R + R Get Married! Party Time (Part 4)

I love playing with different themes when it comes to styling and the reason is pretty simple: my “flavour of the month” is prone to changing constantly. Variety is the spice of life, right?

For my hens party and engagement photo shoot, I knew I wanted to go for a laid-back bohemian vibe – complete with flower crowns, native blooms and lots of brass – and when it came to planning our wedding, I knew that a natural, rustic look would tie in perfectly with our chosen venue.

As well as loving soft colours and natural decor, I absolutely adore bright, modern neons, stripes and graphic prints and I knew I wanted to incorporate those styling elements into our day somehow, which is how I ended up decorating the artists studio – AKA, the space where we partied the night away – as shown above.

Everything was DIY’d and there was a definite shift in the mood as we walked through the door at around 8:30pm and everyone took in the Neon Nights vibe. It had all the essentials – the disco ball was spinning, the DJ was cranking out the floor-fillers and the bar staff were serving up signature R + R cocktails. We called them The Love Bomb (Lychee Caiprioska) and Mint to Be (Moscow Mule) and they were a huuuuge hit. Freaking delicious.

* We also had some Really Important Security Guards keeping the crowd under control, as you can see below. Thank god they were there on the job.

Ramai and I have (far too) many photos of us dressed up in crazy outfits, so it was only fitting that we’d have a photo booth at our wedding, complete with hideous beards, fluoro wigs and other bits and pieces.

We created our own set up in the back corner and these photos have brought us endless joy (I’m talking laugh-til-you-cry-your-eyes-out tears). And just FYI, there’s 400 other shots where they came from. Laughter for days!

The Photobooth


I hope these silly pics brought a smile to your face after the more heartfelt stuff in Parts 1, 2 and 3. And finally, the lucky last installment will cover all the details on our vendors and the supplies we used, so if you have any questions please let me know in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!

Photos from… everywhere! A total mish mash, as you can probably tell. 

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  1. Saara says:

    Looks like it was a seriously fun night! But you didn’t tell us what your first dance was to?!

  2. Totally amazing. Love the colours, your photo booth, everything. Looks like you had the time of your life. x

  3. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful, stunning round up of the magical event!

  4. Liz says:

    Awww what the perfect wrap up! I’m living all the excitement of the night all over again! Hilarious photos, loving them all. Perfect rach xxx

  5. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Saara: Thank you! We didn’t do a first dance because it’s not our thing – everyone just hit the dance floor together :) xx

    Tara: YAY, colour explosion! xx

    Jennifer: Thanks honey! xx

    Liz: Some hilarious photos of you loving the photo booth (hehe). Best day/ night ever xx

  6. Jess says:

    Awwww, I have so loved seeing all your photos, so gorgeous!

    My boyfriend has caught me looking at your wedding photos a few times over the past couple of days as each new post was published and I think he’s mildly worried now that I am (very) pre-emptively planning our own marital shin-dig!

    • Rach - In Spaces Between says:

      Haha I love that! In Spaces Between – Putting the Fear into Men Since 2011. x

  7. Deanne Kalda says:

    I’m loving reading about your wedding :) looking forward to the last instalment xxx

  8. Jacquetta says:

    Rach- gorgeous beyond words! Huge congrats! Question- confetti system- purchased or DIY?

  9. Jacquetta says:

    Oh my goodness it looks absolutely amazing! Was it hard to do? Also where did you get the gorgeous coloured tissue paper? Your DIY skills are inspirational! You need to start a “DIY with Rach” section on the blog!

  10. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    The tissue paper was just from the newsagent (and thank you!) x

  11. I’ve just had a chance to look through all of your wedding pics from A-Z! They are just so gorgeous and full of beauty,love and genuine fun :) Loved them and just a HUGE congratulations to both of you. xo

    • Rach - In Spaces Between says:

      Thank you so much – and you’ve nailed it, that’s exactly what the day entailed. Big hugs x

  12. Prue says:

    Hi! Love all your photos and the blog. I’ve just started planning my wedding.. Just wondering how you had your photo booth set up, who took the photos and what kind of camera did you use?!

  13. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Hi Prue, how exciting! We had a Canon SLR on a tripod with a remote… it was a total DIY set up but did the job. We also had lights (umbrella lights). Best wishes for your special day xx

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