A Bit of An Update!

If you’ve been checking in on the blog over the past few days you may have noticed a couple of little changes, so I thought I’d talk you through them quickly.


I’m excited to tell you that in a relatively short time, In Spaces Between has become a gathering place for thousands of like-minded, life lovin’, inspiration seekin’ people just like you, and as a result, I have made the decision to open up a select number of ad spaces on my right sidebar.

These spaces are perfect for bloggers who would like to generate a sweet flow of traffic to their gorgeous sites, or business owners who are keen to have a bright light shone on their company’s grand offering.

If you have a small business of your own – or perhaps you’re an amazing photographer/ a brilliant graphic designer/ yoga teacher extraordinaire/ life coach/ virtual assistant/ vintage clothing store owner/ artist – then this could be the leg up you need to really put yourself and your services “out there.”

My media kit is currently being professionally beautified but if the idea of In Spaces Between + {insert your rad blog/ business} making magic piques your interest, shoot me an email on rachel@inspacesbetween.com so we can chat and I can send you through all the relevant information.

And, finally, as a special introductory offer, I’m taking $20 off the standard monthly ad cost for February and March, so lock down your space today!


Lovely Jo from The Darling Tree did a bit of rejigging on my right sidebar late last week and although the changes were relatively minor, I think it has such a great impact on the overall look of the site. Clean and ordered – just the way I like my design!

I can’t speak highly enough about working with Jo. Super professional, ultra accommodating, and mega efficient… I could seriously go superlative crazy describing this girl! Her work is impeccable. She also alerted me to (and subsequently changed) a couple of things she’d noticed were playing up on my site, just because. That kind of service is RARE.

Head over to Jo’s beautiful blog, August Empress, for a poke around and while you’re immersing yourself in all things Jo, be sure to check out her online course Your Darling Blog. I think you’ll love her stuff as much as I do.

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  1. Jo, my pleasure, I could say more – you were a joy to work with! xx

    Thank you Ana. Oh my gosh, how AWESOME is your site looking – and PS: loving your ‘love somebody’ playlist. xx

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