2013 in Review

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I almost skipped this post altogether – new year, new energy, bright new intentions – but something kept tugging me back towards it. So here we are. 


2013. What a year. It stretched me. It captivated me. It nudged me in new directions, dragging me hair-first over unexplored terrain. More often that not, though, 2013 absolutely astonished me – cracking me wide open to possibility. Both the sacred and the simple. It was big with a capital B. And I loved it… even when it pushed my buttons.

2013 was the first year (that I can recall) that I set zero intentions as we shimmied our way towards January 1. The annual tradition my husband and I have upheld for years is to head to Byron Bay for a day of ‘dreamscaping’ on the beach, notebooks and pens and big dreams in tow, so it felt foreign not to lay down plans to kick off 2013. Some (I think, logical) part of me knew that the beginning of the year would require me pull on my big girl knickers and step up enough without defining my ‘goals with soul’ at that point in time.

Those intuitive whispers proved correct, and as I found my footing as a full-time entrepreneur – literally learning on the job, feeling my way through uncertainty and anchoring in to what I already knew – tackling what was directly in front of me was where it was at. It was exactly where I needed to be. The vision board and the intentions could wait. 

After resigning from my digital PR job at the end of 2012 and launching my coaching business (in a completely unorthodox way!), I started working with my gorgeous clients one-on-one on January 2, 2013 – and as I sat down at my desk and opened Skype that first time, my heart pumping, bushflower essences beside me, slightly shaky but with a huge, grateful smile on my face (“Oh my GOD, I get to do this and call it work?”) everything shifted.

Holy shit. The dream had become the reality! Those high-hopes poured onto the pages of journals and beaming off vision boards were now REAL. It had happened. I was doing My Own Thing. It was the greatest feeling in the world.

There are years where I’ve been swept away by the wildness and wonder of The Volume of Things that Unfolded in One Twelve Month period, and last year was no different. It WAS huge. But while there was so much to be deeply humbled, fired up and ecstatic about on the surface, it was the internal shifts that felt most potent. 

Let’s dive a little deeper…


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Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick

The power of collaboration. One of my favourite things about 2013 (in fact, I would say it tops the list) was the magic that was made when my girl Tara and I joined forces – for our BSchool offer in the first half of the year, and in the final three months, to create the two ebooks that have since landed in the hands of thousands of women worldwide, Spirited: Soulful Lessons on Clarity, Connection + Coming Home (to You) and the Spirited 2014 Companion: Spirited Solutions to What’s Holding You Back.

I’m often dedicating my gratitude practice to this gorgeous, lionhearted woman; yes, I adore teaming up with her (and there’s more to come on that front soon), but above all else, because her friendship is undeniably pure and honest and sister-like, and her capacity for love is something to behold. We get each other. We really do. Love her so much.

Befriending fear. No doubt about it, it was a year of ‘leaning in.’ Breathing in deep, choosing bravery, saying yes. From starting my coaching biz, to speaking to hundreds of women on stage in Melbourne and Brisbane about Soulpreneurship and later in the year, alongside mega-blogger Gala Darling on Radical Self-Love, courage became a guiding theme. And may it continue to be. I don’t want to sit still. Fear is the messenger. It tells me I’m doing something meaningful; that I’m growing. Show me what you’ve got, Life. Evolution is what I’m here for.

Embracing contradictions. In 2013, I started happily owning my contradictions. I swung from strategy sessions straight into stillness, had soulful convo’s over a cocktail, allowed myself to colour outside the lines. I embraced – and revelled in – being a shape-shifter.

There can be a certain tension that comes with the dance between these sides of ourselves, feeling like we need to fit into an ‘identity’ and shunning anything that falls outside that pretty box we’ve placed ourselves in (and my gosh, can the Internet perpetuate this, or what?!). If 2013 taught me anything, it was that to TRULY come home to ourselves, we have a duty –  hand-written in our soul contract – to celebrate all of who we are. Light and shadow. Soulful and practical. Poised and jumbled. High-energy and reserved. Extroverted and introverted. Each and every part. Ever-changing.


