Change Your Stories

Have you noticed how people who say “I always lose my keys” always lose their keys?

Or how people who complain about never having any money, never have any money?

What about the girl that says she’s a magnet for bad guys, and winds up with the same type of (bad) guy, time and time again?

Where the mind goes, energy flows. The stories you tell yourself become your life.

Change Your Stories, Change Your Life


WHAT IF: Instead of being late for everything, you became the girl that showed up ten minutes early – composed, centred, confident and ready to blow people’s minds with your inherent wisdom and infectious energy?

WHAT IF: Instead of moaning “Knowing my luck, {insert sucky thing} will happen,” you started the day with a heartfelt thanks for the dazzling miracles in your life – and watched on in awe as they began to multiply/ quadruple/ explode in every direction?

WHAT IF: Instead of letting insecurity dictate your life, you put a stop to the madness today and started living the big, bold, beautiful life you’ve always dreamed of?

WHAT IF: You celebrated your magnificence, honoured your wildest desires, took the leap, forged ahead, trusted, expected the best possible result – and suddenly, the fear that was holding you back and sabotaging your attempts to shine completely dissipated?

We are all creators. We create our lives every day. Accepting that you are the author of your own stories brings with it the understanding that you have the power to write yourself the life of your dreams. 

As you go about your business, think about whether your stories need a bit of editing.

What new stories can you tell yourself today that will shape your thoughts, dreams and way you live your life in the future?

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Image: The Wheatfield on Etsy

12 Comments to “Change Your Stories”

  1. Another great post :) You’re absolutely right, if we are to think negatively and belief nothing good will come of a situation then chances are we will have bad experiences. We need to believe that every day we are getting better in even the smallest of ways.

  2. Thanks so much Melissa, the power of thought is an incredible thing. It makes so much sense when you stop and think “Hang on, no-one else is FORCING these thoughts, I’m the one that can change them.” Taking the power back! xx

  3. Another beautiful post. And beautifully timed- I’ve just moved into a new house and have started a new job, so thanks for reminding me that I can write the script of my life!

    Your image comes from this AMAZING Etsy designer.
    I’ve 2 of her images framed and up on my study’s walls- “Be Filled With Joy” and “Teach Love.” They also make for gifts of fabulousness! Whack them in a white IKEA frame and you have pressies of inspiration for your besties!

    Have a fab Sunday x

  4. Thank you, thank you Shannon – I knew someone would know where that beautiful image was from (and hey, great idea on the pressie front, my bridesmaids would love these!)

    Hope the move went well (yay new spaces to decorate) and that the new job is completely fulfilling for you. Really appreciate your kind words xxx

  5. Again you’ve spoken right to my heart. I am the author of my life story and I quite fancy a happy ending! Positive thinking and affirmations are hard to keep focused on in such a negative world these days but we can be the ones who shine a little light around us to inspire others.
    Great post, as always. x

  6. Serena, you are so kind! You always know how to make a girl feel good. Glad this spoke to you today! xx

    Jess: I love that: “I quite fancy a happy ending.” And you will most certainly get it with that attitude :) xx

    Deanne: My pleasure! xx

    Liz: Thank you my love! xx

  7. I love this post so much. I’ve noticed that what you put on there – intentionally, or not – invariably comes back to you. Notice how the shady friend always has the worst luck? There’s gotta be something in that.

    I’m one of those people that is always lucky. Maybe it’s because my whole family always told me I was ‘lucky’ Or maybe, it was because I believed what they told me, and therefore lady luck always threw some sunshine my way. Who knows, but I love the philosophy!

  8. Ms Critique: Thanks for stopping by, I love your site! I totally agree with you, I’ve also always carried the story that I’m a “lucky person” around with me. I have no doubt that’s the reason good stuff continues to unfold in our lives.

    It’s amazing how we attach ourselves to the stories our parents tell us isn’t it? I’m sure the “shy” girl had parents who used to say “Oh, so & so is such a shy child.” Reminds us to look a little deeper at the things we tell ourselves and see whether they really do represent our traits/ personality/ way we want to be perceived! xx

  9. Lovely post Rach, I’m just doing up your interview now and decided to stop on by while doing so and was greeted with this – beautiful!

    I need to change my story to “Annette eats gorgeous, delicious healthy food all day long and has no need for Red Rock Deli chips”!

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