pictures!

    All the best for you two, xx

  40. Holy moly. I actually had tears in my eyes as I was gawking and reading. Hun, I have no words except BREATH-TAKING. You should be so proud of what you put together. xxx

  41. Ana says:

    This made my day! You look absolutely stunning! Congratulations, darling friend.

  42. Everything is so soft, beautiful and romantic, including the photography. Seriously floored by your amazing day, you styled it to perfection and you looked beyond stunning. Loved your write up too. I felt exactly the same way on the morning of my wedding ~ serene and ready. So well put. Congratulations!

  43. Rach - In Spaces Between says:


  44. Andrea says:

    So beautiful! Amazing attention to detail!

    Now, most importantly, where is that stunning dress from!

    P.S Read your blog religiously!

  45. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Thank you Andrea! My dress was designed by Amaline Vitale (she is based in Armadale in Melbourne). I’m still madly in love with it, which is a good thing xx

  46. Andrea says:

    Know her store well! Getting married in November and I’m excited about my couture Luci Di Bella gown! You made an excellent choice, perfectly you.

  47. Kate Cooper says:

    Rach you look absolutely stunning! What a magnificent day for you & Ramai, so so happy for you both. The venue looked amazing, can’t wait to see some more photos of the reception and all the paaarrrttaaaying!! The flowers were gorgeous and I LOVE the bridesmaids dresses, they all looked beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing such an important, special and madly exciting day with us! It looked truely magical.
    Kate xx

  48. Rhiannon says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have tears running down my cheeks!!!

    As someone who has recently started talking about engagements and marriage and a future family with my partner, I cannot contain my pure joy and excitement reading your post!!! Rach, it truly sounds like the most perfect day and the photos you’ve shared so far are just amazing.

    Congratulations again on becoming Mrs McDonald! I am beyond happy for you, you beautiful thing!

    Can’t wait til Post number 2!!
    Love, Rhi xoxo

  49. Emily says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!! What a light and dreamy wedding, absolutely beautiful!! You are stunning Rach, and these photos are divine.

    Also, we share the same wedding anniversary!! Hehe… One year apart, so I celebrated my first anniversary while you guys were getting married. June 2nd, awesome day really :P

    Lovely lovely lovely xx

  50. Jess says:

    Rachel, they are really stunning photographs. I love how playful and genuine (ie unposed!) they feel!
    It must feel so wonderful to know that the vision you had germinating in your head for so long came to such beautiful fruition. And, of course, more importantly, that you guys – who are obviously madly in love – were able to shout to the world about how freakin’ awesome true love is!
    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  51. What a wonderful wedding you had! Your photos are beautiful and every one look SO happy :)

  52. Kate says:

    Hi Rachel..

    Love your wedding… and especially love your wedding dress!!

    Have you sold it yet??


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