Feeling more myself than I’d ever felt. I created In Spaces Between because I felt there was a big part of me being hidden away when I worked in the corporate world. It was time for the inspiration-lovin’, self-empowerment junkie to be let out of the cage, and going out on my own allowed me to be ‘her’ full-time.

Casting my gaze over 2013, I’m mighty thankful for: the daily conversations. The women that showed up in my life. The women that bravely shared their dreams, and allowed me to share mine. The opportunities to shed another skin. The feeling deep in my bones that this was the world I was meant to be spending my days exploring. Finally living ‘on purpose’ felt like whipping off a too-small bra and slipping into my favourite sweater. The sweet relief.

Detaching. From the way things should be, from outcomes, from past conditioning and from my own expectations. I have no qualms about saying that I worked my booty off in 2013. And in my enthusiasm, I took on too much, which on occasion resulted in: skipping exercise and stillness – those favoured soul salves – accidentally missing lunch, skimping out on snuggles in bed to dive into my inbox and pushing family dinners back a week – in the name of getting it done.

It certainly didn’t feel good – with ‘good’ meaning free, spacious, radiant, energised, connected – when I did that, but what I found was attaching to the ‘story’ (‘shouldn’t I have more balance in my life right now?’ OR ‘I’m working too much!’) brought me more anguish than the actual doing. Because sometimes we’ve gotta immerse. And see it for what it is. Temporary.

On the flip side, other times, we need to give ourselves permission to take our foot of the peddle and be cool with doing pretty much nothing. After much to-ing and fro-ing, surrender, detachment, acceptance and bringing awareness to the ebb and flow of life’s rhythms were themes I made peace with in 2013. Thank goodness.

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(meditating on a White Light retreat – hence the white pants). 

Learning I was extremely Vitamin D deficient. And this may seem like a ‘oh okay, cool’ kind of discovery (at least I thought so) but how the deficiency played out for me for a while there was through often non-existent energy, a sense of nervousness that something wasn’t quite right, and occasionally, total apathy. It was the opposite of how I’ve always felt. I’m blessed that Belinda (my incredible mentor – more on Belinda next) and Tanya (my naturopath) identified the issue and the impact it was also having on my parathyroid, because once I was tested and started supplementing, I felt infinitely better. (Side note: If you intuitively know something’s not quite right with your moods and energy, it’s absolutely worth getting a Vit D blood test for peace of mind. Many of us are deficient).

Receiving guidance. 2013 was a year of being beautifully guided by people I have the utmost trust in. It would be remiss of me not to start with Belinda Davidson – my mentor, soul guide, friend, and the woman who I find, quite frankly, staggering. Belinda is so gifted, so generous and wise (and incredibly funny), and with her support, I have gotten to know myself in such a profoundly personal way. From our first session, I was able to see myself through a whole new lens of compassion and curiosity, to release stagnant beliefs and energy blocks and to dive deeper on my journey. Confusion made way for clarity. I am endlessly grateful for her love and presence.

I also received coaching from Julie Parker (my gosh, I can’t speak highly enough of this love-beam of a woman!), intuitive guidance from my gorgeous friend Helen from The Little Sage whose insights are SPOT. FREAKING. ON, kinesiology from Anita, and on the astrology front, Tali from AstroStyle and Ezzie from The Spencer Method blew me away with their cosmic know-how. I felt truly supported. 


Gratitude and celebration. Lighting the way, all the way. It still stops me in my tracks to think that my coaching biz supported me the way it did all year. On celebration – it became super important to carve out time to acknowledge the good stuff before diving headfirst into the next project. That was a key learning for me.

In no particular order, a random mix of magnificence: limiting beliefs around abundance and deserving were shattered, and my eyes were opened. My husband’s (mind-blowing) love and support carried me through always. His ‘I am SO proud of you baby!’ text messages revved me up, melted me. I bow graciously to Yvette from Earth Events for her belief in me and for putting me on her stages, and to Susana for the soul-filled phone chats that would stretch into hours. Sian and Steph – design goddesses. My girls for their love, my beloved clients who inspired me daily – whose warmth would trickle through the screen and take up residency in my heart. To you – my readers – who shared, commented, understood my absence as my creativity was poured into my first year in biz, for your emails and your kindness.

