Nine in Nine Update

I thought today was as good a day as any to do a bit of an update on how I’m tracking with my ‘Nine in Nine’ goals (originally posted here).

I have to say, I’ve LOVED having the below to focus on with a specific end date in mind. It’s really kept me on track and despite everything else going on, has helped me feel like I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to as we wrap up the year and look towards 2012 with bright and shiny new goals.

1 // Send three handwritten letters: Done. I actually ended up sending five (zing!) 

2 // Create the first draft plan for an eBook. Done!

3 // Eat a big salad at least five times per week. Done. I’ve been really keeping an eye on this one, particularly as the end of the year is notorious for bringing with it bad food. Next week might be a bit tougher, but I’ll try my best to keep my intake of greens high (in and amongst all the sweet treats!)

4 // Develop an editorial calendar filled with post ideas for In Spaces Between until Christmas and stick to it. It’s not Xmas yet obviously but I’ve stuck to this one 90% of the time. Editorial Calendar’s for the win!

5 // Have a technology-free day with my fiance, preferably on a mini-getaway. Not yet done, but what do you know, we have a getaway planned for the Xmas holidays and you can betcha I’m going to be switching off then.

6 // Exercise six days a week without fail. Well, I can’t say I’ve stuck to this “without fail” because that would be lying, but I have been doing five days without fail so… close enough, right?!

7 // Spoil my mum on a mother/ daughter day. This is planned for the holidays. Mani/ pedi time!

8 // Create moodboards for our wedding. This is also planned for the holidays as my vision for the wedding became a bit discombobulated with the whole “we have no wedding venue” thing.

9 // Read two of the books sitting on my bedside table. Done! I’ve actually read five books since initially posting this list, which makes me super happy. 

+ How did you go? Are there any little niggling tasks on your list that you’re keen to knock off before the end of December, or are you going to wipe the slate clean and start afresh in January?

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3 Comments to “Nine in Nine Update”

  1. Wow, this is great!

    I haven’t finished most of what I put on my list, but I have been three out of nine weeks in hospital, so I guess it’s alright.

    I did send a hand-written letter to my friend though, and she loved it!

  2. I’m going pretty well with my “Eight in Eight”. I think I have failed on the ‘going for a run’ portion but I do walk EVERYWHERE due to not having a car… not a great excuse…

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