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Hola! Blogs to Bookmark is back, if only for a short time in this format. I’m currently in the process of jazzing up this here blog – an ”interim-but-awesome jazz’ before the full overhaul – and as a result I’ll be making a couple of small changes to the structure of the content. All in the name of making it better, of course.

I’m not 100% sure on the evolution of Blogs to Bookmark but I am thinking that I’ll roll it in with Making Me Happy and turn all of it into a brand new, improved post. So rest assured I’ll definitely still be sharing the peeps I discover on my jaunts around the web, just in a different way.

Get inspired below…

Healthy Green Kitchen




Origin Magazine

(okay, this isn’t a blog, but the May/ June issue of Origin is too good not to celebrate. AMAZING).




Achieve the Impossible




 Links I’m Loving


1 // Love Scott Belsky’s five tips for making ideas happen on Smashing Magazine.

2 // Fancy yourself a bit of a writer, or creative goddess? You’re going to love this round-up: The Six best TED Talks for Writers. 

3 // Deepak, killing it. As always.

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  1. “Deepak, killing it. As always.” YES! That article is freakin AMAZING!! Teaching how to unravel the ego and inner critic so one can connect with the soul is becoming a real LOVE of mine – so I really appreciated that read. And that ORIGIN mag is definitely a winner too! XX

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