The Lifestyle Transformation Guide

About a month ago I opened my inbox to find a shimmering gem from a friend and one of my biggest inspirations, Australia’s Wellness Warrior Jess Ainscough.

The email read:

“I was just lying outside in the sun and had an epiphany. I was thinking about some of the roadblocks people may face before they start working through my Lifestyle Transformation Guide and realised that one of them may be the belief that they don’t have enough time in the day to do everything. And that’s when the lightbulb went off. YOU are the perfect example of someone who has a full time job PLUS you make the time to look after yourself, work on fulfilling your purpose, maintain healthy relationships and everything else you have going on.”

Jess then asked if I’d be interested in talking passion, balance (or my take on balance), overwhelm and everything in between on video for her new offering the Lifestyle Transformation Guide – and of course I jumped at the chance. I also shared my morning routine for another section of the program, and having spent some serious time hanging out ‘backstage’ I’m going to tell you today why you too need a slice of the raw cacao pie.

The Lifestyle Transformation Guide


Over the weekend, I sat with tears streaming down my face listening to Terri Cole from Live Fearless and Free talk about her ‘year of fear.’ I marvelled at the gentle warmth of Tara Sophia Mohr. I read the step-by-step guides gobsmacked at the depth of practical knowledge that had been poured into this life-changing resource – the Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

It was as if I was sitting in a room full of the people that inspire me most – wellness experts explaining WHY and HOW you can find your way back to brilliant health – learning how to rock my own life from the ground up. And yep, I cried again when I watched Jess’s promo vid. The bar has been freaking RAISED.

My “official” praise for the product is as follows:

“Jess Ainscough’s Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a total game-changer. Somewhere between the soulful first-hand wisdom of its gifted creator, the insanely useful worksheets and the video interviews that will leave you exclaiming Oh my god, how GOOD are these?!, you’ll be rocked to the very core. Your life will change for the better.

Let Jess steer your intentions to a place of truth – where practical teachings meet stunning design – and relish in her support as you reclaim your life and your radiant health. When you dive in, bring the most tired, sluggish, uninspired, overwhelmed parts of yourself to the table and I guarantee you’ll walk away with a multi-tiered action plan for living your best, most energetic life. This revolutionary program is in a league all of its own.”

I also need to mention that there’s a dedicated Facebook support group for participants where you can hang and chat with Jess personally. She’s with you every step of the way, and honestly, that kind of access is invaluable (believe me – I watch transformations and epiphanies happen every day in the B-School Facebook group. Magic happens where like-minded people gather).

The Deets


I believe in the LTG so much that I have no hesitation in saying that is worth every cent of the original price… however, Jess’s people have spoken out about how much they want it, and like everything she does, her aim is to serve so she’s decided to significantly reduce the price to make it accessible to all. It’s now $400 cheaper. Yep, that’s right – four HUNDRED dollars CHEAPER (total $597).

If you’ve heard about the guide and were on the fence about purchasing it before, now’s the time to commit to dramatically improving your health, claiming your ideal self and ushering in the type of energy that will help you amplify every area of your life.

Click this link to make it happen, gorgeous. Let’s link arms and embark on this journey together. Let’s honour ourselves – always – starting today.

(I’m an affiliate for Jess but that has no influence on my opinion. You guys know that but worth mentioning anyway!)

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  1. This is all I need !! I was just wondering, when you say it is $400 cheaper, are these $400 to take off the price Jess offers on her website?
    thanks Rachel, your blog is fantastic !

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