Whoa. I need to pause for a moment to let all that sink in.

Ok. I’m back. And there are a few more things to share. I also:


// Spent a glorious month exploring Italy and Switzerland (Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Florence and Portofino and the Swiss Alps) mid-year with my man for our (belated) honeymoon. Had our first wedding anniversary over there. Total love-fest.

// Went on a winter retreat on the Sunshine Coast with my soul sisters in June, and on an 8-day retreat to Byron Bay with Tara in December.

// Stayed at the spectacular Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat with these two angels.


// Moved my body plenty. Teamed up with the Lorna Jane crew on several occasions. Ran. Yoga’d. Meditated. Nourished.

// Went to the Problogger event, and the Hay House Writer’s Workshop and The Blogcademy (both in Melbourne).

// Started training with the effervescent wordsmithin’, mind-body-spirit magician Brie-ann Boal. Fell in love with her special energy.


// Was attuned to Reiki energy.

// Started my Master Energy EFT Practitioner Certification.

// Upgraded my computer, car and website.

// And lots more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention.


2013, you truly were golden.

From the high perch of a New Year, I look back at the year that’s passed and marvel at its beauty. A year of rapid-fire growth and deep, deep love.

And now, it’s all about 2014. HURRAH. This year feels incredibly rich, potent, large. Like it’s going to shake us up in the best of ways. 

My vision for 2014 is a whole ‘nother post (coming soon) so hold tight, beautiful, and leave me a comment below about this post, or your big themes and lessons in 2013. I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Spirited photoshoot: Hannah Millerick

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  1. What a journey you’ve been on beauty. It’s been incredible to see all you’ve achieved and watch you blossom. May 2014 be even bigger and brighter for you x

    • And same to you, gorgeous woman. I know 2014 is going to be a biggie for you with your new bundle of joy on the way. xo

    • Honey, as I’ve mentioned, meeting you in 2013 was definitely a highlight! Love you loads xo

    • Thank you babe. Watching you shine in 2013 – and now in 2014 – has brought a huge smile to my face. Keep blazing, sista. xo

    • You are gorgeous. Thank you, thank you. It’s got a special kinda energy, 2014 – don’t you think? May it surprise and delight us all. x

    • Thank you Shae! Stoked to working with you as we kick off the year – you star xo

    • BABE: I’m back. 2014 is the year of much more writing from me. I missed it TERRIBLY. Spacious is one of my core desired feelings and with that comes a nice ‘container’ to allow the creativity to flow. So expect much more, mon cherie. I have a lot to say ;) xo

  2. Thank you for the beautiful mention Rach. What a year you have had.

    I also found out I was Vit D deficient about a year ago and taking supplements has made such a huge difference to my energy levels. I’m trying to get more sun too but I’m so fair skinned and burn so easily that her rays and I are not the best of friends at times.

    Here’s to an amazing 2014 for you!

    • It blew me away what a difference it made once I started supplementing – isn’t it insane?!

      Thank you so much for your love, support and stellar guidance J – from sharing the stage 3 times to having my dreams held so beautifully in your coaching space. You’re a shining light in my life. x

  3. “This year feels incredibly rich, potent, large. Like it’s going to shake us up in the best of ways.”~ Oh YES Rach, and I can’t wait to see how you run with it!

    Thank you for the shout out, and all the best for a magical 2014 xo

    • Love you beautiful. Have SO enjoyed working with, and bonding with, you in the past year. So much to come xo

  4. Amazing Rach! That post has got me motivated to start immersing and achieving! Always an inspiration, I can’t wait to watch your journey continue in 2014!

    • Lovely lady, you already do plenty of that. Thank you for adding cheer and sparkle to my year. You and your partner in crime RULE. xo

  5. A HUGE year, Rachel! Congrats!

    What I love about this post is that you can see just how much support, friendship and collaboration it takes to be a work-from-home entrepreneur.

    We often step into this journey with the idea that it’s awesome to have the freedom to do our own thing. But it can get lonely… You’ve definitely hit the sweet spot.

    It’s said that it takes a village to raise a child. And the same is true for a business! And you’ve got some pretty amazing ‘neighbours’ in your ‘hood!

