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Happy Tuesday everyone!

If you’ve just joined us here at In Spaces Between, every Tuesday I round up new (to me) blog discoveries and links that have made me think/ laugh/ swoon over the previous week. There are now over 350 blogs in this category (holy procrastination station).

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1. Cash & Joy


 2. Love & Olive Oil 


3. Chevron & Stripes


4. Natalie Merrillyn


5. Tiffany Moore  


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Digging The Daily Love’s design refresh and Kris Carr’s brand spankin’ new site.

2. Ever felt overwhelmed and panicked and completely out of your freaking comfort zone? Sounds like you’re in what Pam Slim calls the growth zone.

3. Oh look, it’s the lovely Louise from Table Tonic on The Design Files. What a pair.

4. Reading this post by Leo of Zen Habits felt like a deeeeep exhale for me.

5. Take me here. Immediately, if not sooner.

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