Soul Spark: You Are

Soul Spark is a new weekly feature on In Spaces Between. 

My intention for these notes for the soul are that they spark something in you each Monday that you can tuck in your pocket for the week ahead. Encouragement, inspiration, a sense of comfort or something to guide you – may they reach you where you need them most.

This treasury of wise words is best paired with a few deep, meditative breaths before reading, and after, a minute of stillness to let the insight settle in. 


Soul Spark: You Are 



You are brilliant.

You are powerful.

You are a conduit – a lightning rod of possibility, a shimmering soul, a treasure chest of untold riches.

When the road gets bumpy, know that you are ready to embrace the lessons your spirit has chosen to learn.

When fear shows up, know that you are now in the presence of your truth, your scared dreams.

You were born with the incredible ability to create a fulfilling life.

Nothing outside of you will give you what you’re truly searching for, so venture to that place deep in the centre of your heart and ask “What do I really, really want?”

Then go do it, gorgeous. This is what we call living with purpose. 

You are more ready than you think you are. You are ready to shine NOW.

Be infectiously luminous.



I’ll preface this by saying that celebrating yourself is self-love in its most potent form, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today (this is a shyness/ self-judgement/ censor-free zone because owning your ‘goods’ is where the magic is at).

Tell me 5 awesome things about you in the comments. What do you freaking rock at? What’s rad and wonderful about YOU?

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17 Comments to “Soul Spark: You Are”

  1. Another goodie thanks Rachel!

    Five things about me.
    1. I’m kind
    2. I’m caring
    3. I’m truthful (sometimes to my detriment)
    4. I’m creative
    5. I’m open


  2. I can’t believe I am finding this a bit hard, but here it goes:
    1. I’m loving
    2. I’m helpful
    3. I’m understanding
    4. I never judge
    5. I’m letting go of perfectionism and I’m ready to bear my soul :)

  3. Oh and hard one!

    1. I’m helpful

    2. I’m open to new things (this is a new one for me, change used to freak me out!)

    3. I’m honest and believe honesty is the best policy

    4. I’m a believer in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and always make the time to help charity or donate to those collecting for charity

    5. Im a loving wife and love cooking amazing meals for my hubby!

  4. Hi Rach…This weekend started writing a post for an {I am } series and being pondering on it and this is something I believe to be true: The words that goes after I am are the ones that shape our reality.

    This exercise couldn’t come in a more appropriate time. Thanks xx

    1. I am adventurous

    2. I am creative

    3. I am honest

    4. I am blessed

    5. I am magic

  5. I rock at:

    1. Celebrating all that is WEIRD about myself and others

    2. Being Glen’s wifey pants. I am very, very good at loving him

    3. Negotiating with my fears- coming to a truce with them

    4. Asking for help. I am self-centred. If I need help, I’ll ask, unapologetically.

    5. I also make the best espresso martini in the world- which is kind of a shame, because I don’t booze OR coffee anymore . Haha!

    Sweet heart, this was beautiful. I love soul spark x

  6. 5 Awesome Things About Me :D:

    1) I am good at picking flavours in foods, and paying attention to the ingredients and the care that was put into it

    2) I am great at seeing the quirky side of things, and appreciating this diversity in people

    3) I’m an excellent listener

    4) I regularly feel joy and thanks

    5) I think humanity is amazing, despite all of the crap that goes on in our world.

    Thankyou Rachel. It felt nicely exposing and pleasing to write these. It’s good to sustain focus on what we love about ourselves rather than just paying attention to what we’d like to be different.


  7. What’s rad and wonderful about me:

    1. I’m motivated
    2. I’m non-judgmental
    3. I’m compassionate
    4. I’m reliable
    5. I’m open to new ideas

    Beautiful post Rach, loved it x

  8. This is such a beautiful way to acknowledge to self love, thank you.

    1. I’m a good listener
    2. I’m lively
    3. I always see the good in others
    4. I accept who I am
    5. I’m motivated

  9. OK, I excel at:
    -keeping things real
    -finding the humour and positive in (most) situations
    -having diabolical ideas and following through
    -getting tattoos
    -non conformity in a hard judgmental world
    This was an ace idea. Hands down, you rock.

  10. Girl, this is fantastic. Today has been a day of different signals all pointing a similar way. The first thing I read was a person’s blog post mentioning how we’re not supposed to outwardly celebrate our strengths lest we’re seen as egotistical etc. Then I read this post and had to go away to think about my 5 things. And now I’ve just finished watching Hungry for Change – that doctor in the emerald green dress talking about Self Love made me think of you. Wow, what a day of brightly flashing billboards!!

    Ok, my 5 with some trepidation at sounding egotistical…

    1. I’m awesome at facing my impending blindness with a smile on my face and no self-pity.
    2. I’m a great & loving wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, dog mum, family member and friend.
    3. I am a woman of my word.
    4. I am resilient.
    5. I am proud of my labels but not limited by what I can/can’t do under that label – e.g. a legally blind person who takes photos.

    And now I’m choked up. THANK YOU.

  11. Let’s do this!
    1. I’m a freaking awesome Mom! I love my boys.
    2. If you want to roadtrip…I’m your girl : ) I’m all about just doing stuff, who needs a reason for that?
    3. I can grow plants and plants are amazing : ) They make your home feel better. (I’m not so good with African Violets though, which should be easy…they just don’t make it)
    4. I know things and see things and feel things…and it makes me kinda quirky to hang around at times…which means I’m really not boring : )
    5. I have this sense of humor…it’s twisted, sarcastic, dry and goofy all mushed together…I am really prone to just busting out laughing at random moments (not always appropriate…oops)

    Thanks doll…it was good to remember that I’m me, not anyone else, and that’s all I have to be cause I’m Awesome : )

  12. 1. I am empathetic
    2. I am a great listener
    3. I am observant
    4. I am compassionate
    5. I am optimistic

    Thank you for this, I recently discovered your website & I find it to be so awakening and inspiring! Keep up the good work, you are changing peoples lives:-D

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