    Vari x

    • THIS. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for mentioning that V, it’s such an important point to make. It took me a little while to adjust to going from a bustling office to sitting at home alone all day (as in – at first it FREAKED ME OUT) but what I realised is the life of an entrepreneur is not AT all about going it alone – it’s about calling in the right peeps to carry/ walk beside you along the way.

      BSchool has been a huge part of that too. And I’m thrilled to have you as one of those ‘neighbours.’ Excited for what’s coming for you and your biz this year, your new branding is hot lady. xo

  6. What a great year to look back on – so much soulful goodness! I have spent the morning reflecting on my 2013, life is pretty great when you listen to your inner goddess.

    Congrats on your success thus far – and happy 1 year of working for yourself! Much more lies ahead for you. Xx


    • Must be the day for it – the Full Moon triggering a releasing sesh, perhaps?
      And what a year you had Mon with your biz and your bundle of joy. Must feel a bit like ‘Did that all REALLY happen in one year?’

      Big love to you gorgeous x

  7. WOW, what can I say Amazing! What an incredible year and journey 2013 has been for you!! You are an absolute inspiration lovely (one of biggest actually). Loved this post and love your gorgeous soul. May 2014 bring so much happiness and even more adventures. Keep shining that gorgeous light of yours xxx

    • Oh Corona, I adore you. Thank you babe. You are divine – I’m lucky to have you in my life. x

  8. What an amazing year. I think it’s a beautiful thing to write about the year that has been, to reflect on growth and be thankful for what has been. And you write so beautifully! Congratulations on your amazing year-I found your blog this year, and am so grateful. Spirited and the companion brought up a lot for me, in a good way! I was also wondering where you got that gorgeous blanket? Looking forward to seeing what is next for you! x

    • You know what Ness – what I love about this is; “It brought up a lot for me” – out of the shadows, into the light! The blanket is called In Rainbows and it’s from Dos Ombre. They have stunning stuff. x

  9. What a beautiful read. You’re such a gifted writer and this post is no exception. Thank you for being such a sunbeam of inspiration, to both yourself and Tara for bringing ‘Spirited’ and her wonderful companion into my life and for wholeheartedly living by your own words.

    A small side note, reading ‘Spirited’, my three and a half year old climbs onto my lap and says “Mummy, so beautiful”. Beautiful indeed and currently changing my life. 2014 is going to be big and bold and shiny. I look forward to reading what lies ahead for you. Much love and light xx

  10. Wow! This gave me goosebumps. What an incredible love-filled year! Thank you for bringing all your positive energy, laughter and beautiful writing to your readers all year. Your hard work is always appreciated and your happiness is so, so well deserved x

    • So much love to you, honey. I’m still holding close the gorgeous letter you sent me. Receiving it… well, THAT was a moment to remember. xo

  11. Whoa what an AMAZING year 2013 was for you, Rach! Feeling super inspired after reading this – I just love how you tirelessly express yourself with such grace and humility. Your writing is always so beautiful. Cannot wait to read more and hear the details of your vision for 2014 xx

    • Babe, thank you. And also – for your presence as one of our ‘BSchool Babes.’ Loved seeing you shine in 2013, and know there’s so much ahead. x

  12. WOMAN! I don’t have the words to describe the effect of YOUR words. Especially your emphasis on collaboration and community in entrepreneurship. So good! Honestly, in my own journey I’ve learnt that nothing really works without it. It’s the secret sauce. This post is generous and stunningly crafted. Rachel, you are pure grace. What a great year – huge HUGE congrats! I have a feeling 2014 will be wild beyond your dreams. xo

    • Kate, you are an angel, I swear. A thousand yeses to community and collabs – I’m always saying to my clients that building relationships is KEY. It really is the secret sauce. Hugest love to you, thank you for being in my world and rocking your brand of biz like only you know how. It’s a massive inspiration. xo

  13. Rachel, that was brilliant to read! Congratulations on such a wonderful year. It’s been a real pleasure watching your amazing journey withTara. Looking forward to seeing what you gorgeous women get up to in 2014! Big hugs xxx

  14. Beautiful, darling Rach! I love the way you shared the themes of your year – the essences that held the space for all the wonder 2013 brought you. Or should I say, the wonder YOU brought to 2013!

