Well, hello there


It feels strange to kick this off with ‘Gosh, it’s so good to be back,’ because in many ways, I’ve spent more time online over the past few months than I ever have.

Here, though, not so much. And it DOES feel damn good to be back, sharing from this space.

Let me give you a bit of the back story.

This year, I’ve been blessed, humbled, thrilled beyond thrilled to have experienced what I can only describe as phenomenal growth in my business.

It’s been electric. I’ve been rocked. I’ve cried — in disbelief, AND in overwhelm. Old stories have been blitzed. I’ve done The Work. All of it.

And while it wasn’t intended, being present for this ‘stepping up’ process inevitably meant that I had to make a choice to be ‘un-present’ in other areas, temporarily.

With two big (as in, 750+ enrolments, big) launches for my Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted ecourse since February*, what I also found happening was I was called to wholeheartedly embrace my ‘teacher/ mentor’ essence, and — besides cranking out 70 odd thousand words for the course content — my ‘writer’ decided it was time for some creative replenishment. She was ready for a little downtime.

I had words, but I had no words. If you’ve been there too, you’ll know exactly what I mean with that little contradictory statement.

The good news is, with the dawn of Spring has come a new season in my creative life, and with the new energy that’s come rushing in, I’m feeling, again, READY TO WRITE.

Everything I do (in business, and in life) is by feel, and while I can say it, if I don’t feel it, that disconnect will always leave me spinning my wheels.

I feel it now. 

* More on launching to come in future posts. 

So, what else has been happening lately?

// If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we moved house. I have a gorgeous office; it’s light-filled and peaceful and full of things I love (books, crystals, plants and prints.) Promise I’ll snap some pics and give you a tour soon.

// Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted was featured in the Huffington Post. (!)

// This week, I did a photoshoot for a SUPER exciting opportunity (a vision board intention that’s become a reality, in fact.) You’ll be the first to know once I can share all.

// I’ve been relishing my role as an assistant life coach trainer for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Seriously — look out world. There are some incredible new life coaches joining the ranks, and our world will be a better place for it. Their enthusiasm for this game-changing industry I feel blessed to be part of is behind inspiring, and reminds me weekly how deeply transformative the coach-client relationship can be.

// I have approximately 50 blog posts inside me that I’m burning to birth.

// I’m going to be really transparent and say — my heart has been calling for a rebrand for some time now, and I’m feeling the pull more than ever. This online home of mine has served me beautifully, but it doesn’t look like me anymore (I compare it with wearing a dress you bought three years ago. Still a great dress, but not so much your current style.)

Design-wise and branding-wise, it’s time to think about pulling this space forward to a place that feels soulfully aligned with where I’m at and where I’m going. That said, I’m not exactly sure where my rebrand fits in at this point in time — right now doesn’t feel like the time to ‘define’ that in precise terms (how’s that for vague?!) — but thinking about RachelMacDonald.com makes me smile. Evolution, baby.

Finally, my mentor Belinda Davidson and I recently had a conversation around ‘How to stay true to your spiritual self in the online world’ and I wanted to share it here because there are some juicy takeaways that I know you’ll get a lot out of if you’re a blogger or online entrepreneur in the self-empowerment/ spirituality realm yourself.

We chat about:

  • How to blog from the heart and soul, and create devoted followers
  • How to find your own authentic voice and brand online
  • How to disconnect from the “ego” of the online world (and not derive your self confidence from how many Facebook followers you have!)
  • How to stay soul-centred whilst interacting on social media

Heads up: the interview was recorded to complement the current launch of Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic, which I’m a proud affiliate for because (a) no-one is teaching this work in the profoundly liberating AND practical, doable way that B does, and (b) when someone gives you the depth of insight Belinda does, and you know, changes your life… shouting about their program is a no-brainer. I know I’ll always look back at the time I first started working with Belinda’s teachings as a ‘pivotal’ moment in my life. ‘When your energy works, your life works’, as she so perfectly expresses.

Join SoMM here.

To wrap up, the result of my time away from the blog is that I’ve developed a deep respect for the ebb and flow nature of existence, and I’ve been reminded that it’s not enough to say you need to step back and narrow in without actually HONOURING that (from someone with a past pattern around pushing through, feels like I’ve rewired a stubborn part of my brain here!)