    I’m incredibly, tremendously, ridiculously grateful that we connected last year and I can’t help but smile when I think about the fun we are still to have…

    Love you! x

    • Love you too babe, and can’t wait for the fun ahead! BLESSED to have you in my life. xo

  15. Seriously Rach – you are a total inspiration. Loved reading this and seeing how far you’ve come over the past year. Wishing you another incredible year ahead – there are plenty of big things heading your way I’m sure, and I know you’ll nail it as always. Thanks for the little mention too, feeling super blessed to be able to work with you. xx

    • Oh Steph, it’s been such a joy working with you and getting to know you – you absolutely nailed my site spruce up, and I’m excited to see where 2014 takes YOU. xo

  16. Rach,

    I love everything about you, your words light me up and give me hope. My life is so amazing but somehow you allow me to see that I am capable of SOO much more!!

    Weldone on a SPECTACULAR year.

    “It was time for the inspiration-lovin’, self-empowerment junkie to be let out of the cage, and going out on my own allowed me to be ‘her’ full-time.” ——-> WOW

    A GODDESS, A SUPERSTAR and an all round RAD chick. YOU shine so BRIGHT!

    So much love and appreciation,

    Amber Norrish xx

    • And so much love and appreciation being bundled up and zoomed back your way, honey. What a gorgeous comment. xo

  17. What an incredible year – I’m wowed and awed by the magic you found and weaved into the world in 2013. There’s some pretty special stuff there :)

    You’ve inspired me and countless others to not stay still and go for our dreams and I’m honoured to know you.

    Here’s to an even more magic 2014 :)

    • Three cheers to THAT. It’s going to be a stellar year Sig! Thank you for all your love + support, it’s so appreciated. xo

  18. Wow, wow, wow! Did I say WOW? I really had to sit with this beautiful post. You have an amazing talent and ability that I am so drawn to. Your words always feel like a warm hug from halfway around the world. I found your blog last year and it was love at first sight. I felt so at home and so loved and inspired by your words. I always look forward to your posts and find myself digging through the archives just to see what I missed. After some time away from the internet you reappeared in my life at just the right time. I purchased Spirited immediately and dug right in. It cracked me wide open! (A big thank you to Tara as well. This was my first introduction to her and the pairing of you too is perfect and beautiful.) I am so grateful for having found you and am so happy for your success :) I have big dreams and plans for 2014 (one being working with you *fingers crossed*)! I can’t wait to see the magic that unfolds for you in this New Year…it’s going to be amazing!

    • Thank you so much Kristi, so thrilled you found me, and Spirited. Thank you for these heartfelt words. xo

  19. Rach! Oh my sweet goodness goddess, I have years in my eyes reading these words. Seeing you absolutely ravish 2013 and all the solidarity and foundation forming that came with it has been so inspiring for me from wherever I happen to be reading your words. You are such a beautiful, gentle light being of a soul and this post… Wow. Congratulations honey… This is only the beginning. How exciting is THAT?!?! X

    • SO happy we got an in-person hug in before 2014 rolled around (just in the nick of time, hey!) I hope this year is ready for all that you have in store for it. Love you gorgeous. xo

  20. Beautiful lady!! I love the magic that is you – a stunning year that reflects the absolute gorgeousness you embody. Wishing you the most amazing 2014 and so hope again we get to catch up in person. Big love xx

  21. Dearest Rach,

    You are a soul sister, I swear!

    Being on your journey with you throughout 2013 through inspacesbetween was such a key factor in me finally and lovingly allowing love take the reigns from fear in my life, and to say it’s time for me now to bring to life that voice within that had been stifled for waay too long.

    Your very presence and being pump through every word – and inspires me BEYOND the realm of words. And your jumping ship from corporate to soulpreneurship also mirrors my own journey and makes me feel SEEN, loved, and so worthy – and STRONG. I can do this too. (I AM doing this, hello 2014!!!)

    Thank you for holding these – incredible – spaces in between.
    So much love, H

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