It’s so, so good to be ‘home.’ I love you guys.

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  1. And its SO GOOD to have you back Rach!!! I’ve loved all the BE & BH flurry of activity but have genuinely whole heartedly missed popping in over here and have your lovely gorgeous words just leap out from the screen! Cannot wait for all the exciting beautiful things you have in train! WELCOME BACK (we srsly kickass love it!!) !! Bless, AM

  2. Annnnd she’s back! Welcome BACK Rach! (Well, us blog hearted babes have been mega blessed to have you in the group, working your magic and creating soulful sweetness for us, but good to see you back on here as well.) Loving all of this. Just, big hugs, that’s all! xo

  3. It sounds like you have so much stuff going on behind the scenes Rach and it’s all fantastic. I look forward to all of it, especially the upcoming launch blogs, the rebrand, and to see what your photo shoot was all about.

    It really is an honour to watch you shine.

    Much love,

    Phoebe xx

  4. WOW… what a year so far and its only September! Big fat congratulations to you on all your WINS, I am super excited to see and hear what is in the pipeline for you… Love your words and inspiration that shines off the pages… welcome back x

  5. Gosh, you are such a tease. Waiting with baited breath for all these photos, posts and surprises you mention! Looking forward to it all honey xx
    P.S. Because of you and your beautiful eCourse I can finally put my website address in the comment box (*eek*)!

  6. I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it all was, I have issues writing 1,000 words so for you to write 50k is amazing. And challenging I bet! Glad you had time to rest ( your Bali photos are gorgeous) and also glad to hear you are an assistant trainer at Beautiful You!!

  7. Rachel, so glad to see you back on the blog! And I’m already excited about seeing what your future re-brand will look like. I’m doing some research on various energy trainings and programs, so your words about Belinda’s program are helpful, and I will be listening to your interview on my commute today. So glad I made the decision to be one of the 700+ enrollees to BE & BH! :D

  8. Hello! i just discovered your blog semi-recently and I really enjoy your words and your positive attitude! I can’t wait to see what your re-branding will look like – part of the reason I checked out your blog was because I really liked the “Spirited” covers (and because I am a graphic designer/illustrator). Welcome back!

  9. Welcome back, Rach and a big ‘Thank you’ for all the hard work behind the scenes that allowed for the terrific BE&BH course to bloom. Enjoying it immensely and looking forward to it every day as I chip away on content. Can’t wait to see which part of your inspiration board came true – congrats. No doubt it will be a great one :-)

  10. Welcome back & so glad to have found you (& BEBH) these last few months first on Jess Lively’s podcast (and now listening to it as you interview her). The last few months have been the first time I’ve really gone with the flow of blogging rather than trying to ‘force it.’ So, thank you!

  11. Hurrayyy!! Welcome back!! I cannot wait to hear what you’ve got cooking, always super exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your chat with Belinda – along with all the amazing goodness in BE+BH, this has really given me another nudge/kick to keep going through the process! I’ve also just purchased Belinda’s chakra cleanse meditation!!! Lots of love and take your time with your return xx

  12. Hi! I’m new here, and only came across your blog, its stunningly beautiful and so unique, absoutely adore it! So inspiring to me! I love your posts, awesome!!

    I was wondering, would you be able to take a look at my ‘personal’ (non-business) blog? I’ve been really struggling with it lately, I’m only a teen, but I have a huge passion for sharing with other youth, but am wondering what tips/advice you could give me that could help my Blog..I would love your feedback on my Blog design, posts etc, I know it seems strange since you do not know me, but your blog really inspires me, and I’d love your opinion!!! What could I improve on, I really need someones honest opinion! haha. Also..what do you suggest for getting more page views/comments? I would love you to get back to me, that would make my day! http://walkingonsunshine.co.nr/

    Thank you SO much!

  13. Hi Rachel!
    I love your energy and what you have created here! Kudos to you! Thanks for bringing such a loving and nurturing energy to this world. I was so happy to see your new post. Look forward to more and everything new that is coming.
    With love,
    Brandy xo

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